Dreams About Nurse – Interpretation and Meaning

Nurses as symbols in dreams can appear frequently. They are usually linked to sympathy and caring about other people, but they can also represent some other things.

It is important to notice other symbols in your dream because they help with the interpretation.

Dream about a nurse in general

Dreams about nurses are usually linked to caring about other people and offering help to them. Meaning of this dream depends on the other symbols in a dream and people you dreamed about.

If you had a dream about a person you don’t like, then maybe you feel like that person owes you some compassion or care instead of judging you.

Dreams about nurses in general are related to your emotions, so take some notes about the dream to determine to what they are related to.

Dream about a nurse in hospital

If nurse in your dream was in a hospital, then this dream could be a warning sign for you. Neglecting your health is dangerous so stop being negligent and start caring more about yourself.

Dreams about hospitals are usually warning signs for us or wake-up calls.

Whenever we subconsciously feel like we have neglected our health, we have these dreams to shake us up.

Dream about a nurse talking to you

If the nurse in your dream was talking to you, then this dream symbolizes your desire to reach out to someone.

Person you need to talk to or share your emotions is ready to hear you out, but you keep running away from this obligation.

Instead of being scared of this person, open up and tell him or her everything you feel.

Unless you do this, you will continue to bottle emotions inside you and feel even worse.

Dream about someone you know being a nurse

If someone you know was a nurse in your dream, this dream represents compassion you feel for this person.

This person could be in trouble and you want to help her or him get over it.

Perhaps you don’t know how to approach this person and help her get over the problems.

Try to approach the situation slowly and ask that person, if he or she needs help.

Dream about being a nurse

If you were a nurse in your dream, this dream represents your desire to help others and take care of them.

This dream is not a symbol of something, it is simply a representation of your character.

You are someone who loves helping others and being by their side.

To people around you, you are a gentle person who is always there when it’s necessary and they can come to you at any time.

Dream about being a nurse can also represent your desire to help someone or take care of a person in your life.

Before offering your help, try to find the right approach and handle the situation with care.

Dream about a dead nurse

If you had a dream about a dead nurse, then you might feel betrayed by someone close to you. This person used your good will and stabbed you in the back.

Everything happened for no reason at all and you can’t understand why this person acted that way.

This dream represents the way you are feeling right now.

Everything lost its sense and you don’t see the point in helping others, when they only use your good nature.

Instead of losing hope in people, try focusing on those people who are always by your side and who respect you.

Dream about your mother being a nurse

If your mother was dressed as a nurse or was a real nurse in your dream, then you have some unresolved issues with her.

Perhaps you wish that your relationship was better and that you two had more things in common.

This way, you feel like your mother isn’t caring enough or maybe you have been rejecting her affection.

Through this dream, this distant relationship between you and your mother is perfectly shown.

You desire to have a more affectionate parent who is always there for you or maybe you feel guilty for not being open for your mother’s affection.

Try fixing up the relationship between you two before it is too late.

We only get limited time on Earth so don’t do something you are going to regret later.


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