Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Did you know that planets in Astrology can move faster or slower, and therefore they can influence people or aspects in different ways?

Among slower moving planets there is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and astrologers say that these planets are more compelling than the faster moving planets.

May this be as it is, the luminaries are the central point for every astrological analysis, and therefore we are dedicating our time to the people who have them located in Aquarius and Pisces.

What this means, and is this person so fragile and sensitive, or deep inside one hard-working warrior hides? Read all about this.

Good Traits

This is one very interesting combination that gives birth to a personality that is very interesting and contradictory in some way – this is the type of the person who can be hard-working and the one that can extract the energy from higher sources – he can be very spiritual and can be connected to the things that are too easy for others to comprehend.

A person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Pisces signs has a good intuition, and he is the one that reaches his goals calmly and quietly work, and others see him as the one that is sympathetical but also somewhat distanced human being. He has a special energy that surrounds him.

Although the need for affirmation in life (in the sense of some high profiled ambition, extreme success in work) is not emphasised, this person withdraws, quietly and calmly goes towards his goal.

He achieves his goals as he likes to imagine his ideas first and then he slowly tries to achieve them – there are a lot of ideas to be complete.

There are always hidden potentials inside of this human being, and in some way, he has a great soul and is connected with people in a deep way – he feels them, sense them and wants to help them in any way he can.

Sometimes this person shows a tendency to react in a turbulent manner, and this comes as something that is surprising for all people who are close to him.

Bad Traits

What is very interesting for this human being who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Pisces sign is that he will suffer very often because he is emotional, and he will suffer in solitude, exile or in forced silence. Sometimes he is excessive in this negative behavior, and he lets others see him as a victim, and he enjoys this role.

He needs movement, events, meetings to satisfy his vibrant personality, but if things are not going in the direction he wants, he suffers and enters the role of a victim.

He wants to know everything about the world, to go with the universal to overcome the boundaries as a prisoner of his body – with this we can explain his lack of interest in small everyday things and constant efforts to forget material tendencies, but he also exposes it with utopias, mistakes, and confusion.

Such a person is prone to the secrets of all kinds, and the majority of his environment will point out that this is the biggest flaw of this person.

He maintains his personal relationship since he can achieve reconciliation, and respect an individual without denying contradictions.

Although he acts calmly, spontaneously, this person has an internal, ongoing disturbance that causes him to move constantly, and he does this in personal relations and every other situation where he feels that disturbance.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon in Love

We also must say that this type of the Aquarius person (the one with the Moon located in Pisces) belongs to the more sensible combination of Aquarius, so it is somewhat gentler, more sensitive especially in the field of emotions where endless turbulence can happen at all times.

Therefore, such a person needs a person who stands firmly on the ground, who will understand her visual ideas, justified fears, and emotions.

But, this is the person who reacts very strongly to life, and this is also true when his emotions are in question – some astrologers say that this type is one of the most troubled Aquariuses since the Moons position is in Pisces. Because of his great feelings, he is very vulnerable – he is not so pervasive that it might seem at first glance. He will never let anyone see this, but this sensitivity and vulnerability are clearly there and need to be taken care of.

This is the person who is, above all, that is an intuitive being, his logic is truly completely illogical; almost he is not able to give the least explanation for his actions and behaviors, intuition manages his life. And we must add that he should listen to his intuition when he acts in love but to never neglect this feeling if it says that things are going in the wrong direction, and where there is no love.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

Its inner core of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Pisces sign is usually quite firm and the need for affirmation in love is not so pronounced. But this person reacts very emotionally to his surroundings, and in this way, there is a feeling and a need to be loved deeply.

The nature of this human being is connected to the solidarity with the environment in which he lives in; and with the feeling of being comfortable with others; he has the need for contact, exchange, for verbal and physical relationships. And he wants them to last long, and to complete him in a meaningful way.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon

The future lovers of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Pisces sign must know one thing, and that is the fact that this sensitive human being can hide his need to be loved, and it often happens that his sensitive nature can be hurt if he does not get what he wants and what he needs.

They also should know that this tender being can fall into a difficult form of closure from which it is sometimes difficult to find a way out. Fortunately, his imaginary intuition often allows him to anticipate hazards and find solutions before the problem arises.

The perfect match for this person is the one born in the Zodiac sign Leo! Do not be surprised, and this relationship can work well.

This is an almost perfect combination of characters in a love connection, and there are so many reasons why this is the case. These two lovers can build and establish a very persistent and profound mental connection, and if they are relaxed enough, they can enjoy so many passions.

The fearless, passionate, protective-minded Leo lover perfectly respond to our candidate who is, in many ways fragile, gentle, sensitive and romantic, so their love is in most cases mutual and lasting.

In this case, one has what another lacks, and together they could build a true romantic love story.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

A person who has such luminary positions often lives in conflict with his desires: it attracts what he cannot have himself, and in this way, we can say that his friends are everything that he is not.

In some way, he does not distinguish does he need some help from the side, for support, and often times he does need. This all happens since he is prone to scattering his energy too much, moving in all directions. And when he feels exhausting then he falls apart, and he needs help to get up once again, and his friends are those who can handle this role.

If he is able to sacrifice himself to your loved ones, friends among them, he sees himself as one of a kind martyr, so it is important to have true friends around him who will never let him feel this way.

Only if he grabs the root, in reality, he will succeed in avoiding some serious difficulties and being satisfied with the circumstances that he finds himself in.

In that case, everything can be changed for the better, and in this process, his friends can help him a lot, because they would give him support and strength when he feels like he is losing it.


In this combination of the luminaries, the inner needs of the personality are reduced, but their value grows – he imagines that he can change the world for the better, and he has all ideas that are necessary to do such thing.

He can have a very difficult character, therefore, for this nature, it is not impossible to get lost in his dreams, but he mainly seeks confirmation of its innate abilities.

This is the person who can block the full manifestation of inner ability; it at the same time has the power to fulfill feelings and perceptions of each person’s ideal, ambition and success. In other words, this human being can achieve what others just dream of.

This person has a lot of dreams, but also hardly wins it, so he is inclined to have phases of withdrawal and isolation and phase when he is constantly present, and he is constantly working on his goals.

He knows how to overcome important events, and often has the feeling that he is connected to some special force.

He sees and presents himself as the person who is a martyr, but he is always on the weaker side. He does not like to argue, but he knows that he does not want to get into an unpleasant situation.


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