Gemini Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The personal horoscope is one interesting thing, but the one that we read in the daily newspaper is maybe not so specific, so for better understanding of our life, we should look at the specific aspects of our personal horoscope, especially looking at the aspects of the Moon and the Sun.

Even if the two persons have the same sign and Ascendant in the horoscope, have you ever wonder why they can be so different? We will tell you, it is because of the positions of the other planets, or aspects and we especially mean on the positions of the Sun and the Moon in the personal chart. And in this sense, we can say to you that the Moon is the soul of the person and the emotional or spiritual side of the person.

This is one element that reveals our vulnerability, and the soft spot. So the Moon, unlike the Sun shows the psyche that is overpowered here. All attention is concentrated on only one point – emotion.

Today we are looking into the character of a person who has Sun positioned in the Gemini Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Aries sign. We are wondering how this astrological combination is reflected in the personal character? Read all about it.

Good Traits

This person who has the Sun located in the Gemini sign and the Moon in the Aries has exceptional entrepreneurship ability and likes to self indulge. He is the one person who can achieve all of his dreams and ideas, and make room for a few more people along the way; he can be an inspiring person with the ability to convince others in his ideas.

This is the person who easily attracts attention; he often smiles, even if he is not ok; he always has something to say or to ask, he is an incredibly curious person. The one that has Sun and Moon in the Gemini and Aries sign has an almost childlike curiosity, and he can reveal so many things in life by listening to the voices in his interactive mind.

He is a courageous and dynamic person, who always fights for his convictions when needed, but prefers to use the spirit

Also, this human being directs his actions to the things that are new, and he does not stand when something is holding in one place, when he something has to wait or when something does not depend directly on him.

This human is an opportunist able to improvise in a difficult situation that seems to be unsolvable to others. The basic virtues by which he manages to achieve goals are inventiveness, reverence, and intuition.

He is a tireless optimist and does not hesitate to walk out of the trapped paths and to surprise himself by other ways in which the circumstances prevail with dramatic gestures.

Bad Traits

First and foremost, as we like to dig deep into the all negative aspects of this person, we must say that he is very impulsive and overly open and often tries to counter the contradictions on the intellectual plane.

Sometimes he can even be too direct in his approach to the people who will struggle to realise and understand what he is trying to do and say, and he will never try to explain himself to others. He is what he is, and will never change for anyone.

But his understanding of the world is not always balanced, and his impatience is hampered by the path of calm, as long as there is not enough reasoning, caution and maturity. But he often lacks of these three things.

Gemini Sun Aries Moon in Love

In love, this person is not a fool, and no lover could trick him in any way, he is very intelligent, and he will invest an enormous amount of energy into what he believes in, and if he believes in love, he will invest his being into that love relationship.

When he is in love, this could be noticed in his speech and his behavior in general (he does it with great admiration of excitement, mixed with a little confusion).

His spirit that is youthful and creative will produce many ideas and projects, and the same case is in the field of love, this is one human being that falls in love many times a day, and has different types of lovers, he does not have a distinctive taste, and he does as he feels.

He knows how to deal in the best way with people in general, and he knows how to seduce them, to participate with them in projects, to share the risk, but also the gain from everything.

Gemini Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

The emotional side is very important to the person who has Sun in the Gemini and the Moon in the Aries sign; with it, he completely finds his own meaning. Although he can find that “suddenness and occasional sensuality” when finds an adequate person, he can do so much to make his relationship work and turn completely back to their family, except that this type of person is always looking for dynamics, movement, intellectual, advanced and solid partner.

Otherwise, he can suddenly enter into marriage, and then suddenly to terminate it, without looking back.

Best Match for Gemini Sun Aries Moon

His approach to the world is immediate rather than diplomatic, and all his future lovers should be aware of this fact and play the game.

When he finds a person who he likes, he will never hesitate to say what he thinks, regardless of the circumstances.

The person who has aspects of the Sun and the Moon in the Gemini/ Aries combination likes his lovers to be pretty and lively, and he instinctively knows who he might like in a relationship. He is an extrovert and stubborn person, who hates being at the same place for a long time – and this is also one important aspect that his lovers must be aware of.

Always on the move, communicating and flirting with the world, he is full of enthusiasm and optimism – he has incredible curiosity and idealism that is almost inexhaustible.

So, who can be that lover that is able to deal with all of this – our guess is a Scorpio lover. He can be a perfect lover, someone who can meet all of these conditions, and stay strong and independent.

But he is also someone who can provide a lot of sensual pleasures in the bed. Of course, a problem here could be the Scorpios jealousy – he has the reputation that he is demanding and complicated love partners, which is not necessarily the truth.And for the Gemini/ Aries combination suits this extremely perceptive and suspicious lover who will easily reveal lies and hypocrisy.

He needs someone worthy of full trust and who they will be able to rely on, and the Scorpio lover could be that lover, especially if we know that when any Scorpio finds a suitable partner, he is left with no reason for jealousy, and his best features come to the surface: reliability, courage and readiness to fight for those he deeply loves.

Gemini Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

He is one open-hearted person, extremely impatient in nature, but very surrendered to his purpose in life. He has a merely irresistible need for socialising and loves to be around people in general, and he has especially a strong relationship with the family and his closest environment.

He belongs to those people who always gather people from school and organise important ceremonies, but sometimes they are connected to the friends who are not inclined to control, mentally exhausted -this could wake up pessimism in the closest friendly environment.

He is a “good” friend who does not leave others down but a great critic. He is capable of various activities in several places, and has many friends.

This person very easily bears sudden changes in plans, but cannot deal with personal defeats, and his friends also fall under this category.  When he is hurt by his friends, he can be very “inconvenient “when angry, but he embraces rivalry, competition, proving and constant work on friendships.


What we can see clearly is the Sun in the Gemini sign gives the readiness to penetrate and explore the souls of other people in a way that just some people are able to do, thanks to its flexible way of thinking and the striking ability to adapt to a variety of situations; and the Moon that is positioned in the Aries sign gives the strong impulses of will, entrepreneurship and energy.

So, to sum up, this is one combination that is amazing and provocative at the same time, but it definitely produces one amazing person.

This is one person who is quick to think, sometimes too fast and risky, always full of enthusiasm, but often without persistence and real depth. The vitality of his spirit makes him like a permanently endowed child: he is interested in everything, with the risk of scattering because he is constantly attracted by new centers of interest.

In him, there is a pronounced thirst for freedom and adventure, the tendency to risk and the pursuit of ideals -he is one human that is researcher, stubborn predecessor and born pioneer.

He is mostly endowed with great mobility and unbelievable self-confidence – in times when everything is going on as he planned, everything is fine, but when it goes wrong, he quickly bursts and shows how temperamental he can be. The word of advice for this human – he needs to restrain a bit of temperament and restore consistency.


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