Libra Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Astrology (and the all sciences that come as a derivative, like Astro-numerology, etc.) is often seen as predictive, and widely practised in all countries in the world, but even if we know this, astrology and its influence it is perceived differently.

But the most crucial thing in this sense is that we can point out the best part of this science – the ability to reveal the personality and it is the science that has the illuminating over its forecasting potential.

It can be even seen as the method for understanding individuality and the interesting divination tool. In that process, one of the exciting parts are the luminaries – the Sun and the Moon.

In today’s case, we are talking about the person who has these two located in the Libra and Pisces sign. Read all about this topic, and see for yourself what kind of like is this person and what is his way in life.

Good Traits

During this piece, you may think that this is the person who has many flaws (much more than some other people), but in some sense, his flaws can have a positive side – he can be open to people and even available to the change, in a sense that he accepts the opinion of others. Not many people have this ability in life, and we should all respect this.

In the majority of cases, this is a person who mostly a very social being, the one that has the chance to find its balance in the adaptability which then becomes the reason for his life – the Sun in Libra is directing him toward equilibrium, and the Moon in Pisces focusing him to the needs to find the purpose in life, and not just to indecisively wander.

He can be adaptable and can fit nicely into many life situations; he can enjoy the good times and be strong when times are rough; he has the high elasticity of its spirit that allows him to engage in every social group, to accept the mode of moment and taste of the majority with some sort of ready-made conformism.

He belongs to those human beings who are very sensitive people who often take a lot of care for others and have a slow way of solving personal dilemmas.

Nevertheless, this Astrological combination is characterised by slight compassion, great personal potential, and hence these people can show fantastic results. He has the pronounced intuition that he uses for success, especially in the realm of emotional relationships and interpersonal relations.

Bad Traits

But when we are talking about the flaws that this person has due to his complex personality, we must say that he belongs to the people who are usually indecisive (maybe even more than the typical Libra), too much suspectable to its surroundings, too exposed to influences in order to affirm itself as an individual. This cannot be good, maybe only in times when this human being is under the impact of good people who will give him support.

What is more problematic is that this is a human being that has a psychological vulnerability that does not have enough self-confidence and does not dare to express itself for fear of many things. Yes, this is the person who deals with so many fears during his life, and he must be aware that he must overcome this so that he can move on.

His numerous abilities are sometimes inhibited by poor will and the inability to make one decent decision fast; and even if he does not have distinguishing physical energy, he has the mental one, but only if he does not scatter it too much.

Also, we must say that he sometimes finds it difficult to have his own personal opinion about the world, about people and events.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon in Love

When you have a person who has luminaries located in the Libra and Pisces combination, you know that he is very affected by other influences, and this is especially true in the realm of love.

He falls in the strong feelings, and his emotional life can be a mess, often leading him to lose his mind completely.

But one more important thing deserves to be mentioned in this section – he wants to achieve happiness in love, to make perfect conditions and to seek crazy, and absolute love; the one love that is amazing, grandiose and perfect love that will last forever.

He is honest in this attempt, and he is capable of loving even someone who inflicts pain upon him, and this is the situation that happens often. We are not saying that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra/Pisces combination is a masochist, but he can be involved in such love affairs more than once, and what is even worse, he does not use them to grow or learn.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

A person who has luminaries located in the Libra and Pisces sign is, without a doubt a human being who is very sensitive to other people’s pains, and the one lovers that has an extraordinary sense of “love” with someone else’s heart. But the main thing here is, that this person can learn, he has a tendency to learn something new when with such a lover constantly.

Maybe for some, he can be the one that is very unusual in nature and prone to platonic impressions at first glance; but we must be honest and say that this is also a lover that is not easily acquainted because he hides a lot of “under the surface”.

So, as his relationships progress, he becomes more and more open, but as we have said he needs to be in a fulfilling relationship, not with the person will inflict pain on him.

In the end, in his life, there is a great idealism and romanticism in this human that simply impresses others, but the positive, gentle character is hidden. It needs to be discovered, and not many people could do this, so he is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when he clicks with someone, it can be heaven.

Best Match for Libra Sun Pisces Moon

So, who can be the person who is able to connect with the one that has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Pisces sign? The one that can accept that he is the one that needs to have a space for himself, the peace he needs to make important decisions.

But this is also a person who has an extreme fear of loneliness, desolation, illness, and may also show occasional phobias, unnecessary dramatic conditions – he needs a lover who can deal with such states of mind.

The best case scenario is when someone approaches him in spontaneous situations – he does not like that someone hurries him or setting him conditions, forbids him something, but he respects the rules and fair relationship especially in relation to the family and the environment.

The perfect lover could be the representative of the Taurus sign – he is the one that will provide him with the necessary balance and firmness and enough passion for making things interesting.

Maybe he is not so romantic as this person would want him to be, but he can try really hard to make that relationship lasts.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

When it comes to the friendship area of life, in his case, in many cases, this human being can be an important mediator that helps people to understand themselves and the general experience.

He is the best friend that people will ever have – and in other to achieve all this, it should not be left to its internal conflicts, because he loses the ability to live a full life and experience.

The problem in his life in this sense is that he can never expect his friends to give him the same thing that he gives them in friendships. He should not feel hurt, in interpersonal relations there cannot be total equality, but we feel like he does not mind such ties.

He needs friends who will create (with him) a friendly formation, and where this person could open up and show how balanced and a mature person he is, and also the one who is aware of his flaws and virtues.

He is gifted with a sophisticated knowledge of others and subtle intelligence; he is sensitive to everything around him and can give people what they need.


This is the person who always works under the influence of his senses, and this attitude often prevents him from getting full recognition of all his strengths.

A conflict that arises from the aspiration to balance and harmony in both itself and the world around it leads to the ease of spending the best forces of one’s being, in a useless contest on two fronts, which often creates an inevitable inability to adapt to reality.

He is the one person who will receive many blows in life and will never do the same to others; he has a fearsome need for love, is romantic to the extreme, and makes his vulnerable in love.

However, if it is true that the one who has Sun and Moon located in Libra and  Pisces is naive and always ready to rely on it, it is also true that his own immaculate leanness draws him out of many troubles. And we will also add that the problems in his life are widespread.

He is the one that looks compassionate and powerless and then surprises everyone with his balanced and stable attitude.


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