Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Even if you haven’t heard about the term luminaries (regardless in what sense and with what science is connected), this terminology may seem outdated in a progressive modern society, but it hardly matters.

There is no doubt that the Sun and Moon are essential in life and also for many sciences that deal with their influence and meaning, both literal and metaphorical. And among them, there is Astrology, in the centre, the one science that is important in this sense. In it, the luminaries take the significant place, and without them, there would be no natal chart.

Now, besides the Sun, that carries significant meaning for the natal chart, in fact, it determines what the sign of a particular person is born. But, the Moon has equal power and importance in horoscopes; it is connected to things that are hidden and that are more connected to the inside of the person.

Today we are looking for the true meaning that is behind the luminaries that are located in the Virgo and Scorpio combination. What is obvious and what is hidden? What is given, and what aspect can be changed? Read all about it.

Good Traits

Here, we encounter a person who is, because of the impact of the Moon in the Scorpio sign is more intense and mysterious than the other Virgo people (the Sun is located in this sign, and it gives this person many of its traits).

This person finds that his inner life and metaphysical meaning of the world is of great moment -this means that this human being must find meaning and purpose in everything and that it deals with.

He has the powerful charm that will help him gain confidence in over the years and the “ripening” of personality – his presence is in any case felt. He is seen when he walks in the room, he attracts people, both in a good and bad way.

This is the person who strives for a lasting fair relationship, correcting injustice, and challenging to face the other side. But he is accustomed to fighting, trying, even when things are not going in the right direction or simply.

Bad Traits

This is the person who beyond doubt attracts others without much effort. What attracts him is power, search for it, whatever he does in his life; and the main problem is when this person becomes obsessed with it.

He must, however, continually guard his sarcastic language, which can distract other people from his good traits in life. Even more, he is the one that has to take care of his masochistic behavior in love, when he usually seeks ways to self-destruct if he encounters unresolved conflicts.

However, this person is often not “easy” to face with himself, and he must look and adapt to the social rules of the society in which he lives.

In the end, as all Virgos are, this is the person who is a strict critic, someone who loves the correct norms, but who opposes everything that must be done; he sees himself as the person who does not have to do anything.

We cannot say that this person is a true perfectionist, but he likes when things are managed just in the way he likes them.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

Like all people with the Sun located in the Virgo sign, he can be a bit shy, but in interpersonal relations, this person still radiates Scorpio senses, some strong sexual energy, in which he does not sometimes manage, but when he finds the true vibrations he knows how to show it, this person loves life and knows how to enjoy love and the person who is with him at the time.

This person is in fact, a great romantic, an emotional lover, a person who dreams of great emotions and wants to have them in his life.

This person can even be called a conqueror of love, and in his life, there are many passions to be conquered, but he is usually someone who often has to go through greater temptations before he finds true love in his life.

What we try to say is that love for this person does not have to be always easy, but is always meaningful and with a lot of passion.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

He is the person who is a fantastic detailer and the one who strives for precise, realistic plans through life, a person who can have a very rich social life as we have previously have said. He acts in the same way when it comes to his love life and personal affairs – in this sense he wants to be dominant and to know everything so that he can reduce all risks to the minimum.

Of course, this is the person who has oscillations in his life, many ups and downs through emotions or his interpersonal relations – not everything that he wants could be planned, especially his emotional life. This field is somehow a field where it feels this struggle and effort and where it has to be permanently disarmed with perseverance and patience.

Deep inside, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Scorpio signs likes freedom and wants to be independent, because otherwise he will be wandering and will be unhappy. And when he is unhappy, everyone around him is unhappy, and it can take a while before he gets back into the “reality” and try again.

He can be a partner that is lovely and can be the one lover that creates enjoyment and freedom for his lovers; he does not tolerate punishment, conditions, because he too did not like to be educated in this sense. But he may struggle to realise that he cannot do the same thing to his lovers.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

In the life of this human being, lovers and a true and perfect match come by accident, suddenly, maybe even later in life.

It’s not easy to get to know him well, because much lies hidden under the surface, and even if he is a passionate person, he hides so many things inside, and only a few selected ones can see it.

As looked from the outside, he often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, the one that has Sun and Moon located in Virgo and Scorpio sign is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows.

He needs a lover who has a strong will, is a little reserved, who is respectful to others, and inclined to look at things in their entirety, to the very bottom.

Who can be this person? Maybe the representative of the Taurus Zodiac sign. He may be the one who is compatible with our candidate.

Only after their socialising with this person, he can see all of their poetic, romantic, gentle spirits come out on the surface. Sometimes he will look indoors and inaccessible because he thinks that, however, he cannot allow anyone to spend his time and patience.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

When it comes to interpersonal relations, along with the ones that are with their friends, a human being who has Sun and Moon in Virgo and Scorpio signs.

He likes tricky situations in which he can prove his strategy and insight in the human psyche – the combination of his characteristics makes you one of the greatest detectives, he will never miss out on any detail and is not recommended to try to fool them.

He will never forget if you try to fool them, and you are about to feel their vengeance. And the retaliation can be brutal, so, for everyone, it is best if this situation is avoided.

As a friend, he is the one that asks so many questions and likes to know so many details about his friends, but this does not always work out because himself deep inside and is filled with anxiety and inhibition that sometimes just paralyzed him.

But, he really wants to be a perfectionist, to go forward, to overcome his own contradictions and disadvantages. In this sense, his friends could play a decisive role in his life, because he can become a stronger person if his friendships are good.


The goal in the life of the human who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Scorpio sign can be exalted or reasonable, depending on other things in life, but – in order to reach it – a person must be cautious and passionate, has enough modesty and ambition, abstinence and impatience.

Maybe then this human can reach all of his potentials and make the best out of his life.

Regardless of everything, such a person is always ready to step out of her private life in order to get in touch with real life in order to participate in the struggle for personal affirmation and often for the confirmation of her ideals.

Only if he ultimately gives way to the impulses of the subconscious, and if he manages to master phobias, you can reach your knowledge of himself and enjoy a kind of lucid happiness, somewhat naively but tend to develop a philosophy of life that will bring you active elasticity of character in conflict with disabilities.

He has the will but needs time to settle with himself – to mature in this way and find out about life all that is necessary for his growth.

Only if he manages to overcome his psychological problems, he can hope to get great things from himself.


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