Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In some stages of the Astrology development, the major setback for its development lies in the fact that those “astrologers” did not realise how much the Moon had importance in the natal chart and more.

The Moon should never have this questionable status since it symbolises pretty much everything that is not under the impact of the Sun.

So, for example, the Moon is the feminine or “inactive” part of the subconscious in humans, and more responsive force compared to the Sun and its strong, masculine energy that is very active in this sense.

We will show you the importance of the luminaries, both of them, in the sections that will follow, and on the clear example – in the case of the person who has Sun located in the Sagittarius and the Moon in the Taurus sign.

Good Traits

Here we encounter one person who has the strength and courage that are necessary to achieve his enormous ambitions – he wants to succeed and to have material gain and status to prove it.

He is eager to avoid side roads to the goal because he is not afraid of giving a good fight, on the contrary, this is the person who is able to face the fears and take on any problem.

In addition, the sense of morality defends him making compromises and do something that will insult his enemies – unless his strong interest in the game, then he can change his tune, but of course, he will never break some moral norms, even if he is tempted to so.

He likes to conquer all things in life in high style and to enjoy maximum pleasures in this world – he knows how to have fun, how to party and to make others happy. He hates to be bored and living a monotonous life, but this does not exclude his tendency to have a secure life.

He needs a movement, changes, ascents to overcome and diversity in adventures -one more amazing thing that is connected to the person who has luminaries in Sagittarius and Taurus sign is his social flexibility and diplomacy that bring him general respect for the environment.

Bad Traits

Having said all of this and if you have some kind of idea what is like this person and how many qualities he has, we can say that he is the one that can also be a bit overwhelmed with his courage in decisive aspects, especially through the desire to initiate his ambitions.

In real life, this means that the one that has Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Taurus sign has to try more jobs, to change locations, meet a lot of people before he decides what he wants to do for some period of time.

But this also can be a bit confusing at times, and he can lose energy in this sense – this kind of attitude when a person believes that he can do everything the best, can be misleading.

He must learn to be more realistic in looking at what he can and cannot do; this way he can focus energy on those aspects that will bring his biggest success.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon in Love

A person who has Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and Taurus is sentimental, emotional, enthusiastic and solid when he finds true love and when he feels that he found stability in his life.

But one thing needs to be said when it comes to his emotional life; he is undoubtedly an emotional human being who knows how to love, but he can also be vulnerable and prone to depression if he does not get from a lover the things he thinks he should have.

What can come as a surprise is that this human being is very conservative, generous and sympathetic, he likes to surprise in love, and in that search for his lovers he uses all the opportunities offered by his life.

He firmly believes that he will find that true love at least once in life, and maybe even more – he is ready to give many efforts to achieve this.

He likes experiences in love and will have them many during life, but at the same time, he can act very conservative, and he loves stability, principles that he does not want to jeopardise.

He loves adventures that are true but do not think for a second that he likes surprises in love or chance meetings: instability angers him.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

In love with him, two underlying attitudes predominate: either it is given without reserve only to one person (this is the goal that this person strives to in life), and in this sense, he does not want to change this feeling.

Another case is when this human being does not find the right partner, throws himself into a world where he wants to achieve every other goal, and love comes secondary.

He has interesting magnetism and is able to act in the way that he will show himself in the best light and in the way that everyone will feel his presence.

He can easily seduce and knows very well that if he is trying and, over time, he will get it – this self-confidence is part of his attraction.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

His lovers must be certain of one thing – this is the person who is tolerant and pleasant until someone provokes him, but he can become “angry as a bull” when someone gets on his wrong side. In life, he will rarely have anything to do without passion and complete spontaneity.

Both influences (the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and Taurus) are characters that love life and pleasure; nevertheless, the Sun raises it to find it in the eighth field, which can expose him to some trauma that can deeply mark your personality.

His perfect love is born in the sign Pisces – this relationship is very consistent, and in it, both lovers can feel relaxed and like to enjoy in small moments. These two know what counts the most in life, and this is connecting tissue that provides happiness in love.

The Sagittarius/Taurus lover appreciates the romanticism and gentleness he finds in the Pisces lover, while for this person the most important thing is stability and security provided by our candidate’s embrace.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

The keyword that will help us understand this human being is freedom – the freedom of thought, speech, action – he needs to have it in all interpersonal relations, including friendships.

He is one friend in your society that is carefree, friendly and optimistic and is probably quite restless at an early age. However, he is intuitive and idealistic, and expects a lot from his friends, and hates if they disappoint him in any way.

He also needs friends that will share with him his intentions to live the life of pleasures, along with the search for the spiritual horizons in life.

He lives by the process of gaining impressions and learns a new one, and his friends need to follow this and to laugh all the way.

Some others may see him as the one that is a bit full of himself, and we must say that in some way he is, but he certainly has the qualities to back it up.

As a human being and as a friend, he has a lot to offer, and he feels like he is in title to ask the same from people who are close to him, especially his friends that are close to him.

We will add here one more thing that is relevant for his interpersonal relations – he is much more down to earth, grounded and more practical than the typical representative of the Sagittarius sign (the Moon in Taurus gives this ability, and provides the necessary stability).

So unlike so many Sagittarius people, this type is less involved in abstract idealistic activities, and more focused and grounded, focused on “normal” things and activities, and he has such friends.


It must be admitted that this is one of the most interesting combinations of the luminaries aspect, here we have two Zodiac signs that are equally in love with life (each has his own way of expressing that love.

From one side we can see the Moon located in the Taurus -the part of his personality that is more down to earth, more sensual, more material, and tangible, his ideals are more realistic.

On the other side, we can see the part that belongs to the Sun’s position in the Sagittarius, and this is the side of his persona that is more complex, “stretched” between his aspirations to satisfy his physical needs, and the senses.

But one more thing is relevant here, and this aspect connects this human being to the spiritual realm.

He is fighting hard for the freedom of others, and although he is a little skeptical, he can find time through the help of alternative methods to feel better and in this way he succeeds to be happy most of the time.

For this person, it is very important to be and feel that he loved, and respected, cause then he is able to love with his full heart and thus can transmit even better energy to others. Somehow, when emotional things are what they want, everything else is good; but he never neglects his career, and he is very ambitious.

In the end, he is the one that wants to have and to own, and stability and safety in this sense are very important.


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