Scorpio Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

The Scorpio people are in some sense, thanks to their ruler, the planet Pluto (as the ruler of the underworld), very passionate and in some ways very dark people who are in the close touch with the darkness that may lie in all of us.

But these people do not have any problem in embracing their darkness, and this is ok, as long as they do not influence others in this way, that can be negative. But Scorpios are usually very aware of their strength and abilities, so this gives them the possibility to make the most of their lives and to understand the practical value of their experiences.

To understand Scorpio man you have to figure out how emotional he is, even if he does not seem like he is; and it is relevant to mention that his sensitivity often requires a partner who can be gently enough.

So, in Scorpio man’s life, many things depend on their environment, or a partner – if the lover is positive he will be more positive than they usually are, and if their partner wakes the darkness inside of them, then things can be problematic.

He has many qualities, and he is always in search of love. Read more about the Scorpio man, and especially his love life.

Good Traits

A  Scorpio man is a person, who tries to be ubiquitous and versatile in his life, and usually, he succeeds; he is the one that simply loves to know everything, to be everywhere, and to really stand out in one particular way at any moment.

The Scorpio man is a very intelligent person who tries to leave a good impression on everyone. As a rule, he is a great speaker, whose communication is one of the important advantages that can always be emphasised in every situation.

After all, this man manages to impose himself, both verbally, and in every other way; and he likes to be at the centre of attention, attract attention, and he will never leave people indifferent. He draws that attention, and unlike, for example, Leo who loves attention and has to have it, by all means, the Scorpio man draws attention even when he is not trying to have. Along the way, his attitude toward attention is mild, and he does not care too much about it.

Another aspect that we must mention is that man Scorpio is one gentleman is a great aesthete who will definitely never get into an emotional relationship with someone who does not attract them physically, so you must be ready to have the moment of physical appearance extremely important, if not crucial for this person.

The Scorpio man is usually very successful in his work (whatever that might be) primarily because of great abilities, persistence and perseverance; but at the same time, he is inclined to choose the jobs in which they will enjoy. He is not able to work a job that he does not love; since this gentleman likes to enjoy everything he does in life, so when it comes to business.

When it comes to the talent of this man, there are equal predispositions for both sport and art, and for whatever branch he decides, he will do it the best, but generally, this person chooses sports and arts that can make a lot of money. He is the person that wants to have all the material goods to feel comfortable in life – he is not a materialistic human being whose luck depends on material goods that he has, but he needs to have enough to feel free and independent in some way.

The Scorpio man can be an amazing lover, and friend, but a lot of it depends on that other person.

Bad Traits

This complexed man has many flaws also, and one of them is his tendency to do things his own way, and if by any chance if you do something wrong to him, he will sting you. And we are not talking about a situation where he will tell you something mean, and we are talking about doing something bad to hurt you, in any way that he can. Betrayal in his eyes is the worst sin that anyone can do to him, and if he just “smells” that something is going on behind his back, he will become ruthless.

Scorpio man is not someone you can play with and think that you can get away easily. He is serious and sometimes a too strict man who never directs his attention to unimportant things (we are talking about things that he sees as non-important, not others).

Also, the Scorpio man looks at things as black and white, and he has strong feelings toward everything in life – he either loves you or hates you, nothing in between is suitable for him.

He is a deeply emotional human being, loyal and generous until the moment he is injured by the smallest little thing – then he turns into the beast that will break everything in his way. The Scorpio man can be painfully honest, free, transparent in his intentions, but he can also be seductive, jealous, distrustful, and even aggressive if he seeks revenge. You never know what side of him will you get, but in most cases, if you are positive and fair, he will also be.

Scorpio Man in Love

When the Scorpio gentleman falls deeply in love, he really binds and often gets too close to his partner – he intends to connect in a way that they become one. As he realises it, a relationship with someone is either a link to “the right person” or not, and he will never agree to less than what he knows is right for him. The emotions of the Scorpio man are very deep and, once they occur, they are very difficult to change. But in this way, if a partner breaks his heart, there are great chances that his love will turn into hatred rather than fade and disappear.

His approach to love is very passionate and often rejects the gentle side of his emotions, especially in the sense that he can be ruthless at times. When there are extremely deep feelings in the game, the Scorpio man is one gentleman who can truly sympathise with his partner and fully understand his lover emotionally. This can be very tricky in other men, but not with the Scorpio gentleman; in this sense, some say that this is one mister who has deeply developed “female” side and that this is the reason why he understands women so deeply.

Now, one more thing needs to add – for Scorpio man sex is part of love, and one does not go with the other. And in Zodiac, the Scorpio sign represents sex and sensuality, and it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, the planets of instincts and primary sexuality.  In this sense, you need to understand the difference between Scorpio and Aries (that is also ruled by the planet Mars), is the fact that Scorpio is primarily a female sign, rather turned to an emotional – sexual relationship.

