Virgo Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The aspect of the Sun, as one luminary, besides the Moon, represents the part of the conscious that we are all dependent on. The Sun in our natal chart is the space that we have to fulfill with a certain action – our mind pushes us toward usage of our energy.

We all have a free will to decide if our energy is going to be used in some purposes that will ensure our growth, or we are going to stay in one place or move in the wrong direction.

It is the representation of the active consciousness, the source of energy, while the Moon can be seen as our apparatus of this energy; a more unconscious reflector and dispenser of that energy. The Moon also has an integral part in our personal horoscope, but it directs on some other energy, that is responsible for some other actions.

Today we are looking into the lives and character of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the same sign – the Virgo! Is this good news or bad news? Could we say that the good traits are pronounced and that the bad ones are even worse? Read all about this.

Good Traits

In the person who has such position of luminaries, there is a persistent struggle against the realm of reality, because he can be deprived of elasticity and adaptability that makes life easier and alleviates conflicts with reality.

He can struggle with this, but with his persistence and organisational skills and pronounced intuition, this person can reach to the success. In his case, “the struggle” can be used as a tool that will lead this person to a necessary state of mind where he could reach growth, and eventually success.

This is a self-disciplined person who is clinging to his habits, but also he can be adventurous when times allow him – this situation is not very common, but he can surprise at times.

This is the person who likes to know and understand – he is always trying to get the knowledge; he is just like a researcher who is trying to reach the world

The more he learns, the sphere of knowledge he needs to acquire is expanding, revealing the limits of human consciousness that gave up intuition and excluded the brain from the senses. This is his biggest strength, and he should focus on these two things – learning and intuition – he must always stay open to the process of education, and to be prepared to use his intuition to “see” things as they are.

Bad Traits

It is the truth that this person is often burdened with unnecessary details, which impedes his intuition and prevents the spirit from growing. Feeling uncertainty overcomes it whenever he feels that there is no logical understanding of events and people that are around him.

He also must understand things that are around him – if he cannot understand he cannot accept them. So he gives people and events labels to fix his impressions – he should stop doing this, cause it is so judgmental. These are the main things that people hate in this person – he can be so critical and judgmental that it can ruin the majority of his personal relations.

But no intellectual system, however general and precise, cannot encompass reality that he is in- his life is incompatible with narrow categorisation.

Sometimes a person who has luminaries located in the Virgo Zodiac sign has a problem in dealing with his personality, with his self-doubt, shyness, etc. These traits are so typical for any Virgo, and in this case, these “flaws” are even more enhanced.

He can be stereotypical and banal, a person who has difficulty to reconcile himself with contradictory tendencies that burn inside of him. Here we come to the burning question that is connected to his character – he must, before all other things resolve the battle that burns inside of him.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon in Love

Hidden emotions are the one voice that rules a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo sign – in this sense, sometimes life passes by him, without touching him. And he is the one person that should be blamed for this failure in the love department. He must stay alert also for things that do not fall under the category of learning, but under emotions, the area so problematic for the majority of the Virgo people.

But the good aspect in the character of this human being is that he is honest in his activities and social relationships, of course in love. He is not someone who would fake a certain feeling or someone who will be in love with the person who he does not like. Everything must be honest, and this is an entirely different thing than being shy.

He is driven by loyalty; both in friendship and in love, he is a solid companion to whom one can count. However, his over-reservation sometimes puzzles the environment and exposes him, especially during his youth, outbursts and caution.

Troubles often encourage this person to try to become better, but there is a risk of closing in himself – this is an aspect that can lead this person to serious difficulties in his communication with his lovers. Maybe the main advice for this human being is that in love, and interpersonal relationships try to ease his criticism with excessive care and concern.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

A person who has Sun and Moon in Virgo Zodiac sign has a common sense and is the person of the initiative; he is the leader of his relationship since he puts himself in a position of an orderly and organised partner. He is the one that will try to dominate and to rule, but he may not use the apparent tools to do so.

Here, his aspiration to perfectionism can often make him very hard for people who are in love with him or in a relationship. No one wants a lover who will criticise lovers who are not doing something in a certain way, or a not “perfect” in some sense.

One more thing that defines him in love is his self-control, methodical operation and is so prone to avoiding adventure. Such behavior generally keeps him away from dangers and heavy blows in love, but it could shut him down in a monotonous life before he shows his desire to change.

In the end, it must be said that this is a person who loves life, pleasure, enjoyment, but some inner voice continually reminds him to stop, to wait, to accumulate all impressions, collecting them to the maximum. This behavior stops only when he feels relaxed and comfortable with his long-term lover. And, even if this seems like it is not achievable, it happens once or twice in the life of this human.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Virgo Moon

Do not expect this person (who has luminaries located in the Virgo sign) to open up to people who like him immediately because he has to analyse all circumstances thoroughly and then make a decision.

He strives for perfection, the greatness of home and family life, relaxed and honest relationships with his lover, but is prone to very serious relations in the field of emotions, therefore, this human being needs more time to be able to relax and trust someone. He always chooses a gentle, compassionate, good partner, and aspires to very strong emotional relationships in marriage.

The perfect match for this human being can be born in the Pisces sign – this could be a lover who is eager to charm his partner. He is a very lovable partner, romantic and deeply emotional – all traits that suit a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo sign.

He is attracted by intelligent partners and someone who is ready to adapt to their needs – something that could be found in the Pisces lover.

 Virgo Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

This is the person who notices things that can be useful to him, and he very practically organises life, presents himself to others, he has a very intuitive nature and easily connects things – his friends love to speak with him and take some advice.

This is the person who remembers things (punishment, conflicts, insults, etc.). And does not forget and always remembers good and bad memories. If you did something bad to this person, he will remember and often remind you of your “sins”. If you were kind to him, he would repay you many times over.


As you were able to see, this is the person whose life is usually endowed with a sense of contradiction. A person who has Sun and Moon located in the same sign, the Virgo, has the nature that could be described by the essence of order and precision.

He attaches great importance to the rational, and the purifier is up to manic proportions. He is distinguished by the spirit of balance accompanied by iron logic, struggle and alliance to conquer the ideal world in which all accuracy, method and security are.

We encounter here, one person who is a diligent, shy, productive, extremely basic person very much oriented to himself, his appearance, which we can recognise through mild melancholy, but exceptional kindness especially if you are looking for this person.

He is able to penetrate into someone’s mind mentally, he has strong in words fighting defensively, can be sarcastic and stubborn when needed, but always with the very good attitude.

In the end, he is the person who strives for and holds extraordinary personal self-control.


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