Dreams About Tsunamis – Interpretation and Meaning

Tsunamis are one of nature’s deadliest natural disasters known to human kind. They take thousands of human lives, whenever they appear.

They are essentially enormous sea waves that are created by wind and sea currents.

But did you ever had a dream about a tsunami and wondered what could this dream represent? If you have, then this article will inform you a little bit more about the secret meaning of this dream and the symbolism behind it.

Dream about seeing a tsunami

If you had a dream about seeing a tsunami, then this dream is a representation of large problems or issues you are having currently in your life. These problems have been present in your life, for a while, and you don’t know how to solve them.

You have probably tried doing everything, but nothing seems to work. This is why your inner worries and stress is represented by such a strong natural force. Dreams that include strong nature forces, like this one, are usually a symbol of deep emotions and troubles that are buried inside you.

Talking to your friends and family is the best solution for now, because more brains can come up with an idea, quicker than one brain. This will also help you deal with problems, because you will at least have somebody to talk to.

Dream about being a victim of tsunami

If you had a dream about being the victim of a tsunami, then this dream represents a distress you might be feeling because of certain events that took place around you. These events can be almost anything, from social disturbances to your private matters.

Something is deeply troubling you and making you feel bad and you don’t know what to do about it.

This dream can also be a reflection of injustice you experienced in your life that is making you very angry. Whatever your reason might be, you should definitely act on it and protect what is rightfully yours.

Dream about someone being a victim of tsunami

If someone you know was a victim of tsunami in your dream, then this dream represents negative events that will surround this person. Perhaps you can already sense that something bad is about to happen to this person or maybe this person got into some risky business, and you know that this won’t end well for him or her.

If you have a strong feeling that bad things are going to happen to this person, then you should do everything in your power to protect him or her from this negativity, and help this person understand that what they are doing is not okay.

Dream about avoiding tsunami

If you had a dream about avoiding a tsunami or escaping from it, then you will be able to defeat all of your enemies and solve all of your troubles. This dream is a good luck symbol and it notifies you that, the upcoming period will be extremely good for you.

Make sure you use this time right and don’t waste time doing nothing. Finish everything you started or devote more time into a new project, because this project will end up being successful. This is also a positive period to focus on your personal relationships, because they will finally come into place after a long period of stagnation.

Dream about a tsunami destroying your town

If tsunami in your dream destroyed your town, then this dream is a representation of negativity you are about to experience in your life. Be careful about your finances and don’t invest anything at this moment, because these investments won’t be fruitful for you.

At this time it is best to stay focused on recollecting your ideas and plans for the future, and back up from work for a while. To avoid any further issues, avoid starting new projects before you make things even worse.

Dream about being in the epicenter of a tsunami

If you were in the epicenter of the tsunami in your dream, then this dream is a representation of disagreements you are about to have with people who are close to you. These disagreements will be strong and probably about things that were swept under the rug for years.

All of the problems you avoided for a long time, are going to swim up to the surface and you will be forced to solve them. Be careful how you talk to the person with whom you are going to have a disagreement, because you don’t want to hurt him or her and cause resentment towards you.

Dream about a tsunami approaching you

If tsunami was approaching you in your dream, then this dream is a representation of an event that is coming your way that is very important to you. This might be your wedding, or a business meeting that is going to change the course of your career for the future.

This event is causing you to feel under stress and you can’t relax and wait for it to happen. Try spending time doing what you love and spend more time with your friends and family.

Dream about dying from a tsunami

If you had a dream about dying from a tsunami, then this dream represents a relief you are about to experience after a long time of worrying and problems. These problems have been torturing you for a long time and you weren’t able to solve them and make them disappear.

You have probably run away from them to the point when you couldn’t run anymore. Now it is time to finally relax and focus on your future, because you can finally do that without being stressed or worried. This is also a great period to start focusing on new projects in your life and ideas you can realize.

Dream about someone you know dying from a tsunami

This dream is an indicator that something bad has been happening to the person from your dream, and a representation of your worries for this person. Somehow, you feel helpless and you don’t know what to do to make this person feel better or how to help this person get out of troubles.

Try talking to this person and asking him or her, what is troubling them or how can you help them solve their problems. Maybe this way you will know for sure, whether they need your help or not and what that help should look like.

Dream about seeing a tsunami in the distance

If tsunami was in the distance in your dream, then this dream is a representation personal problems in your life that will appear. They will probably be related to your friends and family and relationships with them.

Relationships with these people won’t be the same after this argument or fight and you won’t be able to mend the wounds that are going to be created. Try being as mild as you can and take problems and difficult lives of these people in consideration, when talking to them. Perhaps the anger they are expressing is caused by something else and not by your disagreements.

Dream about a passing tsunami

If tsunami in your dream passed away or you saw it passing away, then this dream is a representation of changes that are going to happen in your life. These changes will happen in your personal life and in your career. These changes will also improve your life by far and you have probably been waiting for them to happen.

For the ones who are not used to changes, they will definitely come as a surprise but you shouldn’t worry too much about them. After the initial shock passes, you are going to realize that these changes are only beneficial for you and they are not going to cause you problems.

Dream about people vanishing in the storm

If people were vanishing in the tsunami, then this dream is a representation of a health issue you are going to experience. This issue is something you have dealt with for a while, but somehow you delaying visiting your doctor and treating your health problems.

This all caused your health to get worse and now the only thing you can do is to finally focus on your problems.

This dream can also be a sign that someone close to you, like a family member or a friend, could experience health problems very soon. These health issues will be more serious, so make sure you warn this person about them. If they don’t like visiting the doctor, then you should warn them about the consequences that can happen if they don’t pay more attention to their health.

Dream about being in the middle of a tsunami

If you were standing in the middle of the sea or ocean, while the tsunami was destroying everything around you, then this dream is a good representation of your psychological condition. You are very confident about projects you took on in life or you are very confident about the relationships you are currently in.

Nothing can shake this confidence and you won’t let others destroy your position at work or your personal happiness.

This dream is also a positive sign when it comes to your business projects. All of them are going to be successful and you can even start working on new projects, because they are also going to be a success. Somehow everything will be going according to plan in your life and even you won’t be able to believe that luck is finally on your side.

Make sure you use this positive period in your life and keep standing strongly, just the way you did up till now.


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