The Scorpio man, when in love, can provide everything, he is a gentle, lovely and considerate lover, but also one man that is sexually open, a perverse man who can overtake and omit his partners. This depends on his level of self-control and inhibition, emotional or sexual, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand him.

Scorpio Man in a Relationship

As you could clearly see in the previous section of this article, this Scorpio man can be obsessive, possessive, and vindictive in love relationship, but the truth is that he can also be loyal, full of support, compassionate and incredible partner. This passionate man has to contend with unusual emotional depth, which leads to extreme sensitivity and his need to close his heart so as not to be hurt – his lover must understand this to have a good connection. In a relationship, he can become vindictive because of his deeply emotional nature and inability to forget the depth of his injuries.

He can act as a fatalist in a way as if it were all too much for him because he is tense and watching life as a group of small deaths, which is not worth living if he does not really live. So, all of his relationships are incredibly passionate, no matter which short they can be. And during life, the Scorpio man will have as many different relationships as he wants, and during his life, you will rarely see him regretting or apologising for his love choices.

Just as everything else in his world is diverse, so is trust – this type of man who belongs to the Scorpio Zodiac sign can have either unconditional trust in his partner, and he can be a reliable lover, or Scorpio man is the one partner who can be completely cold and painfully distant, so he makes real choices regardless of others’ feelings. The Scorpio man always has the need to say what he thinks and in general, he always tells the truth – some of his lovers cannot take such an attitude. We can even say that his greatest joy lies in the observations of a painful truth that no one wants to face – his lovers need to be aware of this at all times, cause he will spill the truth when no one is expecting or is in the mood to hear the “awful” truth.

When you are on a date with the Scorpio lover this is the man will behave towards his partner as if she is a queen. He wants to see the gentle soul of his partner, someone who needs his protection, and he will keep all the values ​​and beliefs without a doubt.

He will borrow your sweater when it is cold outside, but there is no guarantee that he will not take it and become very unpleasant if you say something that will hurt him for just the reasons he knows. There is a great and amazing chance that he will not talk too much, that he will be slow in deciding what to do next and where to go, it is difficult to move and narrow down the changes.

He will guide his lover to places he thinks are romantic, and that can be anything for him, not just conventionally romantic places. Depending on his previous relationship, the Scorpio man may be fairly open at the first meeting and immediately show his true face, but there may be someone who is hardly reaching because he always worries that he will not be injured again.

Best Match for Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is sensual, passionate and full of spirit; and in some way, this gentleman is a lover of beauty, both external and internal, the lover who is fatal, attractive and mysterious at the same time.

But Scorpio man is at all times is very emotional and vulnerable human being, but it hides it skillfully.

For some, the Scorpio man seems mysterious, and that’s why he is interesting to others, but that’s not nearly as accurate as he can be hurt emotionally, like everyone else. This is the man that protects himself by controlling emotions, and for him, trust is the basis of every connection.

But who is the lover that can understand this and enjoy a good relationship with this man? These two are Virgo and Capricorn partners.

As far as Virgo lover goes, the Scorpio man is irresistible for them, because they know that the Virgo is not easy prey and that he will have to work hard around them. And Scorpio man, regardless of prejudice, can be sensitive and gentle. The Virgo lover should, by its behavior, make Scorpio man emulate emotions and be very nice to them, and Virgo partner must remain mysterious always to be attractive to Scorpio.

Another good connection is between Capricorn and Scorpio man – this is the love connection between the two most ambitious people that you will ever have the chance to meet. These two are powerful individuals and connected; they are truly the power couple. According to mental power and life convictions, Scorpio is best suited to the Capricorn lover. As long as they are honest with each other, their shared power will be greater, as well as their love and respect. This could last longer and be an amazing connection.

Scorpio Man as a Friend

If you do not have a Scorpio man as a friend, you certainly do not need him as your enemy, and he can be tricky. In this sense, if you are his friend, count on his limitless loyalty and support. If you entrust the Scorpio man with a secret or open the soul, he will never abuse it and disappoint you in any way. When disappointed from friend’s side, he will never give up until he has his revenge.

The Scorpio man needs time to gain confidence in accepting someone as a friend from whom she always expects to respect her intimacy.

Scorpio Man as a Father

The Scorpio father most often educates his children in the Spartan spirit, trying to prepare them for the holy world that awaits them when they come out of a warm family home. He often punishes his children, and some of his harsh punishments include going to bed without dinner or receive a ban on going out of the house during the weekend. He is one strict father, but in return, his children are behaved well and respect the property of their parents and all the material things they provide.

Based on all of the above, care and attention are abundant, and his children have to balance their behavior, so they do not make many mistakes while they are growing up.

We should not forget the fact that the Scorpio father is a gentle and emotional parent that although reluctantly shows, adores his children and would anything for them. This man feels a great responsibility towards his children and the need to protect them. But he can also be very lenient to the child’s wishes and even smear it.

Scorpio father belongs to those who are in a state of righteousness, but they know how to protect children. Despite the inherent possessiveness, he is easily overcome by children, even encouraging them to become independent as soon as possible.


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