108 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

One person that is always connected when numerology is mentioned is one of the greatest mathematicians in the world – Pythagoras.

And as more as we read his biography, we conclude that he must have some connection with Angel realm since he was the one who said that the whole universe was built on numbers and that the fate and character of each of us were subject to exactly regulated laws.

Angels are those who bring us the true meaning of numbers in a sense that numerical sequences are tools for carrying Angel messages to people.

Now, about Angel numerology – some moments in our lives bring us less hope, and deep down inside we hope some better days, which we hope will be filled with greater success or happiness.

Today our attention is focused on the numerical sequence 108, and we will decode its meaning on people who are marked by this numbers or people who received this numerical sequence in their lives as a transparent and open “word” from Angel Realm.

Angel number 108 General meaning

Numeral 108 has three parts, one is the leader, numeral zero is an intensifier, and the main message lies in the number 8, but we will get to this aspect a little later in the article.

First, this numerical sequence means you who have 108 in lives have seemingly cheerful nature that is simply contagious. You love everything, and everyone loves you -this shows their constant connection with nature and all that surrounds you.

You breathe the life and joy of every party where a large number of people find themselves. They look at you as a master (this is an influence of the number 1 that is the number of leaders), and you seize it completely unconsciously, by the power of your vitality and wise nature (impact of the number 1).

You are caring in nature; although you are not completely sentimental (number 8 is not a number of weak and overly sentimental people). You can easily make friends, and you can feel at home wherever you go – (combination of all three digits). You’re serious and honest -again 1 and 8.

Some of you who have this number often experience big changes in life, and that is to the extent that you become an ascetic and religious type even.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Remember when in the previous section we spoke about the power of change that is connected to all those who are in some way connected to 108? Well, this Angelic formation hides great guidance and Angel and that Universal power that asks you to change your perception, so that you can reach the full potential; for happiness, you have prayed for a long time now.

That is the answer to your prayers, this is it; and what cannot be shown at once, but it is still there, is the knowledge that God knows, the solution you are looking for will be born in your thoughts.

Number 108 in Love

Now, Love is an aspect that is connected to the Angel realm all the time and one of the reasons why we mention it in a particular part – it is mandatory to know what this numerical sequence says about love, as the most important aspect in the life of humans.

You who are marked with 108 are good person and dear, honest and gentle person who loves in the way that cannot be understood.

You can love it deeply and gently, but you are looking a lot in return a lot of love from the world you live in, and many ups and downs will make you, even more, love-hungry.

But, Angels want from you to understand that you must be ready for a change and live and love with open heart, so your life will be quite successful.

You are like a newborn baby, occupied only by your own needs, not leading, even counting on loved ones to give you what you need; but this kind of love must be giving and not receiving, and this is one lesson that Angels want you to learn before you can enter a new phase in your life.

But, in spite of everything, the innocence that hovers around you alleviates any aggressiveness and egocentrism (1 turns into 0 and then into 8).

Amazing Facts about Number 108

The Angelic sequence can be seen as a formation and as a gift, and how will you receive it is up to you.

But one surprising fact is that you, when you see this sequence 108 in repetition, in your dreams or anywhere else, must know that Angel informs you that you have a spiritual gift that is made from Divine hands to strengthen intuition that is naturally in you.

How will you know that you have received such a fantastic gift?

You will, undoubtedly know that you more easily read the signs that the Universe sends and that you pay attention to your feelings, dreams, and intuition, and do not be afraid if you see much more than you expected.

Yes, one of the fantastic qualities of this number is that it can give you much more than you can receive and that you can radiate a positive light in you and therefore you need to take it and use it.

Will Angel number 108 Bring Good Luck to You?

Let us speak in the beginning there is not the unfortunate Angelic message, but there are those that point on some negative things that are happening in your life, and that needs to be changed for good so that you can progress even more.

But this is not one of those messages – Angelic formation 108 will bring you a fortune in your life, but you have to meditate and learn how to take advantage of developed intuition and remember to spread positive energy to other people. If you need to make some critical decision, the solution will soon appear only.

So, this message is the sign of the Universe that will give you the wind in the back and a chance to reconnect with the energy of love, because in the end love is all we need and all that we might need to progress further in lives.

This message often comes in the times when you are confused, or undecided, and you will not know which resources and path to choose.

Be patient because the stress period will pass quickly,

Angels are saying in the message 108. Do not let your work burden and create your life, but you create and guide it, you have all the abilities to be a leader, but your path must be the right one, the one that inspires others to make some serious but meaningful changes in their lives.

Good luck will come into your life when you get rid of the significant risk when it comes to you on a daily basis, so try not to transfer negative emotions to your surroundings, because they will fire back like a boomerang.

Carefully choose words, because each one in this period can be poisonous arrows that significantly impair the Universal relationship.

Do not forget who you are and love your whole world. The Angels will understand you, but it’s essential to change the approach.


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