Honey Bee Nest In House Is Good or Bad?

Bees are considered to be very lucky symbols in life. Cultures around the globe worshiped these small insects and considered them to be symbols of good luck, prosperity and wealth.

Bees have a very long list of good qualities and traits. Their symbolic value is extremely important and has been around for centuries.

Bees not only give us honey, they are also responsible for the growth of every plant in the world. They work hard to spread seeds from flowers and plants in nature, in order to gift us life.

Old civilizations recognized the importance of bees early on and respected everything they did for people.

Today, bee symbolism is still very valuable and important. We don’t honor them as much as our ancestors did, but we are still very much aware of their importance.

Honey bee symbolism in cultures

About 3500 years ago, in ancient Greece, according to Miken, which was ruled by Agamemnon, the leader of Troy’s Day, the rulers were buried in stone graveyards that had the form of bee hives or nests.

Today, it is still unknown from where this custom came and how it got spread around Europe in the 16th century. In one theory, Miken adopted the construction of “martial” tombs as waging warships in North Africa and the Middle East, where their remains are still numerous. Today’s tourists call these tombs as treasuries, due to the wealth they are buried together with their owners.

Even today, it is a very spread belief that the souls of the dead move to bees. This ancient belief was inspired by importance a bee had to the ancient civilizations.

Bees were one of the symbols of the ancient Aegean goddess, which appears in various places by various names, such as Mistress (Potnia) on Critique the mysteries of Greece, Neit in Egypt, Artemis in Asia Minor and Europe, Melisa (Bee).

The patrons of this goddess are often referred to as Bees.

In addition, there is a threefold nameless goddess who had a prophecy in Delphi, which was made by bees. This is the origin of expression we use today when we want to describe someone who is a sweet-talker.

Person, who grew up to become sweet-talker, became this way because a bee landed on his lips when he was little. This popular belief was widely spread across ancient Greece and civilizations that lived nearby.

Evidence of bee harvesting is some 10.000 years old and first evidence of it was found in caves in Spain. Bee breading began 7.000 years ago and humans recognized the importance of this insect early on.

Specular about bee keeping was found in Egypt and it is 4.500 years old. The Egyptians believed that bees and humans were created from tears of God Re.

Honey bee nest symbolism

Bees and honey bee nests shared the same positive symbolism among old civilizations. Honey bee nests were often used as symbols for various things.

The oldest evidence of bee nest symbolism dates back to Roman era. In medieval times, bee nest was often used in heraldry as a symbol of industry and manufacturing.

Today, bees nest is a symbol of Freemasonry. Members of Freemasonry consider bees nest as a symbol of co-operation and industry. They believe in hard-work and devotion to a cause. Bees are perfect examples of hard work and devotion to something that is important in life.

Popular saying that someone is busy as a bee was established long time ago. Our ancestors recognized their traits and honored them in many ways.

Honey bee nest is also a symbol of preservation of knowledge and understanding. Similar to the symbolism of a bee nest in Freemasonry, followers of  the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) consider bee nests to be symbols of knowledge, hard work and dedication. This symbol is often found on their documents and as a general symbol of the church.

Honey bee nest in your home – Good or Bad?

Honey bee nest in our home is definitely considered to be a positive symbol.

Old civilizations saw bee nests as symbols of wealth and good luck. When bees build their nest in your home or outside your home, you should keep it around.

Honey bee nest is going to bring you prosperity, money and well-being.

Our ancestors knew the importance bees had and we should honor them as well. The more bee nests there are in our home and around it, more luck we will have in life.

Large bee nests were once help in back yards and used both for honey and as portals for positive energy. They invited good luck and wealth into people’s homes, and therefore were often taken care by people.

Honey bee nests symbolize abundance of everything and it is considered bad luck to remove it from your home.

But, since we live in times when it is unacceptable to have bees inside our home for the safety of us and our children, you can remove it and put it somewhere outside.

The only thing you should be careful is not to destroy the nest or break it. When a bee enters your home you shouldn’t kill it. Bees in our home symbolize money and prosperity.

They also symbolize resolution of family problems and progress in all areas of life. This is a very pleasurable symbol to have in our life that can bring us joy and abundance.

Bee nests symbolize community and working hard on something that is important for our existence.

Bees created their nests in order to shelter themselves and create honey we can later use.

They have an extremely valuable symbolism to many civilizations around the globe, which makes them one of the most pleasurable symbols ever.

Bees represent luck, stability, prosperity and wealth. When these things are missing from your life, then let bees bring some luck into your home.

Even if they didn’t have such an important symbolism as they do, bees are primarily responsible for everything that grows and flourishes in nature.

Therefore, we should show them respect and thank them for everything they give to us.


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