Dream of Eating Mango – Interpretation and Meaning

Mango is a delicious fruit that grows in hotter parts of our planet. Not all of us can enjoy it during the entire year, but it is definitely very well known around the world. To cultures that live in tropical and subtropical areas of our planet, mango is a very special fruit that carries an important value.

In India, mango is considered to be the national fruit and it is also the national tree of Bangladesh.

Many other countries like Pakistan and Philippines worship this fruit and have many legends and tales about mango. Lord Ganesha in India is often portrayed with a ripe mango in hand, as a symbol of perfection and attainment. In our dreams, mango can have a strong symbolic meaning.

Interpretation of our dream, however, depends very much on other symbols in our dream that together with mango form a unique dream symbolism.

Dream about mango in general

Dreams about mango in general represent wealth, prosperity and earnings. Mango is considered to be a valuable symbol of wealth in many countries around the globe, so it is no different in our dreams.

Mango dreams indicate that money is coming your way and that your business ventures will pay off. Almost anything you decide to do in the period after you have this dream will be successful.

Many consider this dream as a premonition of happy events that are coming your way.

Dream about eating mango

Dreams about eating mango suggest you are about to earn some big money. Something you have invested in is going to bring you a lot of profit, so be prepared to collect the fruits of your labor.

This dream also suggests positive changes that are coming your way and how something you have decided to do is going to turn out to be a very good decision for your future.

Dream about eating ripe mango

When mango in your dream was ripe, then you can expect bad things in the upcoming period. This dream is general considered to be a bad sign for almost everything you decide to do.

Relationships and business ventures will fail, if you decide to form them in this period of your life. Instead of starting something new, lay low for a while until this bad period passes.

There is also a big chance of betrayal by someone who is close to you, so be prepared for such a possibility.

You stepped on someone’s shoe recently, and this person remembered it perfectly.

Be very cautious about your actions and words, because luck will definitely not be on your side.

Dream about peeling and eating a mango

Dream about peeling and eating a mango represents revealing secrets in your waking life. You are about to find out something about a person in your life that will completely surprise you.

You weren’t expecting to find this out about this person and you will probably have a problem figuring out your next step.

This dream can also be a representation of revelations in your real life, which have something to do with dilemmas you had previously.

Perhaps you will figure things out and finally make a crucial decision, which was necessary for you to move on. Because you weren’t familiar with all the details before, you weren’t able to figure out what to do sooner.

Dream about buying and eating a mango

If you had a dream about buying and eating a mango, this dream is both a warning and premonition of something positive.

As a premonition of something positive, this dream suggests you are going to get involved into something very profitable and exciting.

As a warning, this dream suggests you might get involved into something illegal and dangerous. Measure the good and bad carefully and then make a decision what to do.

If you notice that things are slowly getting out of hand, then back up from this deal and focus your attention on something safer.

Dream about eating mangos

If you were eating more mangos in your dream, then you can expect a lot of profit in the upcoming period.

The more mangos you had dreamed about the more money you will receive from a business deal you got in. this dream can also suggest a promotion or moving up to a better job position in the near future.

In any case, money won’t be an issue for you in the period that is coming, so use this positive period wisely and invest in profitable projects.

Dream about picking mangos from a tree and eating them

Dreaming about picking mangos from a tree and eating them represents fulfillment of your desires.

You will be able to get your deep hidden desires fulfilled, even though you never dreamed about this happening.

Think about what is important to you and what it is that you would like to experience happening to you.

A very important chance will be offered to you, so make sure you use this chance wisely to make your deepest hidden desire come to life. All of your hard work and effort will be rewarded.

Dream about dropping a mango while eating

If you were eating a mango in your dream and dropping it on the floor, then you can expect a failure of your relationship or business project. Something you recently started will turn out to be a complete failure, even though things started pretty good.

Something is going to happen, along the way, and cause your project or relationship to fail. This obstacle is not something you could have prevented, so don’t beat yourself up over this. Move on from this and focus your attention on something else.

Dream about eating a green mango

If you had a dream about eating green mango, then you have to be patient in life. You made some good decisions recently but you still have to wait for the fruits of your labor to appear.

When the time is right, you will be rewarded for all of your hard work and efforts.


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