Dreams About Broom – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about brooms are not unusual. These dreams can have both positive and negative meaning depending on the other objects that were in our dream.

To interpret your dream the right way, you need to combine all the elements into one image in order to get the real message behind the dream.

This is why it is important to remember as much details as possible about a certain dream.

Dream about a broom in general

If you had a dream about a broom, then you might be surrounded by fake people.

Someone from your close group of friends is not honest with you and might be planning something against you.

Be extra careful and don’t give out any personal information or information that could hurt you.

People that are around you are only waiting for the right opportunity to come, to make your life miserable.

Dream about sweeping with a broom

If you were sweeping with a broom in your dream, then you might soon receive great news.

This dream also indicates that a very positive period is ahead of you, so be prepared to enjoy it. Period that is coming your way is going to be very positive and filled with new opportunities.

Make sure you use it in the best possible way and don’t let anyone ruin your vibe.

Dream about sweeping with a broom (for girls)

If you are a girl and you had a dream about sweeping the floors with a broom, then you expect to be proposed very soon.

Your partner is going to gather his strength to pop the question and make you the happiest girl in the world.

Even if you are not in a relationship, this dream suggests you are about to meet someone who is going to be your love for the rest of your life.

Dream about flying on a broom

If you were flying on a broom in your dream, this suggests that other people are afraid of you.

Perhaps you have a very important position career-wise, or maybe you have a big influence on other members of your family.

Either way, you know that they are very much afraid of you and everything you say is taken very seriously.

This kind of influence can be a good thing if you use in the right way, so make sure you only encourage others to behave properly and wish them good.

Don’t let glory haze up your mind and cause distress in the family or at work.

Dream about a broken broom

When you had a dream about a broken broom, this indicates someone is about to betray you.

This dream can also represent betrayal that already happened to you, by someone who is very close to you.

The best thing you can do is to move on and stop trusting tis person.

Trust is something that is very hard to repair, so be very careful around this person in the future.

Dream about a broken broom can also represent failure you are about to experience.

This failure is probably going to be linked to your business or career, so make sure you stop all investments and money related projects until this negative period passes.

Dream about a dirty broom

Dirty broom in a dream represents gossip. You might become a victim of gossip by people who are close to you.

Something you did sparked the gossip between people who are in your surroundings, and you have to suffer the consequences of their bad behavior.

If you know you haven’t done anything bad, then just ignore their remarks and live your life the way you want to.

But, if something you did wasn’t very nice, then these are the consequences you have to take.

Dream about several brooms

When you had a dream about several brooms, this dream indicates financial stability.

Projects you have been working on or business deals you were negotiating are going to pay off.

You will be able to pay off debt you accumulated over the years and even spend some money on yourself.

This is an extremely suitable period in life for investments and all money related jobs.

Make sure you make the best out of this positive period and don’t stop working on new ideas.

Almost everything you touch is going to turn into profit.


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