Moon Square Jupiter Synastry

In the simplest words, we could describe the synastry as the astrology skill or branch as some like to call it that; that is present and useful if you want to interpret couples’ natal charts; but right away we will tell you that this, not a skill that is reserved for couples only, it is much more than that, it can touch the matters of all personal relations in life, with parents, friends, co-workers, etc.

Also, astrologers say that if you want to know what kind of a lady lover one man wants you should look at his position of the Moon and planet Venus, and in women, we look at the position of the Sun and Mars.

Naturally, this is not given knowledge, cause the preference of potential depends on many other factors, but this could see a guideline, and what is even better is the fact that such analyses give a piece of advice on how to avoid challenges in love and became the best lover.

So, there is no doubt that synastry is one of the most important aspects in astrology, and that there cannot be any horoscope analyses if there is no synastry analyzed and incorporated.

Right away, we must also tell you one thing – you must know that there is no ideal in two comparative horoscopes, people are not perfect as they are, and there cannot be a perfect match.

But there can be a sustainable and loving relationship between two people, with all of their flaws.

Everything is, and it always has been the process of learning – during life we meet various people who, through their gestures or actions (or words), we always get the message or lesson that we must learn or teach someone else.

Synastry comes useful here since it can tell us whether the partner who is beside us is the bearer of a fateful message, whether the lesson will be difficult, or whether this connection comes as the end of something beautiful.

And in the synastry, we must look at the aspect that is formed between the plants, and in this case, that aspect that sparks our interest is the square position between the Moon and the planet Jupiter.

General Characteristics

If we know that the trigons and sextiles are those aspects that in a personal horoscope indicate love and understanding, while squares always indicate some action that most often ends with a fight (or aggression).

A square can also give a strong sexual appeal, but it can turn into an aggressive passion – everything is possible, and this is the reason why this aspect is called a challenging one, and we will never call it a bad one, rather than the one aspect that brings tests and trials, but it can bring rewards like no other.

What does it mean when someone has an aggressive passion – it is seen in their tendency to dominate, to rule to be in charge, even if that need is driven by the inner shyness (that comes from the Moon)?

In other ways, such a tendency is seen in their clumsiness to show their emotions properly, so they are overly aggressive toward their lovers, but they do not mean anything bad, they are just filled with passionate energy.

Here, the Moon as the celestial object that expresses our sentiments, how we respond to anything that is near us, our subconsciousness and unconscious guides, our growing up, and what is more important it shows how all of this sets a course for life.

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and learning process, and expansion that is set by the curiosity itself. This is the planet that works in the best way where there is a place for growth, it is the planet that seeks for place and time, and only then it could blossom into something beautiful, and the emotions that come from the Moon.

And the thing that connects them, in this case, is the square position that is the aspect that denotes pressure, tightness, anxiety, and education knowledge.

Of course, all of this could be manifested in healthy an unhealthy way, and for many, it is manifested badly, but there is always a space for learning new lessons, and therefore for overcoming such problems.

But, if the other aspect is positive, in that case, we get to see a happy, optimistic and emotional love partnership, all because these people who have this aspect can be like this, but truly.

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions and family life, while Jupiter represents optimism, abundance and happiness.

When your Moon makes a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, goodwill and harmony permeate each other in a relationship.

This means, in real life, that lovers with this aspect will show mutual trust and understanding for each other. People with this aspect are able to extend the emotions of the Moon in a pleasant and engaging way, which is especially important if the person represented by the Moon can be shy about expressing emotions.

This aspect indicates a natural sense of understanding between them and their surroundings, and just for these reasons, this interaction has more of a nature of promoting and maintaining a relationship than creating and initiating one.

They can be confident and gradually overcome any difficulties and progress in the process.

The ultimate expression or energy of this interaction can transcend emotional and physical pleasures.

Some of the famous people adorned with this aspect are Giorgio Armani, Elizabeth Taylor, Philippe Petain, Cher, Mark Twain, Johnny Depp, Dan Wilson, Georges Clemenceau, Bruce Springsteen, Emperor Nero, Joseph Goebbels, Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway.

Good Traits

Astrologers say that this square fall under the category “mild” that it is not such a hard position, and since the planet, Jupiter is there means that the major success is achieved when they are able to lesson leer every day.

