Midheaven in Sagittarius

People with MC in Sagittarius, motivated by their belief in force majeure, are most pronounced when others have emotions related to religion or the personal experience of God.

They want to break through barriers and open new horizons through teaching and enlightening the rest of the world.

The person with the MC in this sign is the eternal student of life who ultimately learns the most when teaching and mentoring others.

Their contagious pursuit of adventure often serves as an inspiration to others to live today, rather than worrying about tomorrow.

They are most successful when they acquire knowledge through education, travel, and direct experience, and refrain from holding on to the quasi sublime-spiritual attitude.

These individuals have an exceptional gift for publicity and the negative manifestations of this position may be exaggeration, spoilage and hedonism.

Midheaven in Sagittarius Man

A man born in the sign of Sagittarius is a person who is very specific in every sense. He wants progress, and always struggles to be at the top, but the “arrow” he throws is not always understood ideally by the environment.

People can also perceive them as real weirdos, especially if they are not able to express themselves adequately and explain their actions. Therefore, they can simply be misunderstood by their surroundings.

Their ambition is great, they work hard. Perhaps even the best of all zodiac signs have shown transformational skills in business, so they will always be able to find some way to keep everything in order, when it comes to work and earnings, regardless of what it will probably entail to change their profession.

They listen very well to the pulse of the market at all times, think in a business sense, but are also big visionaries. If you want to find out which private business to invest in and make a profit in the coming years, ask a male Sagittarius.

In love, they know what they are trying to do and rarely when they go out of their way, the one they have set out to go.

They certainly strive for stability, but they are never alone, and even when they do not have a very serious relationship, they will strive to strike a balance by using flirting and sometimes adventure.

If you are planning to win a male Sagittarius, be witty, imaginative and show him that you are a reliable person with a strong personality.

Sagittarius love to enjoy everything they do, and are more talented for sports than for the arts, though, when they decide to develop their artistic gift, it is generally a calling for them, and they are not engaged in any additional work other than art.

Midheaven in Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is a “steel lady.” Anything else that would be said for her would most likely not be true. This phrase absolutely fits the description.

A woman born in the sign of Sagittarius is a person who can truly lead in everything. She strives to always be successful, and generally invests a lot in herself, her knowledge, all for the sake of the progress she wants to make.

In every sense, she struggles to achieve beautiful results and her whole life boils down to that. She is smart and seductive and does not hesitate to use her charm for business purposes.

She knows everything very well, she understands everything very well. She has some disadvantages, but she cleverly hides them from the public eye because she absolutely does not want anyone to think that she is someone who needs help.

She is a little harder to adjust and does not like her work in large collectives unless she has a boss position, that is, decision-making power. She enjoys jobs related to economics, money, finance, banking. She can also be a successful lawyer, especially in the field of advocacy.

She is someone who always strives to make a good impression, especially on the people she meets for the first time.

There is no stranger to her and she thinks she can do anything. She chooses men for her partners who are energetically suited to her, and this mostly comes down to some gentle energy men who are willing and willing to follow the pace she imposes.

If you want to win a Sagittarius wife, you need to know that you have started a task that is almost out of the question. You will need to engage all your imagination, knowledge, commitment to succeed.

You will have to do a lot of pretending in order to be comfortable with her and in no way to counter her. She will not stand it, and it is quite certain that you would be dropped from the list of candidates for her partner in that case.

The talents of the Sagittarius woman are mostly reduced to sports, where they can show all their body strength, spirit, but also strength of character. They may be successful in the arts, but they generally choose some strict directions.

Good Traits

Independence is the principle by which Sagittarius are guided, longed for thrills and adventures, and embraces change of arms outstretched. They are philosophers and researchers, they will go to the end of the journey and will explore every corner in their eternal pursuit of wisdom.

Since freedom is very important to them, they will make the decision depending on the amount of freedom it entails, which is why they sometimes miss out on good opportunities, but since it is their choice, it is good for them.

They treat others the way they expect others to treat them and are guided by the “live and let others live” principle. They have a good sense of humor that is sometimes cruelly honest about Sagittarius saying what they think and keeping nothing for themselves.

They don’t like the puzzles in the story because they have a lot to solve, they like directness, which they expect from others. It is the Sagittarius who tell the “painful truth”, but people can always rely on what they say because they know that they always tell the truth. Archers never hide anything.

Everyone loves them. One can only disagree with people who have a strictly organized life. They almost always get late and miss meetings because they look so much forward that they forget about the present.

People need to be tolerant of Sagittarius because they don’t do it on purpose, it’s simply in their nature. If you accept this feature, Sagittarius in your life will make the sun shine stronger.

Sagittarius are born entertainers and speakers. They are full of ideas because of their adventurous life and exciting life experiences. Great storytellers, comedians, writers, philosophers, actors and the list doesn’t end there. In fact, Archers are good at any job that doesn’t oblige them too much. They like to make the world a better place to live and that’s why every job they can do is right for them.

