1331 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Some say that Angels often speak to children because they are those who easily see angels and feel their presence – they have open heart and mind, and have easily had communication with the Angel Realm.

They are able to feel their presence and to be connected on so many levels, but more importantly on the base level, a heart to heart.

For humans who are grown up and under so many doubts and suspicions and Angels choose for them some other way, like Angel numbers, that will imprint their influence in their minds, and numerals are often the best tool possible.

Adult people overloaded with everyday concerns to pay attention to the signs of the presence of angels in their vicinity.

On the other hand, children have a completely open mind, and they are sincere and spontaneous. They do not look for tangible evidence, do not analyse and enjoy in what you feel.

Today we are looking into numeral 1331 and its true meaning and purpose.

Angel number 1331 General meaning

What kind of person are you? Why did you receive this Angelic formation under the number 1331? Why this numeral has a special meaning for you?

You are a magnetic and attractive person, and you have a lot of charm and personal magnetism that will bring you so many benefits in life. You could be an excellent spiritual healer if you were interested in something like that – so one touch of your hands can help the sick.

You could be a great spiritualist, and your strength is impressive and Divine even. You are the person who gives other people a sense of comfort, fill the void and longing in you that you do not know the cause.

The impact that 1331 has on your character is that it gives you a lot of confidence and security, so you are naturally gifted to be the leader in any venture you undertake. You have a strong character, although there are weak points on your armor, such as the habit of finding other people with soft points.

Decide to see the best and the best in others, and in this way, you will develop great personality traits – Angels often point on this when they are looking into your character and want to change something.

You are sensitive and cautious when looking into spiritual things and discover Higher dimensions, and your fears can make a blockage in communication and connection to the Divine Realm.

Your compassionate nature is the representation of the positive side of your personality, and you are smart enough to recognise when someone is playing with you. But the central aspect that you need to develop your healing abilities, in communication with others.

Your specific pure talent – you are incredibly gifted to understand the images and symbols intuitively, and this is also one part of your healing abilities, cause it is based on understanding and reading through things that others cannot or won’t see.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Simple division of this Angel formation shows that there are two dominant elements: there are 13 and 31. Numeral 13 is a carrier of interesting vibration that can lead to two ways: one is numeral 13, and another is very constructive and prosperous.

No one can tell where this energy will lead, but in combination with another integral part, 31 that brings something completely different. It brings complex energy that can be reduced to the numeral four that is the number of sold foundations that can lead and remain spiritual ground that can develop into something much more profound.

But we need to dedicate special attention to the numeral three that appears in this Angelic symphony two times. It signifies the Holy Trinity, which means that you have divine protection, help, and guidance when connected to the Angel Realm.

The triplets are also a sign that you are on the path of spiritual development and that you live from love, associated with the Higher Self and the Holy Spirit.

The meaning of the numbers is reinforcing if you have seen in it combined with some other strong vibration like the one that comes from the double energy of numeral 1 that also appears in this Angel formation.

Number 1331 in Love

This description of the essence of Divine Love and its connection with 1331 also enables us to perceive its contradiction, the essence of the devil’ love (that is a representation of everything that is contrary to the God’s Love).

This is very important to mention since 1331 is also the numerical sequence that can be seen from one side 13 and the other 31, from one side we can see God and from the other Devil, but this does not have to be seen in a religious sense, but in some Universal sense, like a conflict between Good and Evil.

So in that sense, the devil’s love is love for itself, and although it is called love, it is nothing else but hatred because it does not love anyone else to itself, and does not want to be united with others for their happiness (or ‘for their happiness’), but only for your own – as an opposite Universal or Gods Love is something different. Its most unusual nature is the constant endeavor to rule over all, to possess the good of all people, and ultimately to be worshipped as a God.

For this reason, the inhabitants of hell do not recognise God, but consider gods more potent than others; therefore, they have lower and higher, smaller and larger deities, which depend on the size of their power. This is usual recognition of Hell, as a manifestation of everything that is wrong and evil, and on the contrary, Gods Love covers a place where there are not many densities, but we are talking about Unity of all things.

God is naturally present in every aspect of the natural order of things, in every way, at any time and in every place and God is in a unique way attentively present in the lives of those who summon His name, who takes hold of others who worship God, who seek Him, and who earnestly pray for forgiveness. All of this is Love when you look at the purpose of God, Love and Forgiveness are also Him.

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Amazing Facts about Number 1331

One of the amazing facts that are contributed to the Angel number 1331, beside the one hidden meanings behind it. Number 1331 when reduced to just one number, its sum number gives vibration of numeral 8. This vibration is as many like to point out, a symbol of infinity – the endless energy that has the power to change things.

It is the numeral that is also in some deep way, the numeral of Unity (Along the four main parts of the world, and the other four are joined northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) since it gives eight directions.

The point where Angel numerology shows that Divine intervention is needed is in a situation when persons are pointed to materialistic, ready for everything to achieve success. Ambitions are very pronounced, and they reach their goals without much noise, they slowly and safely go their own way.

Throughout life, they are accompanied by efforts and misunderstandings and are generally felt alone and disappointed. Although they work cold, they are susceptible from the inside – and Angels send this number in precisely to people with this profile.

Number 8 is a representative of infinity and everything good in space that is infinite: love, energy, time – all Universal and is the number of manifestation the abundance of every kind. If you see a numerical combination 1331/ or 8, it is the answer to the universe that your prayers are answered.

Will Angel number 1331 Bring Good Luck to You?

If you see this numerical sequence often around you at some point, it warns you to have a close relationship with the Creator.

Angelic formation 1331 brings healing of the heart – Angels have wonderful news for you who have seen this number in any way, dream or reality. You have the incredible power of healing with gentle words and wonderful feelings, Angels are saying in the message 1331.

Your love for loved ones helps to wound their wounds, and now is a good time for reminding you of the characters that we have said that these people have, and among them are healing abilities.

When you connect with someone and truly love him, you create healing energy, so you should avoid being cold and calculated, and you should enhance more your strong energy.

That’s why Angels remind you that it is necessary to restore some of the connections from the past, forgive and reconnect with some dear people – this is always one of the amazing things that you can do when you are starting a Divine change. Love honestly, and angels will be there to keep you from disappointment – Angels are concluding in the message 1331.


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