Virgo Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Luminaries are mentioned so much in so many articles related to the medicine, physiology, etc. – there is virtually not any part of human life and any science that does not have these two somewhere in the middle.

But maybe the most noticeable, the mention of the Sun and Moon is the essential part of the Astrology.

In the Astrology, the Sun and the Moon take the important place, besides the planets. It is said that the planets reveal so much about the person, but in fact, the Luminaries are the ones that take the leading role in the case of the natal chart, since the entire actions in the horoscope evolve around the Sun and the Moon.

So, in today’s case, we are looking into the actions that people who have Sun in the Virgo sign and the Moon in the Taurus sign. What does this mean when we look at the character and personality of this human being?

Many people say that this person has one of the best combinations of luminaries that can be found in the Virgo sign so that you can read all about this topic.

Good Traits

This is a person who, without a lot of noise and trouble, quietly can gain true independence in his life; he is the one who fully understands the values and difficulties of real life and has the sense of achieving realistic goals. And those goals for this human being are safety and comfort, where he can “hide” and enjoy in his life as he sees it.

The Moon that is located in the Taurus sign gives the ability that this human can create a solid social and material position – which, however, does not prevent him from maximally developing his feelings and offering others the best part of himself, and he has so many amazing qualities.

Among them – he is the person who has a lot of hidden power and energy – some of that energy even he does not know to have, and it reveals later in life, and others are familiar but need to be awakened.

He is never seen as a brilliant person, but the one that is patient and who knows his own values in life; so when we look at his life in total, we could say that he will most certainly be successful.

This human can even show some stubbornness in the desire to live the way he sees that is the best; however, when he moves into action, he is able to tilt everything in his path, removing those who create disturbances of any kind.

This self-defense principle has a relatively limited territory, and a person with these luminaries in his personal chart is ready to do everything to ensure security in the area that belongs to him.

Bad Traits

Here, we are talking about the person who has luminaries located in the Virgo and Taurus combination, and this means that he is inclined to self-control, methodical work and avoiding adventure. And it is true that this attitude will keep him from the risks and blows of life, but will threaten to close the monotony from which he will not seek the exit because he does not mind.

He likes to be safe and to feel that he has stability in his life; he cherishes that feeling most of all. But, we must say one more thing – you cannot grow unless you feel pain and discomfort. And this person stubbornly avoids all situations that are like this, and for this behavior he can be stuck for a long time in one place, even if it has many qualities.

Having said all this, we also must say that this is the person who can regret because of all that he missed out in his, especially in his old age. He can feel the bitterness because he did not use all that life provides, which did not venture into the risk of this or that occasion.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon in Love

When it comes to his emotional life, he also behaves like this, he avoids insecure situations, and then he ensures himself that he did the best that he could, since he avoided the worst case scenario. But how can you gain any experience in life and love, if you do not have any experience at all?

These deeds sometimes disturb the environment that he is in, and in his youth, this human being can be tormented with shyness and caution that can lead to the situation that he avoids entering any emotional relations.

It happens that temptations are a little hardened, but then he can be shut down and escape from society because he loves the mild warmth of family life.

So, for him, love and personal relations are not an easy task, and this is the person who can struggle in this area, but we are not saying that things in his love life are without a perspective.

This combination also brings one very emotionally cautious and maybe a little harder to conquer human, but also the one that succeeds in conceals his shyness well. People can see him as the person who is mysterious or dark, maybe moody, but in fact, this human is very shy.

He has enough patience for the people he loves, but he loves to be dominant in his home and to control the closest. This person also loves emotional surprises and likes to be always ready for the situation.

He often analyses his love life, and he needs more time to relax – not all things need to be so serious. Love and fun, enjoyment and sensual pleasures especially should not be so serious, and this person must realise this as soon as possible.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

Having said all this, you probably see this human as the one that cannot be in love and have a relationship, and this is not a truth. In fact, his emotional life is slightly warmer than in some other Virgo people. And the two things that are most important for this human being in a relationship are loyalty and stability. He must have both of them if he has the smallest chance to enjoy love – his lover must provide him with the two.

Relations with people are based on strong feelings, although he can be a little shyer when he should show his emotions.

When in love and in a relationship with the person of his choice, this individual is comfortably placed in the fullness of bodily pleasures, and with his loved one he slowly shares dreams, digesting reality peacefully, and then, progressively or not, he releases passions.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Taurus Moon

There is no doubt that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Taurus combination has a natural beauty, and his access to people is with modesty and simplicity. He has one mental and protective energy and a strong focus on family comfort that he cherish the most.

In his case, the love connection must be a sign of a strong, platonic relationship followed by a strong physical charge. But also in his case, this is connected to a strong struggle, even when this connection is strong.

Maybe this place belongs to the person who is born in the Pisces sign- the one that will properly hear his creative signals and support him in the upcoming changes. Pisces lover will give anything to love, and it should be seen as a lover that is so intuitive, sensible, romantic, and intense.

As a lover, the Pisces partner is a perfect match since he is very passionate and imaginative. He can be a very gentle and romantic person who loves his family and home -the trait that our candidate looks for. His only problem is when he falls in some kind of depressive state.

All in all, this combination will bring moments of real and true happiness to the person who has Sun and Moon in Leo and Taurus.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

Even in friendship, this is a human being who, just like in love, is a solid friend to whom you can count on in every situation, and in return he expects loyalty.

His friends love them, because of their realistic, very objective view of life, but especially great optimism in difficult moments -who would not want this friend.

What also needs to be said that he knows (and succeeds) in having very intimate and devoted friends, although he also has oscillations in searching and coming to the right friends.

Sometimes he can make a bad judgment in the choice of his friends.


At the end of this piece, we will say that the person who has such position of Luminaries in his personal horoscope could be considered to be fortunate, since the combination of the two signs, the Earth (the Moon in the Taurus and the Sun in the Virgo) – all of this makes this person very positive, and practical, the one that is orderly and has stable nature.

All things that is important for personal growth in life.

Also, this is the person who has very pragmatic spirit, and even more, he confirms and a strong inclination to classifications and categorisations of things, beings and events, as well as a pronounced sense of adaptation to everyday life, is observed.

Security is very important to this person – he is focused on having a roof over the head, emotional security, etc. And, in the end, he invests a lot of energy into the future of their family and friends.


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