These people feel the best when they can learn, where they could inhale new things that life has to offer, and the best match is created when they are able to learn more about their inner life, their soul.

In this way, they could become those who know how to love, and in the end, those who are able to give the best out of themselves to someone.

Persons possessing this aspect have come to this incarnation to learn to enjoy life as well as to develop diplomatic skills. They need to learn to devote themselves to themselves, and it is perfectly fine to spend money on the things they love.

This is an aspect that indicates that they were taught in their early childhood or past life that it was wrong to look at their needs.

Because of this, they have some kind of blockaded whether to devote themselves to themselves and to enjoy the things they love or to focus on other people.

When they learn this lesson that they have come to enjoy and develop diplomatic skills in this life, the blockages I have listed disappear.

Bad Traits

Every square position has that “problematic point”, and for that matter, we must speak of this negativity and its reflection in real life.

So, the inharmonic expression is shyness, since its perception is often influenced by emotions, so these people are more than ready for great sacrifice and suffering for those who do not appreciate it, he can be impractical and because of their high expectations, often depressed.

All of this is put into grandiose measures since here the Moon is under the major impact that comes to the planet Jupiter – this goes on to say about our inner need to spread to worship and enjoy, and above all to understand and help those we love.

At the beginning of this piece, we spoke about how this aspect brings aggressive passions, and the problem here arises when those who are under this aspect (combined with some other, heavy aspects) are not able to deal with it in a healthy manner.

Then everything is under the major question mark, their inner content and their ability to love.

Love Matters

People who have this aspect in their natal charts are often partners who love to (overly) service to others and tend to be subordinate, so they become unhappy in their love connection.

What comes as much worrying aspect is the fact that they already have a problem in showing their emotions, even if they would love to be different, so they are doing everything they see is necessary for the maintenance of a love affair.

Here, the square position here focuses on empathy, forgiveness, unconditional love, but also an illusion, bias, high imagination and even greater expectations.

People with this aspect are very sensitive to other people’s energy, easily absorbing other people’s emotions, which make them extremely adaptable and flexible in social relationships, but they can pay a lot for themselves, especially if they perceive other people’s problems as their own.

In the previous section, we have said that people with this aspect are prone to showing their sentiments aggressively, and this is the space where they have a lot to learn if they want to have a healthy relationship.

There is that inner beat that is making them unable to stop acting in this way, especially when they are madly in love, but there is one more lesson to learn.

Work Matters

The harmonious aspects of these two planets indicate easier and earlier learning of the lessons, and this is seen in their early youth, where they are usually the best students, the ones that are most certainly to succeed in their education and tomorrow work.

But reality can hit them like a hammer, and the real-life is not what they have expected.

Remember, they have come to learn to take care of yourself and not just others! It is perfectly okay to set aside time and money for yourself and your needs what we are saying that they should learn one more lesson, the one that calls them to learn how to enjoy life.

This is also one lesson that should be learned, not just a piece of common knowledge. Their lives, regardless of their talents and skills must not become just a place where they gather a piece of knowledge, but it should become a place where they should use that knowledge, or where they learn by example.

But, often their shyness is the thing that keeps them away from many magnificent experiences.


The square position is very suitable for all to learn as much as we can of people and try never to favor anyone, or criticize others.

And in this sense, it is really important to learn more about the relationships you are nurturing in your life, and have in mind that whatever the nature of the relationship can be, respect that they share thoughts, emotions and energy on one level, and there is certainly a reason for that.

Try to avoid conclusions, such as (there is no chance of realizing this relationship, etc.) because human potential and the drive for change may surprise you.

Do not be shy and try to look beyond what is obvious and you certainly have that capacity inside of you.

For all those who are currently in love, it is advisable not to judge the relationship harshly, because a significant number of negative aspects (such as squares, in this case) appear in comparative horoscopes, it will certainly bring many challenges, but it can also empower a couple.

And it will empower you at the individual level, and this is a staring pong for every change that is in front of you.

On the other hand, don’t let a lot of really positive aspects fool you (it will bring ease and love), but what about the potential for the relationship to survive even in difficult life moments?

On a global level, all of us should be aware that sometimes hardships bring the biggest rewards, and that we should use the square position of Moon and Jupiter to accept this.


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