Dream About Graduation – Meaning and Symbolism

The quality of life, the level of satisfaction and happiness are also highly dependent on whether we are doing the job that suits us – and that part of the life could depend on the fact did we choose well, and will we choose well, depends on our grades (not totally, but it has a major impact for sure).

Graduation time is also the part of life that brings major excitement, and joy, besides all other aspects that are present.

When the time comes to discover the decision of “what will happen when we grow up”, the search for a suitable high school student comes in its place and they are preparing to take the graduation, which is a great stress for both students and parents.

We could say that when you know that you will graduate soon can make you feel stressful, but the graduation can also become a dream motive, and it does not have to be related to the graduation, and such a dream could be a part of a dream world of old people or those who do not go to school at all.

What does it mean? Right away we will tell you that dream is not connected to “school” and that usually, it does not have to make any connection to the graduation as such.

The Meaning of Dream about Graduation

In some way, there is some dream school that says that the dream of graduation is not a good dream – some say that the dream of graduation is a bad sign.

In some general meaning, such a dream means that you will have or be in such a poor relationship with your superiors, who will have high expectations for you. The fact is that you cannot meet them, and you feel so frustrated because of it; you feel like you are not worthy, and that those people are doing the wrong thing because they believe in you.

If we tackle a bit deeper, such a dream could also mean that you will soon meet and feel amazing well in the company of one person. That one person who will mean a lot to you and it does not have to be a person who is connected to you in love, and it could be your mentor or a new friend.

If in your dream there are a lot of people and you are not alone at your graduation, such dream means you will be hit by a problem that you will be able to cope with and then enjoy well-being. Everything that you know until that moment will come and “bite you”, and you will have to make the best way out.

If in a dream about the graduation you feel that you have all the answers wrong, such a dream means that you are in jeopardy to fail at plans that you have worked on for a long time and in which you had a lot of hope.

It will be the responsibility of the person who just appeared in your life, and you do not know enough. It will afford you many inconveniences, so be very careful.

The Symbolism of Dream about Graduation

Any dream that is connected to the motive “school” such a dream points to the warning that your reactions and attitudes to current events are completely inappropriate and that you may run into problems as a result.

However, seeing yourself as a child at school is a sign that you will profit from work – such a dream could have a positive symbolical value, in the case if you see yourself as a kid that graduates.

If you are very successful at your graduation, such a dream for sure symbolizes happiness and well-being. You have a period of success and good opportunities ahead. Use this to realize business plans.

If you are passing graduation many times in the row, and you cannot do it right, such a dream symbolizes problems and financial hardship. You may find yourself in serious trouble at work, so be careful and careful with important decisions.

If you are cheating your graduation, and you do not feel guilty by doing so, such a dream means that you will achieve it in a professional way. The effort and learning will finally pay off, and you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labor, and they are not small, their power will be seen in the time that is coming.

Alternatively, such a dream can also mean success in love life. If you like someone now is the perfect time to take the first step -you are mature enough to take the right step into the right direction, and it will pay off, for sure.

If you are waiting for the results from your graduation, and you are not sure are done with it, such a dream symbolizes the opportunity of a business trip that will open up many opportunities for you.

If your graduation takes place in some unexpected place that is not your school, but something else, such a dream means you are preoccupied with a problem that does not keep you calm. You have to deal with it and finally resolve it, otherwise, the agony will continue. You are not alone in this because close people are worried about you and do not know how to help you.

Do I have to be worried?

Some say that dreams about the graduation that fills you with dread and pain, and you see such a dream as a nightmare, means that something not bad, but uncomfortable will happen to you very soon. Observe your environment and be careful of your position in the society, or at school, work, whatever.

Soon you will realize what that conversation or obligation that is approaching and that you are having an anxiety attack is.

If the dream involves graduation as a form of celebration, like prom night -such a dream shows your relationships with your superiors at work will be bad because they will have high expectations of you.

If you do not graduate in your dream, such a dream is the indication that you will forget about something that is important to you, but what is more interesting it could show what is truly important to, and you do not want to miss out that obligation.

In any case, you should not be worried if you had this dream, cause in the most cases, it means that you are mature enough to make some good steps in your life, or that you have some obligations in front of you that mean the world to you, and you do not want to miss them out.

Also, what is recommended got you to do when you realize that you are “stuck” in some ancient events and this prevents you from living freely in the present but also thinking about the future.

Repenting and reflecting on past events will only bring you pain and suffering.

What to do if I had this dream?

Let us sum up all that we know and that is connected to the dream where the main motive is graduation – in so many ways; it speaks of your happiness and success in life, in all of its aspects.

Such a dream means that you are shifting to a greater level and passing on to the essential elements that create your life as it is

If you do not want to graduate and you are leaving the entire process behind, and you are moving to other things in life, such a dream means that you are the type of person who does not provide yourself with enough acknowledgements for your progress and accomplishments. You are pushing away from your own accomplishments.

In a version of a dream where you have seen yourself that you skipped graduation, such a dream indicates that you are not psychologically ready for the subsequent stage of your growth.

You are subconsciously attempting to stay in one place, and this is simply not a good idea, you have to move on in the right direction, and you have to make some serious choice in your life. This is the only right way, even if we are not always ready to take that path; it lasts longer, and it takes away our energy and time, but it is worth it.

Do not think that something bad is going to happen to you if you had this dream – maybe some problems could occur in your life, if you have dreamed about graduation, and in most of the cases they can show that you are not in the perfect relation with the people who are at the higher position at your work.

But this is the aspect that can and should be corrected. Do not pay attention to the superiors at work.

They will have too high expectations that you will not be able to meet, and this is ok, you should take care of your own expectations, not those that belong to someone else.


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