Cancer Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Sun is, as we spoke so many times, and as you were able to read many times, is so important in your personal horoscope, it is the aspect that if compatible with the astrological sign placements of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, it energises, encourages, and supports your personality.

This is very significant to remember, and alignment of the Sun and the Moon in your horoscope is something to think about in the sense that indicates that your inner nature (the Moon) will be energized (the Sun) and more freely expressed, and in return, you will be able to meet yourself at the core of your being.

Today we will try to do just that with the person who has Sun located in the emotional Cancer and the Moon positioned in the fiery Leo sign. Is this combination compatible or it will be the core for troubles?

Read in the text below and make your own conclusion.

Good Traits

In this astrological combination, the Moon in the fiery sign Leo encourages the proper recognition of one’s own forces; and on the one hand, there is a desire for personal emphasis, along with a strong aspiration for isolation (the Sun in the Cancer sign).

But we will tell you right now that this is the combination that really works well, and this is the person blessed with many qualities – he is very sensitive.

Thus, the contrast of the overwhelming power of the Moon in Leo sign and the stubborn gaze of a battle characteristic of the Sun in the Cancer, try to find some sort of harmony. And in many cases, the equilibrium can be reached, and all amazing qualities will be rolled into one well-rounded person.

He is the one who is intuitive, kind and loving, but at the same time, he is the one that can passionately defend something that he believes in with all of his heart.

The Leo can give the necessary ambition and confidence that Cancer naturally lacks; so in the nature of this person are interesting ambitions do not get stuck, but they get a decisive form. In it, the willpower will be expressed in the iron decision to defend its ideals at all costs; and along the way, this is the person who will find success and recognition.

Bad Traits

When we are speaking of more negative traits of the person with the Sun-Moon combination located in Cancer/Leo combination the taste for luxury and the need to be a bottomless spender is unlimited. But the cost is high; he needs to be modest, because later on, he will suffer because of this behavior. And when this person suffers, then every other his step is jeopardised, and nothing is safe.

Also, this is the person who has many anxieties that are pronounced because of the need to gain confirmation from others, and he is throwing everything around him in this attempt (that is, as we see it, completely unnecessary).

In some, more extreme cases, this is a human being who is, beyond doubt an egocentric, overly ambitious, and he will do anything that he can to go in the public noticed. Nevertheless, even when he shows the worst of him in every way, no one could ever deny that he has certainly a lot of quality: the will, the courage, the understanding of the other, the sense of honor. But unfortunately, all of these virtues can be overshadowed by his egocentric behavior.

When he is able to “rule” in any situation, job, interpersonal relation, etc., everything is fine; but when his “rule” becomes unnecessary, he can go in melancholic states and stop caring. And if this person does not have anyone to take off, it means that his emotionality does not have an exit, and from that moment, many problems start.

One more of his negative trait is the one where he has poorly positioned and managed pride. Relations with the environment are always problematic in this sense – his environment starts to think that he could show some modesty and such overconfidence could lead him to big mistakes, especially on the emotional plane.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon in Love

As a lover, a person who has Sun positioned in the Cancer sign and the Moon in Leo sign shows many interesting characteristics; and in this way, we could say that the emotional aspect of his life is the most interesting.

One side of his personality shows a longing for the stage lights, where he wants his love to be transparent and big. And he wants that his lover has a quality of a star and optimism, but he himself can see that he may not feel this lover all inside; his intuition is telling him what to do. And when does not listen to it, then he makes mistakes in love, the Moon in Leo sign makes him want these traits, but deep inside he feels like this is not the definition of love for him.

After the first encounter with this person, people are attracted and even impressed by his ability to have and show deep feelings; but those people should also know that deep inside of him there are fragile security and a doubtful mind.

When in love, this human being has a rich imagination, but what he wants is not always real and cannot be achieved in reality – the starting point for negativity and even more insecurity.

So, the main advice for this human is to avoid by all costs making his unrealistic desires a reality, and especially having an illusion of others; if he succeeds in being a lucid person, even in such abstract part of the life, like love life, he has the chance to succeed.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

This is a person who dreams of a person who he likes to be with, in a relationship, and is often disappointed when thing turns out to be different. But when the time comes, and the one that has luminaries in Cancer and Leo combination, he can show the true extent of his emotionality and sensitive nature.

When in a long-term relationship, this is the person who demands a lot and is nurturing certain principles, and when things are not going the way he wanted, he can be quite contentious towards his lover.

Also, he needs to be with someone who will understand that, despite everything he is very ambitious, his goals must be exalted, and the means by which the revelations will accomplish them. He is an idealist, and believes in certain virtues such as honesty and competence – his lover must have both.

Best match for Cancer Sun Leo Moon

This is a passionate, somewhat egocentric, and loving persona that, when it wants something, cannot stand anything in his way. He needs a lover that is a tireless entertainer that is never bored with him – he tends to hang out with a lot of different people and easily understand the most varied problems, but his lover stays the centre of his attention, and the same is expected from his lover.

The ideal lover mist love, just like him splendor and enjoyment; and someone who is by nature, is curious, loves cultured and educated people, yet again unconsciously keeps his privacy and keeps much of the devoted one in himself. Who fits this profile? The one and only, Libra.

With Libra lover as a couple, they are the perfect example of the contradictions that attract each other. Therefore, they share the synergy in which the Libra lover gives calm to the unbalanced energy of this person. They create a balance in which everyone equally expresses their thoughts and are perfectly understood.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

When a human being like this one, takes care of everything and everyone, he is investing in it all of his strengths. He is always looking for solid support, and he can count on help from a friend.

The reputation for this person is really important, and in this sense, he will not be everyone’s friends, and he thinks that those who are close to him are special people.

He has a strong personality and dominates over others without any problem – in his relations with friends, he is honest and direct, even romantic and idealist, yet if he has not mastered the lesson that is called the generosity, he can be egoistic, stubborn and undisciplined, and yes, his friends will mind and rarely tolerate this behavior.

By nature, the one that has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Leo sign, is, without a doubt a self-centered and proud person, who knows how to get involved in problems of his friends. And all of his friends know that his behavior can vary from excessive exposure to restraint.


This combination can be defined as day and night in the same person; in the human that is under the impact of the Cancer (the Sun) and the Leo (the Moon) encourage a generous blossoming of personality or its dangerous inflation, both are equally possible.

Emotional impulses in this connection of signs are dictated and dominated by the strong will of the Moon that is located in the Leo sign.

Naturally, serious internal conflicts of these two forces can be difficult to control; yet the receptive nature of Cancer knows how to deal with such conflicts.

But he is a person with many qualities that can shine or can be overshadowed by other characteristics that does not have to be serious flaws, but can be disabling factors in his growth.


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