Midheaven in Pisces

Although the most appropriate professions for people according to their sign are always described, deducing that they should feel more fulfilled by being working in an activity that, in theory, is related to their essence, the truth is that this approach is subtly wrong.

Indeed, many professions reflect the nature of the signs and it is correct to take them into account when wanting to define a work future, the problem here is that the professions and work activities indicated respond better to the sign that the person has in the Middle Sky of his letter astral and not the sun sign (the sign in which it is born).

the time of birth determines several sensitive points within the astral chart, including the sign where the Midheaven (MC) falls, which corresponds, among other things, to the area dedicated to providing a broad social framework within which the person will seek to be recognized and impact socially in some way, and in today’s society that framework is provided by the profession that is chosen or the type of work that is performed.

From this perspective, the professions and work activities described for the signs are valid, but they are for when the sign in the Midheaven of the astral chart is known and considered and not the sign to which the person belongs.

Midheaven in Pisces Man

A man born in the sign of Pisces is a persistent and determined man. He really knows how to be at the height of every task that life puts him into. He is always resourceful and has “no winter” for him. He carefully watches, calculates and balances his efforts.

Rarely when does one sin, and when one does not despair, but by an accelerated principle it causes the error to be corrected.

This is one of the male representatives who is extremely rarely prone to depression. Depression in male Pisces is an impossible mission. Some theories say that this is due to high optimism but also resourcefulness, so they almost always see a way out.

They are impatient by nature, and would like everything now and immediately, but they always manage to wait for that right time to come and produce good results. They tend to always want better and more, so whatever the condition, they may be dissatisfied, but that gives them ambition.

When it comes to love, they can project instability. They can be jealous, but they also cause jealousy, most often for a reason. If you want to win a man born in Pisces, be innovative, imaginative, different, but also fashionable.

They do not like the old rules, thinking, because they are people who are facing the future. They are very creative and love to do art. They have a gift for “everything done with their hands.” They can be very good athletes, and if they choose to play sports, they will develop a tough “one who can’t lose” character.

Presented with two Pisces, the Pisces man is the last sign in the Zodiac. The Pisces-born man possesses almost all the characteristics that many of the major zodiac signs have.

The Pisces man is generous and non-alien. His spirit is the real realm of emotions and that is what puts this man in the spotlight. Emotions are what define a man born in Pisces.

This emphasis on his sentimentality also means that the man born of Pisces is very intuitive and able to sense what others think or feel almost telepathically. The Pisces man is adorned with a great deal of empathy.

When you talk to a man born in Pisces, you will often feel like you are talking to someone who lives in two different worlds. Half his mind will be in this one and a half in another world.

The seeming world of dreams, shadows and secrets is quite justified for Pisces when it comes to their experience of reality. Ideals, ideas and imagination are more prevalent in the Pisces man than the usual material reality. This inner world of the Pisces man makes him mysterious and enigmatic to many people.

It is very difficult for a man born of Pisces to express what he really thinks or feels and does not reveal his secrets lightly.

A man born in Pisces is often a wonderful gold Pisces and a predator shark at the same time, so the sign of two Pisces actually indicates a dual side of his personality. Presented with its element water, it is fluid and laid back, always floating with electricity and going with its flow. This relaxed approach often conceals deeper emotions.

Calm and calm, a man born of Pisces often hides the passionate side of his nature and inner turmoil. The Pisces man has a strong and exuberant imagination, expressing his thoughts through writing, dance or songs. Outstanding and creative, a Pisces-born man often makes top achievements in the art world.

Midheaven in Pisces Woman

Her mission in this world is to help others. She is extremely sensitive to the needs of others – in today’s world of taking it is more important to give – but does not allow anyone to take advantage of her kindness and eternal willingness to help. At first glance, it seems calm, but inside it hides a great passion and sensitivity.

She curiously observes and analyzes everything that is happening around her, but also what is happening in people, and she is seeking deeper meaning in everything.

Spiritual life without Pisces is unthinkable. She is the greatest dreamer in the zodiac, and from reality she is able to quickly escape into her own daydream world in which anyone can wish. Some find it to run away from problems; others believe she has simply found a creative way to deal with problems.

Nothing else gives a woman a greater sense of completeness than when she is in love. She is shy by nature and does not mind having a dominant partner that is, being “submissive”. She is most fortunate to please her loved one.

The secret Pisces weapon in seduction is that it seems inaccessible and reserved because it knows that it will act so mysteriously and make its suitor want more. She is a pacifist and loves a relaxed love affair where there is no need for quarrels and quarrels.

