Pelican – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

The pelican is a large water bird that has a large beak and also a large throat pouch.

The pelican can also be your spirit animal and it may help you learn a lot of important lessons in your life. You just need to find out more about the symbolism of this impressive bird.

There is a famous fable about the pelican mother who has pierced her breast in order to nourish her baby with the blood. If this mother’s sacrifice is the truth or it is just a myth, we don’t know, but there is no doubt that pelican mothers have a special place in the world of spirit animals and symbolism.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out more about the pelican animal totem. You will see what the Pelican as a spirit animal means and what it may symbolize.

If you are interested in symbolism and animal totems, then you will certainly like this article.

What Does a Pelican Symbolize?

The Pelican that appears as a spirit animal usually symbolizes kindness and generosity. It means that you may be too generous to other people, so you may putting yourself on the second place. It is not good and you should take more care of yourself.

If it happens that a pelican flies across your path, then you should find a balance in your life. you should spend more time with your family and you should focus more on yourself.

The Pelican is also warning you to be calm and to enjoy more in your life. You should not be nervous and worried about all the difficulties that may appear in your life. Sometimes it is necessary to be patient and to wait the real opportunity to reach your goals.

Below you will see more about pelican animal totem and about the symbolism of a pelican as a spirit animal.

Pelican Animal Totem

Pelican is a large bird that is waiting patiently its prey before catching it

. So, if Pelican is also your animal totem, you should behave like this bird. It means that you should put yourself into position and wait the best moment to use your skills and your powers.

You should not just sit at home and wait things to happen. You need to be more interested in things that are happening around you and you have to observe. It means that you should put yourself in an advantageous position and look carefully what will come to your way.

Also, you should know that a pelican is very friendly creature. Pelicans are always hunting in the group, which means that they co-operate and they have caring relationships among themselves. If the Pelican is your spirit animal, then it means that you should be more friendly and more reliant toward your friends and other people around you.

You have to be socially responsible and you have to build good relations with other members of your community. You should have in mind that pelicans are symbols od charity and generosity, teamwork and friendliness.

Now we will also mention how pelican mothers behave toward their youngs. You may didn’t know, but pelican mothers usually digest the food before they put it in their babies’ mouths. This is the sign of their big love and care for their babies.

So, we can say that the pelican symbolism is also related to maternal care for their youngs. If you are a female and if you choose the pelican as your animal totem, it probably means that you love children and that you care for them very much.

If you still don’t have your own children, there is no doubt that you will be a great mother one day. The Pelican as a spirit animal also symbolizes nurturing and big care for children.

The Meanings of the Pelican as a Spirit Animal

There are a lot of meanings that the Pelican as a spirit animal may have. Now you will see some of the most important meanings of this friendly bird.

Calmness. If you have seen a pelican at a certain moment in your life, it means that you should stop for a moment and find some time for reflection. You should relax and think well about your life and about all the things that are bothering you at the moment.

You should not be nervous. Remember that the calmness is the key of happiness and good health. You should find more time to relax and to block all the possible distractions that may come to you.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should be isolated from others. If the Pelican is your spiritual guide, then you will enjoy the group, but you will also find time for yourself to be alone sometimes.

Balance. As we have already mentioned above, a pelican as your animal totem usually symbolizes balance in your life. It means that you are very good at finding a balance between your thoughts and your emotions.

Also, your movements are probably well controlled, so you may be good at sports or dance.

Strength. Pelicans also symbolize strength. They have large beaks and they can hold a lot of things in them.

If it happens that the Pelican is your spirit animal, it means that you can endure many things and difficulties on your own. You are a strong person who is ready to deal with all the difficult situations that may happen on your way.

Generosity. If the Pelican as a spirit animal appears in your life, it means that you must be a very generous person who is ready to give everything to make other people happy. It is nice to be kind and generous, but you should take more care of yourself, too.

Loyalty. Another meaning of the pelican as a spirit animal is loyalty. There is no doubt that pelican people are very loyal and also helpful to others.

Forgiveness. If the pelican appears at a certain moment in your life, it means that it is time to forgive. In the first place, you should forgive to yourself and you should let all the negative feelings go away from you. When you forgive yourself, it is time to forgive all those around you. This way you will feel better and you will live much happier.

Teamwork. We have already mentioned that the pelican as a spirit animal is a symbol of teamwork and friendship. If you think the pelican is also your totem animal, then you should try working in a team. You should work with others in order to reach the common goal.

Sometimes it will be necessary to be peaceful and to work even with the people you don’t like, but have in mind that you are doing that in order to achieve your goals.

Dreams about Pelicans – Symbolism and Meaning

Dreaming of a Pelican flying. If the Pelican as your animal totem appears in your dream and if it is flying, it means that you are a very generous person and you are always putting other people before yourself. You are taking care of others and it happens that you sometimes forget of yourself.

If the Pelican came to your dream, it means that you should focus more on yourself and take care of your own life.

Dreaming of a Pelican floating on water. If you had such dream, it usually symbolizes balance and stillness. You should take some time every day in order to practice stillness and to make a balance in your thoughts and mind.

Dreaming of a Pelican with full beak. If you see in your dream a pelican that has a full beak, it is a good sign. This dream means that you will have a lot of success and abundance in your life in the near future.


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