Kangaroo – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Kangaroos are mammals that inhabit only one part of our planet, and that is the Australian continent.

Since they are indigenous to the Australian continent, Europeans never had a chance to see these amazing creatures in person.

Kangaroo symbolism was made only in this part of the world and from there it was transferred to other countries of the world.

Their symbolism was highly influenced by their unusual appearance that is completely different from any other mammal on the globe.

Kangaroo traits and characteristics

Strength – even though they look innocent at first kangaroos are extremely strong. Their front legs have claws that can cause a lot of damage to their enemies. Their back feet are extremely strong since they have to jump in order to move. Kangaroos can jump and kick their enemies causing them a lot of pain.

Speed – Kangaroos can be really fast. They don’t walk and the only way to move around is jumping. Because of this they can cover a lot of ground just as any other fast animal.

Aggressive – Kangaroos can be very aggressive especially if they are protecting their young ones and territory. So as long as we stay a bit further away from them, they won’t have a reason to attack us.

Kangaroo as a totem

As totems kangaroos are symbols for many things. People born under this totem are very tough on the outside. This means they can look like they are unreachable, but once you pass this tough outside there is a warm heart inside.

They feel like they need to be this way in order to protect themselves from other people and to protect their emotions. It is hard for them to open up to others so finding love can be a little bit of a challenge for them.

They usually have a lot of partners but they rarely stay in long and committed relationships.

Although finding a fitting partner can be hard for them, once they do, they are committed for life. Any kind of betrayal from this person would definitely be the end of the world for these people, so they are very careful about choices they make.

People born under this totem are also very active. They love doing sports and moving around. This helps them feel alive and any kind of physical activity is necessary in their life.

People born under the kangaroo totem are fast and they have a lot of stamina. They are born athletes who enjoy spending every moment they have being outdoors and exercising.

Kangaroo people are very adaptable to new situations. Their minds and bodies are strong enough to handle any kind of pressure or stress caused by sudden events.

They rarely show emotions and feelings to other people, so if something is bothering them they won’t complain about it to everyone.

You will recognize these people by their fast walk and fast decision making abilities. They don’t waste time on thinking too much about the consequences because they like to see the action happening as soon as possible.

This kind of active life is something they are used to since their birth and it remains so until old age.

Underneath all of this rough and almost cold exterior, lies a kind and loving person who is going to be there for you whenever you need it.

Once you break through their shields and gain their trust, kangaroo people are going to protect you like they would protect themselves.

They are very caring and nurturing when it comes to their children and families. Maternal instincts of these people make them go great lengths for their offspring and nothing is more important to them than raising a family. These people love having large families with lots of kids.

Kangaroo people are at first glance tough and strong people. They rarely give us any sign of remorse or emotion.

But, once we get to know them truly we are going to realize that they are just as vulnerable and loving as any other person and we will definitely gain a friend or a partner for life.

Kangaroo as a symbol in a dream

Kangaroos in our dreams can have different symbolic meanings. If you saw a kangaroo in your dream then this dream is a representation of success that is coming your way. Something you have been working on is going to bring you a lot of profit and success so this is a good period to stay productive.

If you saw a kangaroo in the zoo, then this dream is a representation of your feelings. You feel like you are trapped on your work place or in your relationship and you don’t know how to get out. Things are not the way you want them to be but change still looks unreachable.

If kangaroo in your dream was carrying a baby in its pouch, then this dream represents your maternal desire. If you have children of your own, dream might be a warning sign that your children need you to be present more in their lives. If you don’t have children, then maybe your maternal instinct has awakened and you finally feel ready to become a mother.

Dreams about jumping kangaroos are representations of travels. Perhaps you are going to set off for an interesting journey you have been dreaming about for a while.

Overall, kangaroos in your dreams are symbols for success, maternal desires and financial gain.

Kangaroo as a symbol in different cultures

Like I mentioned earlier, kangaroos are indigenous to the Australian continent. This means other cultures of the world were depraved f the chance to see kangaroos and develop their own personal symbolism.

Kangaroos are symbols of Australia together with few other indigenous animals.

However, kangaroos didn’t receive this position easily. Tribes that lived in Australia hundreds of years ago both worshiped and feared the kangaroos. They were first considered to be noxious animals that damage crops and cause damage to people in general.  The first time kangaroos were used as a symbol of Australia was in 1908 in the Australian coat of arms.

Today things are very different. Kangaroos are the most popular symbol of Australia. Statues, coat of arms, logos and mascots are everywhere you go. Tourists from all around the world come to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

Europeans first encountered kangaroos in 18th century when one specimen landed in England. Since Europeans didn’t have a chance to see these unusual animals, kangaroos became quite an attraction.

Today we can see kangaroos in Zoos around the world but their popularity is still present. Kangaroos have been featured in many popular TV shows and movies and only some of them are: Kangaroo Jack, Welcome to Woop Woop, Wake in Fright, Kiko the Kangaroo and many others.

Kangaroo tattoos are representations of maternity, strength, active lifestyle and confidence. Many people get them in order to express their personalities and unique symbolism that of the kangaroo.

Since their discovery by the Europeans, kangaroo’s popularity spread around the world but it still remained to be a recognizable symbol of Australia. Kangaroo symbolism might be developed in Australia but from there we accepted it and implemented it in our own cultures.


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