Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Each and every section in the Zodiac shows, or as some like to say it, provides energy for the people who are born in that part of the Zodiac, and their names are in these sense good descriptions of their characteristics.

So, for example, the Taurus or the Bull is definitely a person who has the physical strength and it also the one that has very stubborn and likes safety.

It is said that many years ago, in the moments when Astrology just started its journey; astrologers used the names of animals, people, and objects to express this spirit.

But the main part, then and now also remain – the luminaries were the most relevant part of the horoscope, the Sun as its position in the time of the birth, and the Moon as the counterpart, the other part of the same picture.

We are looking in the example of the person who has Sun located in Aquarius sign and the Moon in the Gemini sign – we will tell you right now that this combination reflects activity and movement in itself.

Good Traits

Here we encounter a very independent person and original being who is very much engaged in communication. His usual good mood makes him visibly sociable and radiates such a feeling of diversity that his environment is often found to be found and altered. This comes as a consequence of his influence on his environment.

He has some form of cute and polished personality, but also the one that does not forget to be the attorney of personal liberty and who do not know about other restrictions other than those she has set up for himself.

This is the person who truly believes that he can do whatever he wants and that nothing can stop him in that process.

Some say that this person is, in fact, the one that is a super-intellectual, the person who has vivid and clear intelligence, along with the character’s flexibility.

This is the person who shows immense interest in others and shows the gift of psychological observation -as the main tools of social adaptability. He likes to confront his own personal conceptions with the light that his surroundings or his experiences bring him. He knows to stay awake for everything that can enrich his personality in a unique sense.

Bad Traits

He is one person who likes to grow and develop in many ways, but this process often put him at the edge of the community in which he lives in and is not always well received by his closest ones.

And this is the moment when he decides that the solitude is the only way to have what he wants; he goes his own way, with the stubbornness of the one who knows that no one can run to his place.

It often happens to him, in the course of advancement, to open new roads, but he is the only one that walks those roads, and he feels that he is so lonely and that the changes that he wants to imprint in the society are worthless.

He is often a target of jealousy and “evil” people who want to take something away from him, like his ideas for example, etc. He is in a constant struggle because of this, but the good news is that he does not give, and often times he does not care what others think of him.

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon in Love

As we have said in the previous sections, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Gemini signs is not always accepted and welcomed in this environment, and occasionally he has a feeling of pressure that will never find true love.

So, regardless of his emotions, this is the person who will rarely or never have complete acceptance. And the fact that makes things even worse is the fact that he is often involved in this work primarily, and in this sense, he possesses an extraordinary inner sense and knows how to recognise priorities.

Love is certainly not on the top of them, and love is often far from him, right until he finishes his work.

He likes to have active and always well-off people besides himself; this person is especially badly feeling next to more passive and slower people.

He feels the best when he can be with someone who is fast and active, and who can follow, so in him, emotions develop slow, but when they do, they last long, and are very passionate.

It is, in some ways very surprising, how a person who does not want to be attached and romantically involved with someone, has the need to be one and only lover when he feels like it, and even more, the interesting thing is that he may even be a bit possessive.

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon in a Relationship

In a relationship, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Gemini sign is fun, lively, and restless even. Social contact with people is very important to this human being, and it is really interesting to see how this person communicates with people who are around him.

The ease with which he communicates is incredible, even more, this human has the ability to manipulate with a few things or people at the same time, and that does not confuse him at all. He may seem like the distant one or the person who can be confused with ease, but this is not the truth – he will more likely manipulate others.

What is really important for this human being to realise in his love life is that his variability depends on his subsequent, often more wise thinking, so he needs to learn to concentrate, not to act impulsively.

Sometimes he can be ruthless in a sense that he does not always fulfill what he had promised. Since he is one amazing lover who is very capable, witty, partners forgive the superficial line that he has, even when deeply in love.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon

This is the person who can idealise himself, and the things he can provide for his loved one, and this is often for a reason.

A person who has such luminary position often finds lovers far from the place of his birth, and he does not have judgments in choosing lovers he can become problematic when he chooses long term lovers.

He chooses those who are on his level, whatever that may be, emotional or spiritual, that has to be the person who is an extremely successful person and has the quality of emotions.

His perfect match would be someone who draws attention to himself, and who has great social flexibility, and this place belongs to the lover who is born in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

When this two fall in love, there is enough love to equally to preserve their freedom so that this loving couple can be easier to gain a good understanding in this regard.

These two are very open in communication, which can be beneficial when it comes to getting to know each other, because these people do not usually pose a problem to openly communicate in a clear way in the right light, which is important when making the first contact, because there is no such danger of unpleasant silence when I get to know each other.

When you look at them, these two shows most often cheerful, communicative, well-liked, spontaneous, non-shameless, proud people; and lovers who enjoy relaxing times spend together, and they enjoy their moments together.

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon as a Friend

This is the person who thanks to the elasticity of character and skill to adapt to the behavior of the environment has many friends in this regard. He finds them everywhere and is often surrounded with many people who are near him, but if we ask you how many real friends he has, the ones that will never leave him, and who will be by his side for a long time, we would say, very few.

So, as we have said before, the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Gemini signs can be the target of his environment, and often attracts people who secretly want to be him, but they cannot so they hate him.

All of this does not mean that he has to give up his deep personality and radically questioning his views.

He can be extremely irritable for those few who are close to him, and he is constantly on the move, but what attracts his friends is the fact that he is very interested in others lives and he everything surprises him.

The lack of patience will make his life turbulent and full of change, but the good thing is that he will always be a young spirit and will build a new world every day. His friends must respect this ability and are often intrigued by it, and they want to be a part of this world.


Some say that this combination has the genius that comes from the Sun in Aquarius and the elasticity and communication skills that comes from the Moons location in the Gemini, so the person who has these positions finds some balance in this combination.

One more thing must be said here and remembered well, and this is a luminary combination that is regularly on the verge of collapse: both influences continuously seek the possibility of spreading to the account of the other. Sometimes the clear intellect overcomes utopias and the irrational world that he lives in, from which he draws her strength.


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