Rabbit – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Rabbits are small mammals that inhabit almost every corner of our planet. They are beloved creatures in almost all parts of the world and many people hold them as pets.

But there is certainly a deeper meaning to this magnificent animal, since it has and still is, present as a symbol in various cultures around the world.

In this article, we will explain a little bit more about this lovely creature and its significance for cultures around the world.

Rabbit traits and characteristics

Fearful – Rabbits are extremely easy to scare. They are very shy and you can rarely approach a wild rabbit, because they will run away at the smallest sign of a threat. This is their defense mechanism and they use to run away from predators. They need to cautious all the time because they have a lot of natural enemies.

Speed – Rabbits belong into the category of fastest animals alive. They can outrun almost every predator, if they spot him on time. This is their only way to escape from being eaten, because they are not strong and their vision is also very poor.

Intelligence – To spot threat and to run away, takes some intelligence. Rabbits learn from early on, how to defend themselves, or in this case they learn when to run.

Rabbit as a totem

Now that we know more about this furry mammal, we will learn more about the symbolic meaning of this interesting creature.

People born under this totem are very shy. They are probably those co-workers who never speak out aloud and who keep everything to themselves. This is something that is built in their nature and they can’t help it.

People born under this sign are also very soft. They speak in a soft way and they relate with others in a kind and positive way. This is why people love being around them and confiding even their deepest darkest secrets. There is something so inviting and kind about these people, and they get noticed not because they are loud and seeking attention, but because they stand out with their goodness.

People born under the rabbit totem or people protected by this totem are also family oriented. They love spending time with their family members and love being around friends. They will give everything to protect their family from threats and save them from problems.

People born under this sign feel the most comfortable when they are surrounded by a lot of people, and by people we mean people who are their closest friends and relatives. This is the environment they feel the most comfortable in and they usually surround themselves with a large family.

These people are also carriers of happiness and joy. They always look on the positive side of life, so you will rarely catch them frowning or complaining about things. Even though they are hurting inside, they always smile and show joy in front of others.

People born under this sign are also very modest in life. They never hunt for a big success or a lot of money, and their biggest joy is in small things. They tend to lean more towards spiritual wealth and avoid accumulating material things. They feel best when their family is safe and when everyone is healthy and happy.

When it comes to intelligence, these people are very clever. This trait rarely comes to the surface, because they are shy to show that off, so they often end up being poorly evaluated by others. Their intelligence is something they rely on in life and being able to see things others can’t.

Bad side that these people can have is jealousy. Sometimes due to their shyness and inability to express everything they can do, leaves them feeling depressed and angry at the world. This is when jealousy appears. It can be directed to the people close to them or simply to the whole world.

People born under this sign are also unpredictable. This is because they rarely share their feelings so nobody really knows what they are feeling or thinking. This can be a positive but also a negative sign, depending on how they use this unpredictability.

People born under this totem are also very funny and they usually share their jokes with people close to them. They are the life of a party, especially if they feel comfortable enough to break out of their shell.

Rabbit as a sign in a dream

Rabbit in a dream can have different meanings. If you see a rabbit in your dream, then this means you will have a lot of luck in the near future. This can be related to your business or personal life, but in any case you will have a lot of luck in both areas.

If you see a white rabbit in your dream, then this means you earned someone’s devotion. White rabbit meaning represents people around you who appreciate you and love you, and this makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Make sure you give the same love and devotion back to them, because they certainly deserve it.

If you see a lot of rabbits in your dream, then this means your children will earn good positions in life. You passed on valuable advice to your children and they used it in the best possible way.

If you had a dream about a black rabbit, then this means you will be very disappointed in other people’s actions. You put a lot of faith into them and now you feel like they have abandoned you and betrayed you.

Rabbit as a symbol in different cultures

Rabbits have been used as symbols in many different cultures all around the world. The Native Americans considered rabbits to be tricksters and humorous. They interpreted it through Manabozho character, and he was the Great Hare. In many legends, Great Hare created the world and this spirit is often used in religious rituals and ceremonies.

In Celtic culture, rabbit was linked to fertility and rebirth of the planet. With every full moon, a Hare would be created from Eostre and the sacred animal was rabbit. Rabbits were also divinatory creatures for the Celts.

In China, rabbit is one of twelve signs of Chinese Zodiac. People born in the Year of Rabbit are considered to be the luckiest people among the Zodiac. Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac is considered to be a sign of fertility, lechery and self-protection. The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to bring fertility and secure good crops, which was especially important in the past.

In Chinese culture, rabbit is considered to be a very important animal and since they spend most of their days living close to people, they are almost considered to be human’s natural companions.

The Han people are not allowed to eat rabbit meat. This goes out for pregnant women especially because rabbits have ugly lips (yes, that is the reason). According to the ancient stories, pregnant women who eat rabbit meat while they are pregnant are going to give birth to babies with rabbit lips. This myth is not a logical one, but the Han people are holding on to their tradition and respect this rule.

Han people also hang rabbit heads to chase away demons. They hung hare heads in front of their doors to scare away the evil. But, before you think that this custom is vicious, you need to know that rabbit heads are made out of dough. So don’t worry, no rabbits are being slaughtered.

In traditional Chinese beliefs, it is good that people born in certain Zodiac signs to get married and form a union. So, people born in the Year of the Rabbit should marry people born in the Year of the Rat. This way they are going to have a prosperous life and everything will go smoothly.

Probably the most known symbol for a rabbit is the Easter rabbit. If you ever wondered how a rabbit became an Easter bunny, we will explain a little bit more about the symbolism behind it. This symbolism came out of folklore, and the rabbit was, initially, a mystical creature that evaluated whether kids were good during the year or not. So, the Easter bunny origin is the folklore.

Today, happy Easter bunnies are smiling to us from every Easter card and they are a big part of Easter decoration.

Of course, rabbits aren’t always used as positive and joyful symbols. An urban legend, that originated from Fairfax County, Virginia, was based on a story about a vicious killer that was dressed as a bunny. This story was very popular during eighties and the Bunny man supposedly killed people using an axe or a hatchet.

Of course, there is also the white rabbit from the famous children’s book “Alice in Wonderland” and also rabbit from the animated movie “Bambi”. Rabbits are often portrayed as positive characters and everything about them is simply screaming positivity and good nature, so it is hard to imagine these fluffy mammals to be any different.


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