Her ideal partner is one who inspires, protects and, when necessary, lowers her from her imagination. She is generous both emotionally and sexually and even in bed she loves to please her partner. Her passion will be further inflamed by candles, petals on the bed, sensual music, or anything that will contribute to the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Good Traits

The tendency to be patient and to flow with the rhythm of the universe is characteristic of this position of the MC. They have a sharp internal clock that tells them what they should and should not do. They can “smell” almost the rhythm that leads or should lead a process or a project.

They have a certain mediumship that can lead them to present what events will come to them in the future. This can destabilize them if spiritual growth has not been enough. In this MC there are two special themes: the search for simplicity and austerity, also compassion.

There is also a great inclination in them towards all manifestations of art.

There would be deep in these natives the desire to lead a simple life, to manage with simple resources and to simply achieve personal and inner contentment. Philosophy and religion are fields in which they can easily enter, the ultimate meaning of Pisces is to understand polarity and the whole.

The excessive sensitivity that during adolescence may have been painful and exclusive is presented at maturity as a powerful weapon to understand and achieve deep empathy with other human beings.

Virgo in the IC imposes them never to move away from clarity and discrimination and not forget that their great sensitivity must be at the service of a superior cause. The moment in which the MC in Pisces achieves its greatest clarity is when it can be opened with great compassion to others. There he deeply understands the meaning of his life.

At work level, it indicates all professions linked to music, dance, acting, cinema, advertising, viticulture, gas, chemical products, maritime activities, healing and rehabilitation activities of drug addicts and alcoholics. Social work or assistance programs are also grouped under this MC or the Neptune regency.

Bad Traits

This sign is the largest zodiac rug. Pisces are attracted to losers. When things get worse, they are grabbing for drugs, alcohol, religion or food. They tend to escape the reality of life and love to wear pink glasses.

They are romantic and probably have a tender heartbroken many times. They usually only see the good in others and are so easily fooled. They are very emotional and there is no doubt that their friends behind them call them Whiners. Even their grandmother is probably tired of their constant chatter.

They have no idea about practical issues and are completely unsettled which means their life is in total chaos. They hear voices so they can be clairvoyant. Or psychopaths!

They are sacrificed to the point of masochism and touch them all to the heart, a homeless person who wants to take a shower with them or an acquaintance who wants to borrow a large sum of money.

Tragedy deeply touches them, so they are literally looking for it. They are generous and do not engage in materialism, so they will often be exploited for money. They are very gracious and easy to waste money on.

Their moods range from euphoria to complete misery in just minutes. They are hypersensitive and pick up someone else’s mood like a sponge. It’s really easy to make fools of them!

Midheaven in Pisces – General Info

We reach the end of the special about the Midheaven and how our astral card influences, we will close with the MC in the sign of Pisces, typical of sensitive, intuitive people with an impressive creative power.

These natives with idealists and always have big plans, however, the execution part gives them some problems by being too “blown up” sometimes, so practicality is their task to perform in this life.

These people may seem variable and incoherent, but in their internal world, everything has an order and an end, how they transmit it or materialize it can vary but they always have something to do.

The expression is necessary for these people, so careers that have to do with freedom to do things are their thing: literature, design or engineering (where they can innovate and propose new ways of doing things).

With the Midheaven in Pisces the individual will always go to his intellect and intuition to solve the most difficult problems.

Pisceans easily get involved in the things that interest them and become so committed to it that it is difficult to get them out of that obsession.

Being a public figure does not appeal to them, rather working behind the scenes and receiving admiration for their work in a symbolic way is more appreciated.

They like to explore options of the same interest, that’s why we talk about a certain polarity: they range from minimal effort or curiosity to maximum obsession and dedication, all depending on your mood.

The middle sky in Pisces is introverted and incompetent by their coworkers or colleagues, many times, for that visionary world that they have inside and dare to show, they are very advanced for their time and one of their tasks is to learn to communicate what they feel, without assuming that the world must understand everything they say.

She is ready to tell her partner what she thinks in person, she strives to give her support and support in everything and in return she expects teamwork, life friendship, respect and trust.

So in front of you is a woman who is everything and yet nothing. Everything – because everything you always wanted to have is nothing – because you can never really have it. It escapes you like a mermaid, seductively inviting you to sink to the bottom of the ocean instead of sailing around like a Titanic.


Medium Coeli in Pisces in a natal chart often indicates that a person sometimes takes a too personal attitude towards work and cannot completely separate his or her private life from work.

The planet that rules this Middle of the Sky is Neptune. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Virgo which indicates that a person loves neatness and cleanliness in his home and only then can he feel completely safe and relaxed. In addition, more frequent relocations are possible.


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