Seahorse – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Seahorses are small animals that live in water. Because of their interesting appearance they have easily become people’s favorites.

They only weigh several grams and grow up to few centimeters. Seahorses inhabit North and South America as well as Mediterranean Sea and Bahamas.

Seahorse popularity has increased over the years. We can see them more in children’s cartoons and movies. There are different seahorse species that vary depending on their habitat.

Seahorse traits and characteristics

Slow – Seahorses slowly swim in the water without picking up the pace. They almost float inside water and rarely speed up for anything. They move with the help of small wing-like fins so it is impossible for them to move any faster. Seahorses don’t have limbs so the only way to move is with the help of these small fins.

Unique – Seahorses adapt to the color of sea weed on the bottom of the sea. They only inhabit warm seas so we can’t find them everywhere. There is no other animal in the world that looks like this and its unique appearance is what gives seahorses that much popularity.

Seahorse as a totem

Seahorses as totems are symbols for people who are calm and mild. They approach others with a nice word and an open mind. You will never hear a bad word from their mouth. Making them angry is very hard so you have to do something extremely bad in order to achieve this.

Seahorse people are also very patient. Nothing in their behavior is aggressive or violent and even when things are not going that well, these people know how to wait for better days.

Instead of making a scene or crying over something, they will lay low and wait for the right opportunity to come their way.

Seahorse people are very understanding and caring. They are ready to go great lengths for the ones they love even if this means protecting them from bad things. When you need a good piece of advice, seahorse people are going to listen to you and give you their honest support.

When it comes to friends, they are probably one of the most honest and nicest people around. Their only flaw could be their naïve ways that sometimes give others a chance to use them or take advantage of them. This problem spreads out to relationships too and seahorse people have quite a lot of failed relationships behind them.

Finding love, however, is not hard for them. They connect with people easily and find mutual topics of conversation without any problems. Maintaining a relationship wouldn’t be a problem, if their partners wouldn’t use their good nature.

Seahorse people are generally positive people that are almost always content with their lives. Even if things aren’t perfect, they are going to be thankful for what they already have. They are always clear about their intentions and prefer an honest approach in life. This way they always get what they asked for and nothing else.

For some reason, their positive attitude in life brings them back only positivity. So they are very lucky and things seem to go their way no matter what they do. If you are someone who is born under this totem or protected by it then you are born under the lucky star. Good karma is another thing they believe in. Seahorse people believe that kindness towards others is going to get multiplied when it comes back to them.

But, luck is not the only factor in their life. Besides being lucky seahorse people work very hard to achieve their goals. A lot of effort and persistence is put into everything they do. Luck is only one small fragment that helps them realize all of their plans on which they have been working really hard on.

Another flaw that others can see in these people is their almost passive behavior. At times they seem to be taking things way too comfortably, without taking any real action. This can sometimes lead to failure but, being persistent as they are things can easily be put back in order.

Seahorse people are also very rigid. This trait comes out in rare occasions and this is usually when they get hurt by someone. If you manage to make these people mad, then you must have done something really bad. From that moment on they delete you from their minds and hearts and they cold behavior replaces that warmth you were used to.

Overall, seahorses are symbols for calm and collected people who are very hardworking and persistent. They are pleasant to be around and always ready to help people they love.

Seahorse as a symbol in a dream

Seahorses in our dreams can have various meanings. Even though they are mostly considered to be positive sins there are some occasions when seahorses can mean bad luck for us.

If you saw a seahorse in your dream, then this dream represents positive experiences and luck that will follow you in the upcoming period. Everything you do is going to be successful and nothing will stand on your way.

Dead seahorse in your dream is a bad sign. You should stay low for a while until this unlucky period passes and avoid starting new projects.

If you had a dream about a seahorse in the water then this dream represents that you might go on a fun trip very soon. Perhaps you have been dreaming about going away somewhere and this is going to be the right chance to make this dream come true.

If seahorse in your dream was moving around then this dream represents a positive period that is ahead of you. Things will be going according to plan and everything you begin in this period is going to have a positive outcome. This dream can also represent positive financial situation that is very suitable for investments.

If you had a dream about many seahorses, then you feel pressured by certain people to do something. Perhaps they are nagging you about something and you constantly feel like someone is interfering in your life.

Seahorse as a symbol in different cultures

Seahorse symbolism has developed in many cultures around the world. Even though they inhabit only some seas of the world their popularity got spread easily among people. Seahorses are generally considered to be symbols of good luck and positivity.

In Far Eastern mythology, seahorses were symbols of good fortune and fortitude. These cute little creatures are beloved everywhere they go and Chinese people even make medicine out of them. Seahorse symbolism in Asia is general positive without any negative stories or myths. They are also considered cousins of Sea Dragons and Chinese people honored seahorses and considered them to be symbols of good fortune and fortitude.

In ancient Greece and Rome seahorses were considered to be gifts from the God of sea, Neptune, and considered to be lucky. They were symbols of good energy and power. To some cultures in Europe, seahorses were representations of souls of dead sailors. Seahorses were guardians of boats and sailors that were travelling and protected them from storms.

In Celtic culture, seahorse is one symbol of the Zodiac. People born between February 19th and March 27th are represented by seahorse sign. These people are inventive and calm but they also have the ability to think differently than others and they usually have strong psychic abilities.

In popular culture, seahorses are often characters in children’s books, in TV shows and cartoons. Seahorse tattoo motives are also very popular. They represent water elements, power, kindness, tenacity, fatherhood, ingenuity and perception. Because of their interesting appearance, seahorses were often used as motives in paintings and in literature.

Overall, seahorses are symbols of progress and kindness. People born under the seahorse totem are extremely lucky in life but they also put in a lot of work to make their world a perfect place.


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