Venus Sextile Saturn

Whenever you hear about the Venus planet that appears in your natal chart, or it is active on a global level, you will think about the encounters that are predisposed to bring a love story to your life (Venus is the ruler of justice, love and beauty).

It makes us feel butterflies and that sweet discomfort with every contact we like, and all of us know that this planet is in charge of the initial phase of each relationship, when we get to know each other and when we open our hearts.

In the case where the planet Venus is connected in the sextile position with the planet Saturn (the planet that has a completely different energy that the planet Venus, it is more “cold and mature”), for sure it speaks of the initial emotional ecstasy that may come.

Some say that such a position makes people look at others through pink glasses because when we are in love, everything around us is magical and fairy-tale.

It is good that the planet Saturn is present here – it brings strength to come on the scene, it is like an older friend that it is taking your hand when you make some trouble, he does not judge, he wants to help you.

Although by its natural symbolism, it has nothing to do with love themes, it is still a very important and indispensable ingredient in all love relationships, and this is maybe a match made in natal heaven.

Saturn is the ruler of time, and as such, is essential to every relationship and every love story, and its connection to the Venus here shows the depth of interpersonal connections.

General Characteristics

This is the sextile that shows that as time passes (Saturn, as the ruler of time), the initial enthusiasm drops and Venus slowly recovers.

Then people, who have this aspect in their charts, come to the moment when masks fall and when we know if we really love someone with all our heart or were just fascinated by the initial circumstances.

You can look at these people who are truly able to live the story with a happy end, and it is necessary for Saturn to insert its fingers and make things different.

We all know that Saturn in the natal horoscope is so important, but they are not felt immediately at the beginning, but they act most strongly over time – always have in mind that the planet Saturn is always connected to the aspect of time (as it passes, stops, it takes time, etc., it is the element that puts everything into the perspective).

Because of this, this is the sextile connected to the personal and global relationships come to an end even before they begin, because there was no Saturn support to last and develop in time, but the planet Venus is the one that colors everything with beauty and love.

Satisfaction is in a relationship or marriage because Venus seeks love, pleasure and quality. If Saturn is too cold and annoying, she will be depressed and dissatisfied and will give him the conditions he has to fulfill in order to stay with him.

Love lasts even though there is no more infatuation and passion, as it transcends into a more mature relationship – marriage.

Venus in the sextile with Saturn in brings lasting, long-awaited relationships that require responsibility, trust, loyalty and commitment

In such relationships, there is often a greater difference in age, sometimes staying in the relationship because of duty and concern for a partner.

The thing that these people must overcome is their “look” that is at times cold and reserved by nature; they have difficulty displaying emotions, but there is an attachment and need to show love through compromises, effort and security.

Here are some celebrity examples that have this interesting position in their natal charts. They are Agatha Christie, Sigmund Freud, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Cosby, Grace Kelly, Paul Newman, Ronald Reagan, Steve Jobs, Gary Hart, and Eric Stanton.

Good Traits

When Venus and Saturn are in good aspects, like in this case in the sextile position that takes 60 degrees between them, and then we can say that a person with this aspect in the personal horoscope has a chance to live a stable and quality love life.

When they truly feel strong emotions, these people will guard those people strongly, even at the cost of not having their needs fully met, because the background of this aspect is, in fact, a sense of fear of loneliness and separation. This is, maybe the most important aspect in their lives, that feeling and an opportunity that they will live a stable life that is filled with love.

Bad Traits

Saturn is always stronger in energy than Venus, even in this sextile position, and this is the reason why this aspect could look from the perspective as a great burden for the person who has it in the natal horoscope.

What are we trying to say is that the planet Venus is in some still place, it is almost like frozen in time, and it does not have any chance to express itself fully and to express its emotions in the right way, which is manifested through complicated and emotionally painful love stories.

The worst part of this aspect could be seen in the love affairs – they are often or usually connected with people who are not suitable for them, and where their life becomes very complicated.

