Dreams About Bridges – Interpretation and Meaning

Bridges in real life connect us to each other. Help us explore areas we have never been before, and see and meet people we have never met.

They are a reason for happines when they are built, and also beautiful to look at at the same time.

Dreams about bridges are not rare. You have probably experienced one yourself for a couple of times.

There are various interpretation of bridges in dreams, and some of them will be shown further along in this article.

Bridges that connect us in real life, can also represent the lack of this connection we are feeling in our selves or with other people.

Depending on the dream situation we have placed our bridge in, symbolism can be different.

Your life has become passive, and seeing a bridge in your dream, might represent your desire for a change and new adventures.

Going across the bridge

If you had a dream where you are walking across the bridge then this means you are reaching out to someone, or trying to get to them in some way.

Walking confidently means you are very certain about your decission and having doubts and walking slowly means the opposite.

Of course, any type of dream where you are being forced to go across the dream doesn’t represent something good.

This means you have to settle with things you are not so excited about and you feel forced to do it.

Jumping of the bridge or falling

The first thing that comes to mind is suicide, and failure, and you are not far from the meaning of this dream.

It means you are scared about your plans, you might be afraid they are not going to come true.

This can also represent a fear of certain events that are ahead of you, and you are feeling helpless when you invision them.

If you jumped of the bridge by yourself, then your feelings might stop you from reaching you goals in life.

You will feel locked by certain people, and the only way out is by jumping into the unknown.

Dream about standing on the bridge

This means you are stuck. You are not standing firmly on the ground, and you are afraid of moving.

Perhaps it is the fear of not knowing what is ahead of you, or below you, and this fear is blocking you from moving.

This dream will awake feelings of hopelesness, by the fact that you are not able to act the way you want to, due to the amount of fear inside you.

Seeing a bridge in your dream

This dream doesn’t have to be a bad sign. Bridges connect places, and help us get to grounds we haven’t explored yet.

So, this dream could mean you are looking at a way to your future or maybe you have decided to change something about your life.

If you had a good job offer, or have been offered to move somewhere, you will probably be questioning yourself about taking the leap or not.

Fallen down bridge

Bridges that are destroyed in your dreams are a bad sign.

They can’t be crossed anymore, and you might feel helpless in the attempt to go on, and get to where you were going to.

This can also represent failure you have felt recently, and you are visualizing it in your dream through broken bridge image.

If you try to go across the bridge but before you do, he falls and you stay behind, then this means you are going to miss good opportunities and chances in your life.

Bridge made out of wood

This dream represents your lack of motivation and ability to stay focused and get what you want.

Bridges made out of this material in real life, are the first ones to get destroyed by weather and people.

They are not very stable, so might be feeling just like that in a certain moment in your life.

Bridge with an arch

Going over this bridge that is made out of stone or steal, might represent richness and vitality.

If this bridge leads to a palace or some big structure, then this means you are going to recieve gifts or perhaps have luck with gambling.


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