Virgo Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When we are talking about the natal or birth horoscope as some like to call it, we must say that the Sun is an integral part of that chart, as it represents the energy that combines all other factors and energies (other planets and Moon also, as the other part of the luminaries couple) into unity.

The Sun points on a will in a human that could be a more or less focused or directed in a certain way, it can be pronounced, maybe dominant or in some cases it can be inferior, there are many kinds of its expressions.

How it will be it is defined by the Zodiac sign or the position of the Sun, and of course the Moon and every other planet.

Today we are focusing our attention to the people who have Sun positioned in the Virgo sign and the Moon in the Leo sign – is this connection compatible or it has the room for alterations? Read all about this.

Good Traits

In this specific case, we are looking into the world of the person who has in a way a shy and reserved temperament that reduces the magnitude of the size that triggers the Moon in the Leo Zodiac sign.

In reality, this means that this person has the will to provide the means that are necessary to realise its plans to the last detail. There is no doubt that this person is the one that can have a large amount of success in his life, and that he will reach it with his persistence and detail planning. Of course, not everything in life could be planned, but at least, in some areas of life, this attitude guarantees success.

In some more in-depth analyses, this is the person who has a restless nature, and that is very productive and fertile in the realisation of his ideas – this person does not know the limitations and obstacles of any kind.

He is the one that aims so that he can reach the quick balance and maturity in his own views, and the only thing that he needs to take care of is the fact that he needs to be aware of his limitations as much as his abilities.

This is the person who knows exactly how he can go and keep cold blood under challenging situations – this trait comes in handy in all life’s situations.

In the end, this is the person who must have in life a confirmation that he is free, so the logical and practical spirit is the main asset for material success, and then for every other success that will come.

This is the ambitious person, and his goals have to be exalted, and how they will be accomplished; he is an Idealist who believes in certain virtues such as honesty and competence.

Bad Traits

When we talk about the difficulties that a person who has luminaries located in Virgo and Leo combination, we must say that one of them is reflected in the fact that as soon as he wins something, achieve something, he throws himself in another, to get a little higher.

There is no need for such vigorous fight in his life, and it is enough for this person to relax from time to time, and enjoy the fruits of his previous labor.

By nature, this human being is self-centered and proud, a person who knows how to get involved, but sometimes he can bite more than he can chew so in this sense, and he needs to be more relaxed. It is one thing to have grandiose plans, but entirely another to be desperate if they do not become a reality.

There is no doubt that this person is a social human being whose behavior may vary from excessive exposure to restraint, so his environment never knows who it is dealing with. He can see moody and even unreachable for other people, and it is ok to be like this to a certain extent, but not with the need to be at the centre of the attention.

These two things cannot be mixed together, because they make confusion, both for himself and for his environment.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon in Love

In love, like in every other aspect of his life, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Leo combination demands a lot and is always nurturing certain principles in life and love, and the centre of it is quite quarrelsome. He wants things done in his way, and nothing else interests this person – there cannot be one or the others, the only way is his own way.

Another aspect that needs to be mentioned here is his negative trait in love – he has a negatively placed and managed pride that glorifies his egoism. And in this sense, his interpersonal relations can suffer a lot – such behavior could lead him to big mistakes, especially on the emotional plane.

However, for this person, it is good for emotions to occur through his hard work, or with a person who has the same working practices because it will be especially important for them to have the support of the person with who understand his ambition.

So, in love, this person has his “calculation”, and we are not negatively saying this, on the contrary – it is better for this person to be realistic in his demands in love than to make a terrible mistake.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

Partners of this person who has Sun and Moon in Virgo and Leo signs must know that his strength is always more striking than his weakness.

But when in a relationship this person must avoid making his desires a reality, having an illusion of himself and his lovers. If he remains a lucid person, he has the chance to succeed in the emotional plan.

His lovers must know that this person is beyond doubt an egocentric, and ambitious, but a person who cannot go unnoticed. Nevertheless, he has a lot of quality: the will, the courage, the understanding of the others, and the sense of honor. These are the traits that his lovers see as attractive and the reason why they fall in love with this human being.

Of course, this is the person that always must rule and this is something that is necessary – but all the time he cares about his lovers, investing in it all of his strengths. He is always looking for solid support and can count on help from his lovers.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Leo Moon

The mood of this person varies from great vulnerability, ambition, imposing authority to total distance and the need to isolate himself from others. But with the emotional security that he may achieve in a loving relationship, he feels much better, and although he acts and has the feeling that he is black sheep, there is no doubt that he will show his commitment in situations when direct help is needed and compassion.

Who can be a lover that is compatible with the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Leo combination?

We guess that this place belongs to the Scorpio lover – he is the one that is one extremely passionate partner who enjoys directing creative love scenarios that include power and control. He devotes a lot of energy, and with his emotional partner he has a deep emotional connection – all these traits perfectly suit a person who has Sun and Moon located in Virgo and Leo combination.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

This is the person who loves to be in the centre of attention, although he may not want it as it seems at first glance (but he wants it).

Everyone see that his presence is felt, and this person (if he wants it) will have many friends in his life.

His organisational skills come to the fore, and he has an impact on the environment – and he is respected in a sense, that he can achieve success without any major effort.

He trusts other people, and he can be the friend that will keep secrets and knows occasionally prove to be very effective and shows his discreet authority over others.

He is the person who can leave the breath of confidence to others, but who will have to put more pressure on, to work on themselves, move their independence in a certain direction.


We all know that the Virgo and Leo are not just a perfect match, in some sense, we have earth and fire, and here this astrological combination brings in this personality of power completely opposite to the forces that the Sun in the Virgo has.

Here we encounter a personality which, although capable of great accomplishments, must constantly lead a tough battle in order to keep in balance the time of the overwhelming impulse of the Moon in the Leo sign and overcoming the Sun in the Virgo (it’s logic). He does not like to owe anyone, and they promise what they cannot make.

Also, the attention is very important to him (little attention, gifts, words). He often has the support of other people and can enjoy popularity.

This is the person who has the skill to win this battle will enable him to win solid positions that, even if he is not fully satisfied, gives him the necessary impetus in a further ascent.

People of this combination can have an extraordinary chance of succeeding in life, where the nature and impact of his character will come to the fore.


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