In reality, those who are under this sextile, they carry within themselves strong emotions that are hunching somewhere hidden in themselves.

The main problem is that others perceive them as emotionally reserved and cold, while in fact, they only need time to indulge in the other fully.

Love Matters

Usually, these individuals strive to find and build a relationship on a stable basis, which will last, because short-term love contacts and adventures do not fully meet their needs.

These people need to persevere in their relationships and to build themselves up to the other person fully.

Sometimes this is not such a good idea and this ideal for a quality relationship and marriage, which persists despite all the difficulties and obstacles, because these people mainly find partners with whom they share the same values ​​and goals, and therefore complement each other perfectly.

But, before they reach that goal, they can wander a lot, and some of them can be involved in problematic love connection making their lives extremely complicated.

It is not so problematic to enter into a relationship here, as much is the problematic circumstances surrounding these relationships.

It is a good thing to have Saturn in combination with Venus because this is the planet that supports the relationships they build and allows them to last in time.

Every day, the relationship becomes stronger, that is, the love that exists between two people becomes stronger over time and becomes their common driving force, which is strong enough to withstand everything that life in common carries.

These individuals are of stable emotional nature, faithful and committed to the relationship they build and the person with whom they share a common life.

Often people with these aspects have a constant feeling of finding partners at the wrong time and place. It always takes at least one step to capture the happiness and develop the relationship in the desired way.

Good news is that any relationship or internal connection that is made or created under this rule can last until death, but the question is how good it is for these persons, and whether they are in those relationships are truly enjoyed or just kept by the life circumstances of the partner with whom they share life.

Work Matters

This connection between the planet Saturn and Venus are very interesting to look at because it is very intense and strong, so as such it plays a very important role in a person’s life because it generally brings a great need to be in a community, to share work with others.

These people usually do best in some common activities, and they like to find their true purpose, so they think that the best way to do so is when they connect their brain with someone else’s.

The most important thing is that they find good opportunities for work, but never to think that they cannot make it without someone else.

They are constantly slipping away, and there is simply no luck if they do not seek help from others – they have many talents, maybe the best way is to work in the beauty industry or in some form of art, they would do any of their jobs with a lot of love and patience.

And the good thing is that they are able to wait for the results of their hard work; they do not have any problem in that, the fact is that those who are under this aspect are not those who want everything now, they know that good things come to those who are able to wait.

What these people truly experience in their lives is the fact that they are always waiting for others to approve what they are doing or what they want to do in the future – they do not do if it is not approved by a certain circle of people, which can further strain the progress.


Let us add up few more elements that could help you learn more about this sextile position between planets Venus and Saturn.

This aspect may also describe the artistic style, seriousness in relationships, engaging in creative work, materializing art – all of this we could see in the lives of the people who have it in their natal charts. Or, it could be seen at the global level, at the moment when this aspect is active, and then it means that it is the best time to involve in some of these activities.

All relationships in life require structure and organization, mutual respect, boundaries, loyalty, financial security and respect. And what this sextile does is that it makes those relationships more stable over time, and those who have this aspect often become more pleased with themselves and more beautiful with age.

Relationships or marriages that begin now have a great potential to last in time as Saturn symbolizes time, duration and faithfulness – think about this whenever you hear that this sextile is actual.

If you have an aspect of Venus and Saturn in your natal horoscope, you may have the opportunity for a serious relationship, marriage, and sometimes reconciliation with your ex – as you can see, this aspect is very connected to love, and when it appears in the night sky, try to use it for the purpose of sorting out your love life, forever.

It is important for those who have this aspect in their chart to develop spontaneity and creativity in the relationship, because this is what Saturn lacks, and Venus seeks just to be satisfied.

If they are immature or seeking excitement, the relationship will not last, as Saturn requires maturity, self-control and responsibility – such connection involves Saturn and are happening so we can learn a lesson and learn about ourselves.

Be careful, because it is said that the planet Saturn could be very selfish in love – do not allow it to ruin your plans, and they do not have to be connected to love.


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