Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You should always carry this notion when you think about anything in your life – each and every one of us can be seen as the mirror, and we all are reflecting the image of the cosmic system as seen from the Earth at the time of that our birth(the Astrology calls this natal chart).

This particular moment in time shows the picture in the sky that is our personal horoscope, and with it, we can determine the essential characteristics of a person.

Among those aspects that are like colors that make that picture for what it is, we can see the luminaries, and today we are looking what mean for a person when Sun and Moon are located in the Libra and Gemini combination.

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Good Traits

We can see right away, after knowing this primary information, that this is an astrological combination radiates harmony and creates one nature that is happy to live, that has balanced nature and is at all that times open to others and to new experiences.

In it, there is as much real as much and rare connection of intellect and all other qualities of the soul. He is one very interesting character that has almost every trait to be happy and successful in life – the Sun in the Libra is based on the clear and lucid intellect of the Moon in the Gemini, which, in turn, manages to free itself from its characteristic coldness.

The perfect combination, you could imagine how successful he can be, only if he overcomes his inability to make fast decisions, and the Moon in the Gemini is the aspect that can help him in this process.

This is how a very sensitive nature is born open to the smallest impressions of the outside world and is ready to display at all times its best side, above all thanks to the striking ability of thinking and transforming its most negative sides into positive ones.

He is able to make the best out of almost any situation in his life, even the most difficult ones that he uses for personal growth. He is able to rationalise everything negative and to make such experiences into something positive and constructive.

The person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Gemini combination does not have a difficult character. His thought is vibrant and allows the intuition and way of life to harmonies, which underlines charm, balance, and aesthetic sense through inventive and creative flights that are sometimes somewhat unstable.

Bad Traits

The most difficult time of life of this person comes in the maturation -during this process that could be problematic, there may be a slight tendency to dissipation, because such a person is usually difficult to choose from among the occupations that attract it and is susceptible to the environmental influences and people who can mislead it.

He is open and honest in this way, and he may give his trust to the people who do not deserve it, and the only person who is left hurt is him. If he is not able to rationalise these and similar situations, he can suffer longer than necessary, and make his life seems worse than it actually is.

One more thing needs to be said interested in the diversity of the world and is endowed with a vibrant spirit and intellectual life, and he is involved in almost anything that he sees, but sometimes he may seem like someone who is a superficial person.

He is sensitive to the opinions of others, and it happens that he is wronged because of overcrowding and forgiveness that he gives to the people, even to those who do not deserve it.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon in Love

The person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Gemini sign is the one that in love, uses his good looks, and subtle charm to seduce everyone that he wants and usually there is almost no one who can be denied this attractiveness that exists in this person.

So, we can all agree that this human being has no problem in finding lovers, and even better, he is the one that can easily communicate with almost everyone, and he usually falls in love in diverse partners, no one looks like the other. He must feel that connection is real, and everything will grow from this point.

One more thing needs to be added – this person shows his charm and charismatic power over others in many situations. This can help him, in the long run, to get what he wants; sometimes too easy he can get what he wants.

But, can he be the lover that will know to value this ability, is another question, or he will wander for a long time before he finds a true match love.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon in a Relationship

When in love, this is the person who is funny, lively and even restless -being in love with this person can be a fun and interesting experience, and often times he is the one that will take the dominant role in a relationship, and this would be a natural thing.

He is the one that can communicate with ease, and there is no problem that he cannot resolve with his partner, and this is the basis for the solid and long-term connection.

Another motive is that pushes this person to be one of the best loves in the horoscope is that he has the need to get to know all kinds of people and learn a lot by listening to them or watching their lives -the best way for it is by being in a relationship with someone.

But, before everything, this person must choose among your ties the ones that best suit your aesthetic criteria or the friendly feeling he is looking for.

He is always open to new things and wants to be safe and wants to have (eventually) beautiful family and material security.

He seeks optimism in marriage or relationship and likes to be in a relationship with the person similar to him – preferably the one that has a mixture of dynamics and a strong character.

If, or when hurt in love, this is the person that could truly forgive. He never returns to the past because he does not like to waste time.

Best Match for Libra Sun Gemini Moon

Now, we came to the burning question – who can be the perfect match for this person, and by looking realistically, our guess is Sagittarius lover. This connection may be so compatible, that everything will work amazingly. He is the one that is flexible and skilful in doing more things at the same time -this is the trait that suits our candidate perfectly.

He can provide action and joy, but at the same time, he is a partner who can provide wise decisions, and stop a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Gemini combination to learn to concentrate, not to act impulsively.

The only problem may occur in the times when our candidate acts irresponsibly and when cannot fulfill what he has promised. This is a place where compromise is necessary and needed.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon as a Friend

Since a person who has luminaries located in the Libra and Gemini combination is very capable, witty, his friends will forgive him that irritating superficial line that this person has, and sometimes show, but not for the negative motives.

Although he needs to flaunt skillfully when needed, in the times when he makes some justification of his irresolute behaviour, thanks to the elasticity of character and skill to adapt to the behavior of the environment, he still avoids giving up his deep personality and radically questioning his own views.

In principle, he is open opposing arguments and gets rid of difficult situations thanks to numerous acquaintances – he is the one friend that can make everything happen and has a friend that can make everything done. He will also do that in return.

Public reputation, environment and friends from childhood are very important to him -and he likes to talk about everything with them.

In the end, this is the person who does not like complicated people because he is in love with simplicity and movement – the more action, the better for him. He must be careful with giving loans and promises because there can always be a specific problem.


As you were able to see during a reading of this piece, this is the person who is considered happy, since the position of the Sun and Moon are located in the Libra and Gemini combination. He has everything that is necessary or having a happy life -here the sensibility and awareness are connected with a very swift intellect.

In other words, people of this combination have realistic opportunities to balance emotions and reason -the most problematic issue that people have in life, and the one aspect that makes the problems in life.

This person is cheerful, has a lucid driving force of positive energy that spreads all around him. You can recognise him since he is laughing, skillfully connects to the incompatible limits of opportunity, doing multiple jobs at once, inspiring others, a motive to laugh with his innocent childish face.

He is the one that is very adaptable, clever, everyone is interested in him and things that he does, it always comes all and never regrets it — very lively nature, an intellectual intensity that can bring so many good things in life.


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