Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The most common way we are getting familiar with the astrology and generally astrological predictions is newspapers, internet, and magazines; and this is true all around the world.

We all know about these and similar Sun signs prognostications, and in the years where the internet did not exist daily dose of horoscope could be heard via radio. And the common thing was that that prognosis was based on the ten planets and twelve houses.

Today our options are much wider, and in that sense, we can use whatever we want – in this case, we can base our prognosis only on the luminary position, and today it is Pisces ( the Sun’s location) and Capricorn (the Moons location) signs.

Soon you will see, how every luminary combination has its good and bad side, but that every combination could be turned to the more positive side.

Good Traits

This is a person who differences from the others because he is working in silence, with seemingly no visible movement, he likes to work it safe and tries to make the constant transformation of individual qualities.

He has the profound ability to understand the reality of life: he is able to get into the depths of the world and people, and even if he will not direct it into some altruistic motive, he is still a person who may help if needed.

This calm and even passive person succeeds in directing his activity to practical goals, and in order to achieve this, he uses sophisticated weapons that outweigh others – he is much more persistent than some others in his fight, maybe he will not attack directly, but he will be the winner of the fight.

Basically, when we are talking about the person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Capricorn, it’s about a calm nature and no aggressive nature.

It must also be said that it is much more sensitive than others can see, and he is not cold and calculated as it may seem to some people.

On the contrary, maybe he has the best out of the two worlds, sensitivity and coldness when necessary.

Bad Traits

This is also the person who is overbearing with his thoughts and sensitivity, he overthinks everything, not in the sense that he analyses too much, he can be so pessimistic.

He can be obsessive about some things in his life, and he can take too much responsibility on himself, that can turn out to be too much for him, more in the sense that he is losing his main focus, his own agenda.

But his stubbornness will never stop him from doing what he started, and this is not always a good idea, sometimes he needs to stop and revalue his objectives.

Some say that this type of Pisces is the most responsible, most intelligent and the happiest, but it’s easier for him to fall into depression, so it is a true struggle for him to be and stay happy.

He can be so sensitive at times, but maybe in years of experience, it’s improving, but the main thing is that he does not shy from gaining experience in life, both good and bad.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

The person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Capricorn signs has an irresistible, almost childish need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone will not abuse it.

This is so typical both for Pisces and also for Capricorn people, and he will rather stay at home, just to make sure that someone does not hurt him in some way, especially in love.

Partner relationships are very important to this human being, and there is no doubt that this would bring him immense happiness and play a significant role in his life-  good love life may be the best ground for any others success in life

But what also must be said is that success or failure of sentimental life will depend on his own development – now you can see the circle one depends from the other, and this may be the problem for this human being.

Often this person realizes that he is unhappy because he actually hides his own thirst for care and gentleness, he hides and buries these needs very deep, and he should not do it.

In the end, as far as love goes, he has the need to establish a spiritual harmony, and he can make it, only if he manages to subordinate his ambitions only to one goal, and that goal should be love happiness.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon  in a Relationship

So you get the picture of this mentality – he wants to be loved, but he is scared that he is going to get hurt, on the others side he is dedicated to finding that true love.

There is no doubt that the person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Capricorn signs can be stiffer than he is in his essence, he is a little cold, but from the other side of the story, he does not want to be like that. It’s hard to show this individual to show feelings, and when he finally does, in a relationship he is turning to traditional style and conservative values, and he expects that his lover maintains them.

In the end, this person definitely has difficulty in establishing a balance between his contradictory aspirations: illusion and cruel clarity, lack of interest (all of this comes from the Moon in Capricorn sign), and tenderness, intuition and sensitivity (all comes from the Sun in the Pisces).

However, it seems that he always keep the situation under his control, no matter what he really feels, and in love, and when you are with someone you love, this is not possible, or recommended.

If you want to be in love with this person never take away his freedom, and do not ever make him justify to anyone. He has an irresistible need for emotions, but a constant fear that their emotions will not be repaid or that something will turn out to be bad.

The main lesson for this human being in love is to learn to trust his lover and to relax just a little bit, cause his everyday life is chaotic, dynamic, but very stressful.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon

A person who has Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Capricorn sign is the emotionally gentle one and committed person who has the tendency to act reserved, closed. But his lovers also must know one thing, and this may be the lover who knows how to listen and help, he can be very supportive of his lovers.

So, he can be an amazing match for someone who loves family, home, who is also gentle and sensual and does not like rudeness.

This could be the only person who is born in the Zodiac sign Cancer.

What is common for these two love birds is their mutual respect for family and traditional values; they are very similar in this way. Thus, with this combination of lovers, often is present, the mutual need for building a stable family can contribute to strengthening their mutual closeness.

These two can truly keep quality and harmonious balance in a love relationship, and will most certainly have an amazing family with many children if possible.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

This is one friend that will understand you, and that will be there if you need help and support, this is for sure; the person with such luminary position can feel people (his friends) and can also give them reasonable advice with the sole purpose to make their lives better.

He is the person who has very strong intuition and also strong thoughts, and he is the one among your friends who is an excellent psychologist.

Even more, this is the person who can be very popular in the public because he has an understanding for others, he is very smart.

One more amazing thing is that this human being will never ever interfere with things that do not concern him directly, and if his friends do not want to talk about one topic, he will never push them to speak of it.

He is patient, and an amazing friend to people who are rejected from the society, he is a sanctuary for all those problematic human beings who need both support and loving word. He can provide them with both.


These two things (aspects, one, the Sun located in Pisces sign, and the other the Moon positioned in Capricorn) look contradictory, but that’s only at first glance, things are much more complex and deep than this.

There is, undoubtedly, the coldness of the Capricorn, but it is not alone, it is combined with deep sensitivity and receptivity that comes from the Sun’s location.

Depending on the case, this person is either very rigid under a flexible glimpse or is psychologically very elastic under a rigid look that he presents to the public.

In the end, to sum up, we can say that this is a person who cannot always correctly express what he feels, but he has real generosity and a deep need to be useful in life (in any way he can, to people, in his workplace, etc.).

He is also a great opportunist who can use the chances that come in his way, he has a strong mind, and he is usually not noticed for this, but he takes his advantage out of the game and defends his interests as firmly as he can until he reaches his goal.


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