Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Luminaries, two objects, the Sun and the Moon are the rulers of the day and night – and one is the ruler of the planets that we can see during the day (the Sun), and the other is the ruler of the nighttime planets (the Moon).

In total these two lights give the entire picture of the whole Universe; and in it, the place where we, as human beings have our place.

So, when we look at the sky, at the time of our births, we can find out many relevant pieces of information about our lives that can help us make the best possible choices for ourselves.

The Sun is also the ruler of the people who are born in the daytime when the Sun was over the border, and the Moon was the ruler of the people who are born when the Sun was below the horizon.

But, the fact that must not be forgotten is that even if the Moon is not our ruler in this sense, it certainly has its meaning in our personal horoscope, and should also be taken into consideration.

Today we are dealing with the people who have Sun located in the Cancer sign and the Moon located Sagittarius. What this means in his life, does this person have a chance to make something out of his life? Read all about it.

Good Traits

One very pronounced trait that defines a person who has Sun and Moon located in the astrological combination Cancer and Sagittarius is extreme resourcefulness, both in the problems of real life and in that spiritual nature, makes this person especially open to countless positive or negative impressions, which she absorbs with extreme ease.

He can deal with the negativity and can make the best out of the positivity, and this is the person who knows to “swim” in all life circumstances.

He is able to take the best out of negative experiences, and he can take the best out of positive ones. Not many people have this ability, and just a few of us have strength to do such “difficult job”, but this person does it all the time.

This person has a pronounced sense of duty, and he manages his life very well – every his action he shows an incredible lightness, and he is the one that will dedicate entirely to that ideal that he believes in.

It should be emphasised that in this connection of the Sun in the Cancer and the Moon in the Sagittarius one very adaptable and wide-natured nature is born, he is the one that is reserved, but full of understanding, endowed with a great sense of justice, accompanied by deep philosophical and religious feelings. His life would not be impeccable if he does not have these feelings; he needs to have a purpose and a spiritual direction, so that feels that he is alive.

It is, therefore, a spirit that is focused on searching for answers, a compassionate nature that is easily hurt, and more about this mater we will speak in the next section.

Bad Traits

Even if this human being is gifted with creative originality and deep understanding of the world and people in general, and he tries to achieve harmony between the ideal world of his dreams and reality, ensuring that the social sphere does not damage the private.

But this idealistic attitude in life has its consequences – and we mean by this that this constant effort to reconcile different worlds presents him with difficulties and frequent changes. And the Sun in the Cancer does not deal well with changes in his life, while the Moon in the Sagittarius will make this process a little better, especially in a mature life period.

Then he is able to stabilise the spirit stabilizes, and the intellect somehow calms down, and positively orientate this person, who is prone to depression because of his feelings.

His feelings are those that will direct him to the depression, and he will have a hard time to get out of this circle of sadness. But the power that moves such feelings cannot ruin his deep personality that is made to have happiness in life.

He can make out of difficulty, but we must say that sometimes, this price is too big, and no one, even he, should not pay for it.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love

When we are talking about love, the person who has luminaries located in the Cancer – Sagittarius combination loves movement and travel, but cannot get rid of the feeling that he needs to be grounded and well-balanced.

He is the person who has to have roots in his love life, maybe a high school sweetheart who will remind him those feelings in love need to be honest, tender and pure even.

Here, we come to the mater of ideas (as you remember that we spoke in the beginning); he needs to have this idea of perfect love, even if this is just an idea or a long time pass affair.

And, with this person, love must come with the great spirituality, and even magic; he is the one that needs to have a romance, but he also substances for high morality. He wants to be with someone who, just like he, has the highest intellect capabilities and a spirit capable of acquiring a lot of knowledge are combined.

He is a great dreamer in all aspects of his life, and you can imagine what is like his dreams when it comes to love.

In the end, when it comes to emotional relations, he is unusually subjected to impressions, especially in his youth, and feelings, which act very strongly, dominate the intellect and spirit.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon in a Relationship

Thanks to these two characters – the Sun in the Cancer and the Moon in the Sagittarius makes him an attractive person, full of tenderness, altruistic and great idealists – who could stay immune to this combination?

When in a relationship this human being has an open attitude towards others, which is actually a mask – he hides his sensitive nature. He can be like this, particularly in times when he cannot have the ideal in love that he wants to have, instead of showing and embracing what he feels in that time, he will hide and suppress his emotions.

It is even possible that he will survive some special inner experiences, mystical or psychic in nature and he often shares this with his lovers.

During his young years, he is probably quite restless in love relations – he can go through some temptations or can experience something tragic that shook him and gave his life some other dimension.

Best match for Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

Maybe these two previous sections seem to you as paradoxical: at the same time, as a lover, this is the person who develops a sense of integrity, autonomy, but will protect the common interest. But deep inside he has a tendency toward public action and personal affirmation sometimes counter the same need for withdrawal.

So, who can be a lover that could deal with such character that is complex, but incredibly attractive?

We think, after careful consideration, that this special place belongs to the person who is born in the Aquarius Zodiac sign. This can be a perfect couple because there is a complete understanding between them; they can enjoy each other’s weirdness and complexity.

Both of them understand the moments when their lover wants to be in silence; they will wait that magic begins at the same moment. Their souls are sincerely understood, recognised, connected, and therefore have a wonderful relationship that often became a true and long-lasting marriage.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon as a Friend

When it comes to friendships, we must say that this person who has luminaries in the Cancer and Sagittarius combination is less connected to the people who are close to him; but still, he is still connected to his family and friends.

His family’s meaning is extended and can be a social group or a special environment – everyone who is close to him is his family, and he will do everything for them. This is a basis for everything that he intends to do in his life, regardless of what he wants to do.

Sometimes this is the person who has a desire to travel or to leave your own nest, however, as he is intuitive and idealistic, often he is interested in some spiritual horizons in later years and then settles down; and if his friends could follow him, the better.


The combination of these two contradictory elements in some way, the Fire that is brought by the Moons location in the Sagittarius, and the Water that is seen with the Suns location in the Cancer sign, causes inevitable internal struggles that encourage such a person to develop and advance only in the outside world, when they return to her little, but arranged world of ideas and feelings.

It is significant for this person to maintain a clear vision of the surrounding world, which causes her desire to discover all his secrets and causes of the most oppressive phenomena.

This is a freelance cheerleader who can enjoy life.

He is the one that others like to see in society; he can be a breath of fresh air and a true joy for everyone that are present. He takes things in general and does not matter to him if he is in that kind of mood, but the most important thing he is a true humanist and altruist in his warm heart.


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