6666 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

If you expect changes in your life, you can get a sign in your sleep. It will be a script or symbolism that will surely not go unnoticed.

Often Angelic information comes through the Realm of dreams that is the part of our mind, but more hidden.

Angels send their message in human dreams, so they are always imprinted in our consciousness so that this number/ Angel touch marks us. And this makes so much sense since dreams are very expressive and the Divine realm often sends messages through dreams. When you are asleep, the world becomes accessible to you and sends you information.

If you ask, the angels will help you to get to the right frequency and feel their presence – today we are examining the numerical sequence 6666.

Angel number 6666 General meaning

This is the message that is intended for you, who have a lot of self-control, but you tend to sometimes “fly” into some unreasonable moods. Deep inside you are a very gentle person who should look after your heart and Angels encourage you always to try to be optimistic and always to look at the cheerful side of life. You are sociable, and you love society, so you always give the best of yourself when you are surrounded by people- being reclusive for you are never recommended and advice.

You love mental things and learning, but remember that love and duty are higher human attributes than intellect. You have great innate abilities and powers that, if your health permits, you can improve and thus be prominent. You are very decisive when you want something, but this also the aspect that can lead to some not favorable places in life, and you above all things have a tendency to derail from your road.

Now number 6 in most cases hides character hugely sympathetic, humane people who are always ready to help others. They have a warm word for everyone; they are devoted, faithful and reliable, and therefore very popular in society.

But number 6 when comes in the row can hide some things that are entirely opposite to the previous story; unfortunately, often you know to shamelessly exploit others, and in that process, you can lose your fantastic character.

There is no doubt that Angels want to point you to the sense of beauty that exists in your world, and to show you how talented you actually are – you are very temperamental, impulsive and prone to adventure, and the most pronounced value of the world hides in the freedom, but above all other things this is something that should be accompanied by other values.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

What is that secret symbolism that we want to learn in the message 6666? It is the number that is created from number 6 that appears in the row of 4, and this point to the amazing strength and importance in the Angelic realm.

As we look at the symbolism number 6 represents the combination of two triangles, both earthly and celestial, which together create a hexagram. So it represents the completion between the two worlds that points to all things that make us people with their imperfection but we also have that godly virtue in all of us.

Number 6 is by some the number of God, and the number of creation, since God needed six days to create the World; and it is the number of Love, it points to the people who are oriented towards love, pleasure and romance. The inclinations are incredible unless they have a person who is compatible with them.

They are always ready to help, have a substantial responsibility towards the world they live in, but this sense of responsibility can push them into all wrong places where they will search for “answers”.

Number 6666 in Love

We know that the Universe is composed of the Divine, spiritual energy, there is no essential difference between you, me, the whole world, every plant, and every animal -we are all connected to this Unity, and when you do not love yourself do not love people in general.

But what Angels want from you to know, and they are telling you in the numerical sequence 6666, is that all of us are different manifestations of one and the same element, and therefore, a material separation that makes us feel like individuals is just an illusion.

You who receive this numerical sequence 6666 should not try to look the separation apart from the apparent. Angels want you to understand that you should be fully aware of how difficult it is to really understand these words that they are telling you, knowing that you need to have a certain freedom in your life. But believing in Love and Unity is all that you need, but until you see it yourself, you do not get to know it on your own, you will not be any closer to the knowledge of the Divine in you.

Love for you who is marked by the 6666 is a person who has this Divine potential and who need to find it once again since Love is the other name for number 6 (God is Love) is Love, and it is the time that this Universal Force rule your life.

Amazing Facts about Number 6666

Number 6666 resembles the Devil number that is 666, According to the Bible, 666 is the number, that is, the name of the beast with seven heads and ten horns that come out of the sea. And also number 6 is the number of imperfection.

When you see this message, must know that you entered the Divine Empire when Angels opened the door of the dimension and called them into their home. And you should undoubtedly come, because they had no choice but to attack anywhere, even as uninvited guests. Running away from self-destruction, the only salvation was to entangle in this very dimension to them.

Who are you, on some deeper level, on the level where your soul should be revealed? You are one of the surviving souls, severely damaged and exhausted, with just fragments of the consciousness of what they once represented as One. But, you need to be that being that is exalted and omnipotent! In what harmony they lived within the Creation of the Creator. Outside the boundaries of all possibilities, all of us are the wisest beings; the most faithful divine helpers who once united represented the God himself, their Creator.

Angels strive to attract your attention; most likely these are the circumstances surrounding your God’s mission in this life that you are living without achieving your full potential.

You were ignoring some Divine signs lately, and this numerical code 6666, is giving you as much Love as you might need, Angels, warn you that you have to play your part in the process of merging with everything so that you can become the part of the Unity.

Will Angel number 6666 Bring Good Luck to You?

Now, we will never tell you that this process is easy in any way, shape or form, but this is the numerical sequence that points to the victory and good news.

Now, you know that all that effort you have invested so far will finally pay off, and the results will be behind any expectation.

The time of constant struggle with the problems is behind you, and now the period of good changes follows; you deserve your place in this world, and your true direction in life will soon get revealed – you’ll quickly get a fantastic dream offer. Those who are satisfied with their spiritual status, are continually trying and improving, are about to see the progress.

But we must not forget the most critical aspect of the numerical sequence 6666 that was sent from the Angel Realm, and that aspect is Love. So it is possible that you will enter a stage in your life, where you will meet your soul up close and personal, and this is the starting process of love.  Do not be burdensome with planning the future, but rather give up a wave of gentle feelings, and Angel energy is just like this tender and caring.

From now on, the spiritual situation is stable, but you expect great expenses if you continue to spend energy on things you do not need. Love is all you need, and other things will come along. Just believe in the power of Unity, we are Love, Angels are saying in the message 6666.


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