Dreaming of Pizza – Meaning and Symbolism

Food is a very common motive in dreams; since we consume food every day, and for many of us, food is not just a fuel for our everyday functioning, but it is much more than that, it is almost ceremony; it is the ritual that is necessary for our existence.

And when you look at things around you, and culture, or civilization on the planet, you will see that much of their common and individual mind is connected to the ritual of the food.

If we follow this context, and if we put the food in the dream world, as a motive, we could find out a lot about a person who has this dream.

We can find out what kind of relation to life, with all of its aspects a person who dreams has, and what is his or her relation to love, money, obligations, etc.

You can learn whatever you want, from person relation to food, and consequently the food motive in a dream.

In this piece, we will try to give you the answer what does it mean when a person dreams not of any food, but of one in particular – the pizza.

Meaning of Dreaming of Pizza

Did you know that more than 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide every year and pizzerias represent 17% of all restaurants? So, how cannot this beautiful and for many people favorite dish be not be a part of the dream world?

And even if this is one “simple” motive in dreams, just like the real pizza, it meaning in real life is multi-layered and deserves our special attention.

In some general way, dreaming of pizza means something good will happens to you, this is true in the case, where there is no other circumstance in this dream, only pizza is present, and you are looking at it, not eating it.

But some other dream meanings claim that to dream that you are watching or eating pizza means that you are a good person – and you are fully aware who you, with all of your flaw and mistakes that you have made. The fact is that you are not trying to become someone who you are not – in fact; your nature is much simpler than others think.

If you are eating pizza with some people in your dream in that case, such a dream shows that you are the person who is successfully living in a collective, who is not the most important part of that collective, but without you, thing would not be the same, and you are aware of that.

Also, one of the most interesting meanings when it comes to the motive pizza is the one in which you are preparing the pizza from scratch, and in that case, its meaning is that you are the person who is very well organized around the work ahead – you know how to give attention to details, to be precise, but also not to lose the form of your work, you know what is the most important aspect of your work.

If some of these elements are combined, in that case, all of the aspects of your life are well combined, and you use your energy wisely.

One more additional meaning regarding pizza – if you had a dream that you are serving another person’s food, and among that food there is pizza also, that dream indicates some unplanned joy that will greatly delight you. There may be unexpected guests coming to you or being invited to a celebration.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of Pizza

When the pizza was first created, it is really hard to guess, and some claim that it was as long as in the Stone Age. Tomatoes, which are the basis of almost every type of pizza today (along with the doe), have not yet been discovered then, but they have their version of it, some claim.

It was not until the sixteenth century that tomatoes arrived in Europe from America, and then with the help of these vegetables, a pizza was made that is in the form as we know it today – toppings were added as the years passed, and today this is the most favorite dish of the billions of people around the world.

In a symbolical sense of the word, we must say that the motive of a pizza in a dream world is the symbol of abundance, choice and diversity in life, and the richer the pizza is, the more abundant your life can be, or it is already. And the same analogy is followed for those who do not like many toppings on their pizza, admin vice versa.

If you see yourself trying many different flavors of pizza, and deciding what will you have, such a dream is a sign that you will be able to get rid of many worries and problems and that you will feel relief.

However, if your pizza does not taste good, it means that you will be very upset and overwhelmed by something. If the pizza you taste does not have any particular taste, it is a sign that you are indifferent at the moment and have no desire for anything.

If the pizza in your dream is huge, and you cannot put it in your mouth, in that case, such a dream is an indication that you have a tendency to set yourself some unrealistic goals that you cannot achieve.

But, if the pizza from your dream is “empty” and does not have many toppings on it, or it just seems bad, such a dream symbolizes that in real life, you are missing something or you are feeling deprived of something.

Alternatively, pizza may have a similar meaning to a circle, and that is that the circle in dreams signifies a constant movement and the circulation of the energy in life.

Do I have to be worried?

No, you do not have to be worried, there are just a few cases where the pizza is a bad omen, and in all other cases this dream shows you as a person who is able to share and give successes with others that everyone greatly appreciates with you.

It is also the dream that is connected to the energy and its usage – dreams that have the pizza as a motive show that you are the person who successfully split it so you can get everything in time.

In some cases, if you are looking at the piece of pizza through the window of a shop, and you cannot do it (for whatever the reason), such a dream could be a sign that there is something you really want that you know you cannot have. Mostly these are some unrealistic desires regarding love or work.

If you are seeing yourself stacking pizzas, such a dream means that you have some material or monetary gain, and once again, this dream has a positive meaning, so you should be very happy about it.

It is also possible that you will inherit something you did not expect.

If the pizza in your dream was rotten and is looking and tasting disgusting, in that case, this is not a positive dream – as some say, this dream (possible) sadness and sickness.

In addition, this dream may mean that some people in your area will have bad intentions towards you.

But, still such a dream is not so common, and usually, people have positive dreams regarding pizza, where they see it as beautiful and delicious.

What to do if I had this dream?

Food dreams are very common in our lives, and some say that they are an indication that you are about to have some health problems that you will or will have in the future.

These dreams serve as a warning to take more care of yourself and your health. But this is not the case when the pizza is the food that you are dreaming off.

If you had such a dream do not be worried, you are one happy person, and in the majority of the cases and versions of this dream, you could be so happy, knowing that if you are one happy person to have such a dream.

This is the dream that is very often connected to the people in your life, but much more this applies on your friends, and less on your family – it speaks of you as a person, and your tendency to be a good friend, who likes to share. In return, you know that such an attitude in life people will greatly appreciate.

And in some other perspective, the dream in which you are eating pizza with a lot of toppings, is a dream that is connected to your business life, and it shows your inner ability to use your energy in the perfect way, and you are the person who knows how to divide the work into pieces that will suit you perfectly.


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