1118 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

There can be no arguing that since the ancient times, when people used numbers, they recognise the potential that is behind numbers, and there has been, since that time, a recognition of the essential topics that belonged to individual numbers, usually from number 1 to number 9, but this later on expanded on 0, and the combination of numbers (the same process has been using in Angel numerology, and Angel therapy, where all numbers have a special meaning and affect one part of human life).

Depending on your own, personal vibration, each number has engaged in creating the reality that surrounds us and at the same time that has provided the possibility of its conversion -this is the main issue, to change and to alter things that are not good, or in some sense, they are not good enough.

And in the end, we will mention one more amazing thing that comes from the Pythagoras time – that there are three manifestations of the Divine nature of numbers, like sound and color.

Their combinations come to the concrete material forms and the entire physical world, and if we know this, we can find out what these numbers mean to us and what kind of vibration they are providing to you.

Everything that exists within itself is characterised by the accompanying symbols that parallelise the construction of the image we live and the path to eventual freedom and overall wellbeing.

Today we are looking into the world of Angel number 1118, along with all of its traits that affect human life.

Angel number 1118 General meaning

You are naturally talented for life, you know how to live it and enjoy it, and you can be unlucky in the eyes of some other people, and you should learn the wisdom of learning some lessons, like think twice before you do some actions that you do.

Sometimes you can enter a phase where you make a much more problem than good for you and the others that are in your environment, so you need to be extra careful – such events push you in the wrong direction.

Some activities that happen to you while you are young and hurry where “Angels are afraid to go”, you will have a lot of time to repent in freedom – but this can be a good lesson for your future development in life.

You can be successful at work, and you should believe in your instincts in love and other relationships with people, this can be very important for your future growth and development, do not neglect them, ever.

Develop accuracy and precision, know what you want and how to get there, because you tend to be messy in doing things, you tend to start many different projects, and never finish them. It is not enough to want some things, the things that you have a talent for.

Learn to use the opportunities that appear to you, as they usually do not appear twice. It is always recommended for you to become a person who can use opportunities in life, and those who will come to your path will be unique. You are blessed with such opportunities, but there is no assurance that you will use them according to the Divine plan.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Triple number 1 that appears in this numerical sequence shows the substantial impact of the primary vibration that has qualities that are measured only by their spiritual quality, and just the fact that we can see three numeral one.

It is the number that is connected to the beginning of the spiritual and every other journey in the life of an individual. But number 8 as a contrast in some way, endless and diverse energy that depicts this number is also relevant to mention in this case.

We are talking about the number that can provide misleading aspects in the world of the people, and they can go of their road. Even if the triple one is strong, sometimes, and for some people, number 8 can be even stronger.

In the previous sections, we spoke about the possibility for every earthly creature to miss his correct path, and to stay on the wrong path for a long time, and number 8 gives this vibration.

In the realms of Angel numerology, we must say that Angel message that is created from these two particles; it brings an energy boost and clear sight for the hard road that is in front of you.

Number 1118 in Love

Carrying and being in love are the greatest things in life, and Love is the feeling that moves us in the right direction. But sometimes we do not feel connected and beloved in some Universal sense since we know that love that other human being can give us, will pass, and we feel all alone.

We all want to feel it, regularly, without interruption when we sit down, to have deep contact and concentrated attention – I am then in the sky, and then you truly belong to that other realm, where the sense of love is constant.

That Love is not just a feeling or the repetition of those feelings, it something much more, it is the power that rules the Universe, connected to other virtues.

Here, we are also talking about the time and Angels, and you need to take time to hear their voice and to have time just for them – love is also when you can talk to them about a variety of things, plans, important dates, etc.

They are excellent listeners and want to feel the same in return, Love can come to you through the prayer, and this communication with your Angel is one of them.

So number 1118 speaks of the necessity of loving the Beings that are responsible for Us, on our earthly journey.

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Amazing Facts about Number 1118

One of the most amazing things that are connected to the Angel number 1118 is that it is looking from the perspective of its sum vibration, also compared to number 11, since its sum is 11 (1+1+1+8).

Angel number 11 is a Divine call from the Angel to pay attention to thoughts that can be misleading and problematic. At any moment, your thoughts, emotions and your beliefs play a major role in what is manifested in your life – they are the cause of your actions.

Do not allow negative thinking to get you out of the way. Control yourself, and no one else can do this for you, in the end, you have a free will to do things as you see fit.

Not even your thoughts refocus on what you want and what takes you forward, not what you care about. 1118 is a big reminder to stay positive, or things can go in some negative direction.

Will Angel number 1118 Bring Good Luck to You?

Do not doubt this even for a second, but Angel message 1118 teaches you that you need to live at the present moment because he will once become “the good old days”.

Feel it with all your being, all the atoms of your body, breathe in, listen, smell and live in it every day, all your life – this means to be connected with Divine Love with your all beings, this means that your soul is complete and in the right place.

You will see how much more growth is happening around you than you thought,

Angels are saying in the message 1119. Life is what is now, the moments that are happening all around you, and they are those moments that are bringing you closer to your true nature;

Angel message 1119 brings you a  spark of genuine, authentic happiness, so you can be sure that you are about to feel it in your entire being.


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