Serving Food In Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

Serving food in dreams can have both positive and negative meaning. Symbolic meaning of this dream depends on the sort of food you were serving in a dream as well as on the fact to who you were serving the food.

All the small details in a dream can add up to the symbolic meaning, so the more you remember about your dream, the better.

Dream about serving cake to someone

Dreaming of serving cake to someone symbolizes your effort to win over someone you like. This particular person caught your interest and you are giving everything you have to catch her attention.

Perhaps you are already flirting with this person in real life, and now this effort is continuing in your dream. When the person in your dream was someone from your family or one of your friends, then you are making an effort to persuade this person to something. Maybe you have a great business plan and you want this person to participate.

Dream about serving bread to someone

When you had a dream about serving bread to someone, then you are about to receive some interesting news. News you are about to receive will be about someone you know very well, and you will be forced to decide what to do with this news.

Be very careful not to gossip about this person to other people, because it might end up badly for you or you might hurt this person with your actions.

Dream about serving meat to someone important

Dream about serving meat to someone important in your life represents business success. You are currently working on a very important project and you want everything to turn out the way you planned.

Person you were serving in your dream is someone you want to impress, like your boss or supervisor. The richer your feast was, the better you will do when it comes to this business project.

Dream about serving burnt food

When you had a dream about serving burnt food to someone, you can expect a stream of bad luck to hit you.

If you were planning to start something new, business project or a relationship, it is better to give up on this idea and wait on a better period to come along.

This dream can also announce potential failure of something you had already started, so don’t be surprised if this happens to be the outcome.

Dream about serving fruit

Dreaming of serving fruit to someone symbolizes a failure that will happen because of your poor planning.

Perhaps you haven’t invested enough time and effort into something and now you will have to face the consequences of your actions.

Try changing your strategy before giving up on this project all together, because you might save the situation if you start acting on time.

However, if you choose to give up on this project, you can expect to lose a lot of money and valuable time.

Dream about serving ripe fruit

When fruit in your dream was overripe, then you need to be careful in your business and love ventures.

Luck won’t be on your side, therefore it is better for you to lay low for a while until a better period comes along.

This is a particularly unlucky period for starting a new relationship and friendship.

Everything you begin at this point will turn out to be a complete disaster.

Dream about serving a lot of food

Dreaming of serving large quantities of food symbolizes wealth and abundance in real life.

You are currently experiencing a very prosperous period in your life and everything seems to be going as planned.

Dreams like this only confirm how well you are ding currently and how much you are enjoying your life.

Dream about serving spoiled food

When food in your dream was spoiled, then you are about to do some thoughtless spending. Money will be flying out of your hands for things you don’t even need.

Since times won’t always be good as they are now, when it comes to money, be more careful how you use it.

Perhaps it is a better idea to invest this money into something else. Avoid visiting sales and markets, because your spending will be out of control.

Dream about serving fresh food

When food in your dream was fresh, then you will begin a renewal and reinvention of yourself.

Since your life is currently boring and nothing is happening, it is time for a change and start of a new chapter in your life.

Rejuvenation will be complete, so you need to think of things you always wanted to do and a way to achieve this dream you have.

Period announced by this dream will be extremely suitable for making your dreams come true, since luck will be on your side.

Dream about serving food to yourself

If you had a dream about serving food only to yourself, then you might experience some minor losses in the near future.

Be careful how you spend your money and don’t waste it on things that are not important. Loss might even be linked to your personal life.

Dream about serving a small amount of food

Dreaming of serving of small quantity of food symbolizes a very weak partner or friend in your life.

It might seem like this person is completely faithful to you, but he or she has completely different attitude.

Be careful in your near future because if you give this person too much attention and love, you could get hurt.

Dream about serving tasteless food

When food in your dream was tasteless, then you need to take better care of your health. Visit your doctor regularly and seek his advice if you are experiencing health issues. There is a big chance of a condition you have, getting worse, so act in time before it is too late.

This dream is also a warning sign for those who are neglecting their health in general. Spend more time moving and try to eat healthier.

Even though you don’t have health problems at the moment, you could start experiencing them soon.


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