Sagittarius do not like the details of everyday life, every job associated with their daily routine is boring, and so if they need to do something about it, they will hesitate and let the other deal with it. They are good at business, and they are best at making some important decisions.

If it’s just time to go all-in or all-out and it’s questionable, they can handle everything. Crisis pulls the best out of Sagittarius, they are most productive when under pressure.

Sagittarius are not emotionally unstable, they are even extremely emotionally reserved. However, they get nervous when they are bored. Sagittarius are optimistic and positive because they believe that whatever happens, there is always something good waiting around the corner and the sun will always shine again.

Bad Traits

Each character has negative traits and even a Sagittarius, who at first glance seems like a nice entertainer and world man, and shows flaws later.

The shooter is known for being honest and open. This is great if you have something nice to say, but if you don’t like it, your ideas or your actions, you’re scratched. When you ruthlessly fall asleep in your face, you will feel like someone has knocked you out. Interestingly, it often offends inadvertently and without malice.

This is the Sagittarius Crown Deficiency. He very vigorously and diligently does what he is genuinely interested in, but is reluctant to fulfill obligations and is poorly controlled. For example, he negligently performs uninteresting though important tasks, unreasonably spends, forgets about promises, and tends to plead at the expense of others.

The shooter is quickly bored with one activity, environment, or society. To get excited, he starts a feud with his interlocutor, rushes from place to place, aimlessly spins programs remotely, frantically spends, seeks an opportunity for adultery, ventures into risky jobs, gets drunk or drugged and whatever.

This trait has something to do with the former: he is bored of waiting for anything. Whatever he receives, he wants quick results, and if he fails to do so, he tries to ‘speed’ them up forcibly or gives up and throws himself into another project. He applies this tactic in personal relationships as well. If sympathy does not return his attention, the Sagittarius becomes tempted and uncomfortable.

He really thinks he was born under a lucky star, so he doesn’t take the usual precautions. If you warn him and bring him attention to the potentially harmful consequences, he will reciprocate your contempt and insults. And if she runs into problems, she believes by the last minute that ‘everything will be sorted out’.

Midheaven in Sagittarius – General Info

It is very difficult to describe a single Sagittarius. He has so many different, often conflicting, traits that we can possibly talk about different types of Sagittarius. They all have a common need for movement, a longing for distance, breadth and generosity, and above all, a need for freedom, independence and restraint.

Like all fiery signs of passionate temperament, they are full of life’s joy, joy and optimism. Archers are very honest people, very often tactless. They are likable and have a sense of humor.

Their life is an open book and they do not like closed, diplomatic pursuits. Usually we meet at least two types of people: one is sudden, wild and violent, while the other is calm and gentle. All of them suffocate indoors, and not just in the literal sense of the word. Freedom is what they especially need and they are ready to fight for it.

They are born fighters at all times. They are extremely hardworking, persistently “target” with their Centaur bow and arrow and have a hard time deflecting the target.

At every opportunity, they seek to expand their knowledge, which they then use to make the best of their skills. They possess considerable energy, and in the broad field of their interests they seek to assert themselves. They think quickly and quickly.

They are able to see in advance and even the details that are difficult for others to see! They like to eat and drink well. As they tend to gain extra weight, they will maintain the line with constant and persistent training.

They are endowed with considerable intelligence. They are best at solving challenges and in exact things.

These requests, which have been a lifelong law for them, are readily answered. If there are no challenges, don’t worry – Archers will surely find them! Love for them has a special meaning: it is very difficult for a Sagittarius to fall in love with a person who does not fit him completely.

He is also an optimist and enthusiast, and his physical attraction is not in the first place if his partner does not have “that something”, although the most beautiful and wealthiest will soon be abandoned.

As enemies, Sagittarius are persistent and very pleasant. They know how to cheer, smile and try to make you look nice.

Marriage is something that Sagittarius does not refuse. But they also need freedom: at least a separate bed, if not a room! Their careers are not lightning fast, but they are steadily climbing to the top.

Everyone who works with Sagittarius must keep in mind his individuality and need for freedom. He needs to be entrusted with a task and let him reach the goal himself, because he will succeed in it.

She excels at publishing, writing and professional sports. The only thing that matters is that everything the Sagittarius accepts is brought to an end without worrying about how much he is doing. All Sagittarius are known for their hard work and dedication.


If this broad-minded, honest and sympathetic creature tells you openly and spontaneously what he dislikes, you should not be offended by his harmlessness, for he is not one of those who intentionally offends others, but on the contrary, Sagittarius almost ideally seeks ways to, the ones he loves are even better.

People born in this sign view the world and people positively and optimistically, believing in the idealistic benevolence of everyone because they are generous themselves and honesty and truthfulness are very high on the scale of their value systems.


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