Dreams About Robbery or Getting Robbed – Interpretation and Meaning

Robberies occur often and we see them happening on TVs and around us. This is why it isn’t unusual to have a dream about robbery, but it is interesting to see what kind of hidden symbolism is behind this dream.

Dreams about robberies often represent taking away emotions or something good out of our lives, just like thieves rob us of our material goods. Dreams about robberies can be both good and bad, and their meaning depends on the other symbols in the dream.

Dream about witnessing a robbery

If you were the witness in your dream and you watched how someone is robbing someone, then you might get separated from your family. This dream symbolizes a gape that is going to get created between you and someone close to you from your family.

Perhaps you are going to get into a fight with someone from your family and the relationship between you two is going to get worse. Before you insult someone close to you, think twice about your actions and words. Make sure you don’t say or do something that you are going to regret later on.

Dream about witnessing a bank robbery

If someone in your dream was robbing a bank, then you need to be careful around other people. Someone might be preparing to harm you or do something to you. This person has already planned something and it is probably someone close to you.

Keep things that are personal to yourself and don’t let others get to you. Even if this person seems to be supporting you, it is better to lay low for a while and keep things to yourself. There is a big possibility that this person might be collecting information to harm you so don’t give out any information about yourself.

Dream about robbery in general

If you had a dream about robbery in general, without remembering any other details, then you might stumble upon some problems in your life. These problems won’t be major but they could get worse if you don’t act in time.

Problems will be related to your career or business, so be extra careful about your investments.

Things in your personal life won’t be much better, so it is best to forget about major changes in this period in your life. Instead, lay low for a while and wait for a better period to come along.

Dream about robbery as a crime

As a crime, this dream represents your desire in real life. There is something that you really want to do in life, but somehow things get in the way. Maybe you desire to travel somewhere or do something that you have never done before.

It would mean so much to you, when things in life would go a little bit more in your favor.

For now, you just feel like you are restricted and nothing in your life is the way it should be. Try focusing on making this desire real, because you won’t be calm until you make it come true.

Dream about street robbery

If you were walking down the street in your dream and you noticed something or someone getting robbed, then you can expect some troubles in the upcoming period. These troubles are probably going to be related to your personal life, so be prepared for anything.

Perhaps your close friend will betray you or maybe you will have a disagreement with someone from your family. Be extra careful what you say, if you do get in a disagreement, because you could insult someone very dear to you.

Dream about suddenly being robbed

If the thief came out of nowhere and robbed you, then you will have financial problems in the upcoming period.

These problems are going to be related to investments or projects you started, so be extra careful about where you invest money or how you use it.

This period is not very good for making big financial decisions, so you better lay low for a while until this period passes.

Avoid taking advice about finances as well, because people are going to advise you wrong. Forget about money projects for a while and wait for a better period.

Dream about preventing the robbery

Dream about preventing the robbery represents your ability to avoid troubles. You can almost sense when something isn’t right, and you skillfully avoid making a mistake. This trait will help you in life and you will have a lot of use out of it.

This dream can also foretell the problems that are ahead, so be prepared to notice trouble in time. Your sensitivity will allow you to focus on key issues and notice them in time.

Dream about robbery if you are single

If you are a single woman or a man, then dreams about robbery represent a change in your love life. You will be extremely alluring to people and many admirers are going to approach you. Some of them are going to try to steal your heart and win your over with their charm.

Choose wisely between these candidates and pick one that is suitable for you. This dream indicates big changes in your love life and the end of the “single” era.

Dream about car robbery

Dreams about car robberies indicate changes in your love life or in your relationship. This dream can bring both good and bad changes, so be prepared to embrace them all. There a slightly bigger chance that these changes are going to be negative, so be prepared for this possibility as well. On the other hand, this dream can be a representation of improvement on your job or business plan.

Some tedious tasks you have been handling, that weren’t very important, are going to end and you will be able to concentrate on more important things.

Dream about finding out you were robbed

Dreams about coming home or looking into you bag and discovering you were robbed represent your concerns about your finances.

Things have been hard for you recently and you are looking for new ways to earn money.

This dream warns you about more financial problems that are coming your way, and that you need to prepare yourself for them.

Financial issues that have been bothering you are going to go away when you find a new source of income. As soon as this happens, you will be able to pay off all of your debts and continue living normally.

Dream about seeing a robbery

If you were the witness in a robbery, then you are under a lot of stress lately. Things haven’t been so good for the past few weeks, and you are under a lot of stress because of that. Instead of focusing on things that are bad in your life, try to find a positive thing to focus on.

Spend more time with your friends and family and ignore everything else that has been going on.

This dream can also be a representation of negative people in your life, who are constantly trying to do you harm or hurt you.

Avoid these people and distance yourself from them, because they only bring negative energy into your life. When you manage to do that, you will notice how your life is starting to change completely.


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