Visiting Temple – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Regardless of your personal attitude toward faith, and whether you are a believer or not, we could agree that church and temples as holy places carry significant strength.

We could also say that in real life and also as the dream symbol, the temple symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and the forgiveness of sins.

As such, it is a common dream among people, those who have sinned and those who need forgiveness.

We must say that in the majority of cases, such a dream speaks that it is about time to start changing something in your life, and in the next few rows you can find out exactly what it means.

The Meaning of a Dream about Visiting Temple

If the temple you are visiting is empty, in that case, such a dream signifies that you could become a part of the discussion where you will defend your views till the end. It shows the strength of your character and your will.

If you are just thinking to visit the temple in your dream, but you are not going to do that, or you do not see that part in a dream, it indicates that someone wants to prevent you from going to a place that means a lot to you.

If you are visiting the temple that you have built, such a dream is an indication of your wealth.

You are guided by the saying that every man reaps what he sows, and for that reason, you strive to create something that has not only material value. You treat the people in your environment the way you would like them to treat you.

If you are visiting the temple and you want to pray, such a dream implies that your desires will be fulfilled very soon.

If you are visiting the temple and this is not the first time you are going there, such a dream means that you are the type of person who needs comfort.

You are probably often lonely and would love to have someone you can trust with all your secrets.

If you are visiting the temple and it is gone, not in the place you have remembered it once was, such a dream speaks about the panic that you have. Maybe you made a decision that turned out to be not quite right, so you’re thinking about the consequences of it all.

If you are going with other people to visit the temple, such a dream means that you will find yourself in an unenviable position.

It is possible that you will witness great injustice, but you will not be able to do anything to prevent it. You are, by nature, a very apathetic person, and injustice drives you a lot.

So it will be difficult for you to accept that your hands were tied.

If you are going to the temple, and you want to help build it, such dream means that your subconscious warns you to get rid of black thoughts as soon as possible.

You are too negative, and you have allowed fear to take over your daily life. You should relax and devote your time to the things that fulfill you. In the long run, negative thinking can do no good.

If the temple you are visiting looks like your own home, such a dream means that you will have a quarrel with a loved one. You probably have been “sparking” for a while, but you’re both trying to hide it.

However, the problem will culminate, so in a fit of anger, you will say something that you may later repent of.

If in a dream that you have the temple is high on the mountains, such a dream implies that you will be disappointed in your friends. You will ask for their help, but they will not be able to find you at hand. You will take this as a betrayal because you feel that you have “indebted” them in some way to your actions.

If the temple you are visiting looks “cursed” such a dream implies that you are dealing with the trauma from the past does not allow you to live normally and relaxed. Whatever you do, you keep coming back to it.

You are often depressed and sad, so you do not allow yourself to see the beautiful things that are happening to you. It is time to leave the past behind and to look at the future much more positively than you have before.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Visiting Temple

So the symbolism of the temple in a dream is clear – when this is the main motive in a dream, it symbolizes your need to purify yourself and turn to God spiritually.

It is also possible that you are very hesitant and uncertain about some of your beliefs and principles.

If the temple that you want to visit in a dream is far away, it symbolizes that you will experience some disappointment and that you will encounter obstacles in achieving your goal.

Also, if the temple is not the dominant motive in your dream, it can be a symbol that you are feeling rather insecure and not satisfied with the results you have achieved so far in some segment of life.

If the temple you are visiting is empty and dark, such a dream indicates that you will experience difficult moments in an emotional state.

If the temple from your dream is filled with the people, it could indicate significant spiritual progress and that the future period would be filled with peace and prosperity.

If you are visiting the temple with an idea to worship, such a dream is the symbol of the spiritual advice to help you solve some important life problems.

If the temple you are visiting in your dream is demolished, such a dream symbolizes your doubts, you are asking yourself, do you still believe in something in your life.

Do I have to be worried?

This is one dream that is very important, it could speak of some very serious things in your life, and one of them is the idea that you want to redeem yourself for the mistake you have made in the past, but people in your area will not consider it a good idea.

They will advise you to act as if nothing has happened and put your reputation at risk. You will find yourself in a big moral dilemma, and you will have to make your own decision as well as accept its consequences.

In the coming period, it is quite possible that events in your life will start at your convenience. You will have favorable conditions to put your plans into action and make the best of it. You will be pleased with the success of both your private and business plan.

In some cases, this is the dream that speaks of other people who are present in your life, and they will give you the strength to deal with the problem, but it will leave a “bitter taste in your mouth”, and you will no longer see some friends with the same eyes.

In the upcoming period, you will probably think you are late for big decisions and moves, and it seems like some dreams will never come true.

However, you should start working on it. If you don’t try, you can’t tell if something is possible or not. Much depends on you; do not let the fear of failure stop you.

What to do if I had this dream?

So, as you could probably see, the temple in a dream world most often indicate that you need help and that you subconsciously feel guilty about something you have done in your life. It would be a good idea to discover what gives you the feeling of guilt, to leave the past behind and move on.

The meaning of dreams about the temple also depends on how you dream about it. Try to remember as much detail as possible so that you can interpret the dream in the right way.

It’s probably best to take the advice of a loved one and let the time do its thing. Given that there is no crying for spilt milk, it is not worth eating for it.

Make sure you turn to things you can influence; otherwise you could still miss a lot of good opportunities.


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