Pallas in Capricorn

Often simply called “Palas,” this is the second asteroid discovered and the third largest. There are many Palas in mythology.

Some sources say that Palas was Triton’s daughter and Athena’s friend. Palas was killed during the game, and Athena made a wooden statue – the Paladium, which Zeus dropped into Troy where a temple was erected in her honor.

Others say that Palas was an old god associated with Athens.

In this respect, Palas can be interpreted as an indicator of effort, but most often the Palas astrologers interpret it as an indicator of wisdom, intelligence, healing. Palas, along with Vesta influences the Virgin.

Pallas in Capricorn Man

Great pragmatism and strategic sense that favor all activity that requires discipline, planning, knowing how to wait and moderation.

A somewhat conservative and conservative vision of the status quo, as a means of positioning and achieving its objectives.

Great level of strategy at the political and / or business level, making it an excellent planner in these areas.

You may be an advisor to politicians and businessmen, although at some point you may want to use the knowledge gained for your own benefit.

Great coincidence in the vision of the objectives with the father.

Pallas in Capricorn Woman

This person will express all creativity and mental abilities throughout his career by building a stable structure and systems in his business.

In the female horoscope, this position tends to dominate the career progression at the expense not only of her offspring and family, but also of her feminine nature, which she will largely renounce in order to gain business recognition and recognition.

This Palas deeply suppresses emotions by putting on a mask of a bold, ambitious and affectionate person. Within the arts, this Athens will show a fondness for architecture, design and stone processing.

We will also have top scientists here.

This person’s politics will be guardians and defenders of law and order, and will have strong motivation for gaining political authority.

Good Traits

Capricorn makes Palas direct his attention to the structures, bases and supports, conferring both ease of structural perception, as a tendency to become, the native himself, in a key piece in the support or structure of a larger body (it can be the position of architects, sculptors, decorators, designers,).

Similarly, in tasks, realizations and mental processes, there is a tendency to emphasize the dosage and distribution of the energy to be used; in the staggered achievement of objectives, based on those already achieved; in the sense of method and discipline; in the execution and long-term projects, etc.

It is a position that benefits the physical exercise of non-violent, prolonged and sustained efforts, as well as bone and muscle manipulations, massages, cryotherapies and, especially, high mountain sports activities.

In addition, Pallas in Capricorn tends to defend the established order, the institutions and the legal apparatus, or to consider them immovable or intrinsic to the social order.

Bad Traits

They are pessimistic and intolerant of others, and never accept compromises or ever give up their positions; they do not forgive or forget.

Reserved to the maximum, they keep and file wounds and offenses until they have arrived to collect them.

When someone fails them they will be cruel to sadism, especially if the accused does not recognize that he has made a serious mistake and tries to lie.

When they achieve success, they are proud, insulting and only want to humiliate those who knew them in less fortunate situations.

They tend to be pessimistic and face difficult situations, even fatalists; sometimes they find it hard to be generous with others and do favors.

They are not very happy, rather they tend to melancholy; when they suffer from depression they should seek help.

The negative Capricorn woman will have no scruples of any kind as long as she manages to feed her ambitions.

Pallas in Capricorn – General Info

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is governed by the planet Saturn, related to the social plane.

The individual feels part of society and needs to adhere to certain norms while acting responsibly.

People with a strong influence of Capricorn in their natal chart understand perfectly the obligations derived from being part of this society.

They generally adhere to existing norms and regulations and crave social recognition for the work they provide.

They are able to assume responsibilities, focus on what is necessary and essential and work hard.

They are persevering and very patient since they like to focus on long-term projects and fulfill high-ranking roles.

They are delivered, hard workers and endure long periods without achievements or successes in order to achieve what they pursue.

They are also disciplined and like to get to the heart of things, contributing to maintaining social order and structure.

The natives of this sign run the risk of sacrificing their principles in order to reach their goals, being their motto “the end justifies the means”.

Their sense of duty sometimes leads them to disregard other areas of life, which can cause them to develop a severe attitude towards it.

One of the negative aspects of Capricorn is its tendency to worship rules and norms that may overlook alternative solutions to the problems of this society.

They like the traditional and try to preserve those things that they believe have stood the test of time.

Both Capricorn and its opposite sign, Cancer, are interested in the past.

In the case of Cancer, it is about family history, while Capricorn is interested in existing social structures.

Like the other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is a pragmatic sign. Taurus is in comfort, Virgo is in his attitude towards everyday life and Capricorn is in order to advance his social status.

From the quadrature signs with Capricorn, he can learn from Aries the art of being spontaneous and, from Libra, the appreciation for beauty.

They are often excellent in business. They are very protective of their loved ones and their belongings, but they tend to think many things and worry too much.

Sometimes they are stubborn, especially when talking about what they know; they do things with great passion; they have ambition and are disciplined, practical and prudent; He is patient and they are even cautious when necessary.

They have a good sense of humor and are reserved. They demand a lot from their employees, family and friends; but only because they are also demanding of themselves.

They are usually fair people. They are good managers, honest, respectful, demanding and disciplined.

They are great organizers, and usually have some economic ambition. Given their ability to pursue a goal, they often achieve it.

They tend to be reserved with strangers; they have few and good friends, towards those who feel absolute loyalty.

They are very obedient and do not usually ask too many questions when they are ordered something.

They seem born to resist until they reach the proposed goal; they are able to adapt to everything. They are very committed to others.

To dress they are very discreet, and that is why they love classic clothes, dark and sober tones; they are traditionalists and conservatives in their actions.


Their prudence can make them seem quite shy, but they are sociable people.

They are very thoughtful, with great capacity for analysis, but they don’t like surprises or improvisations very much.


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