Midheaven in Capricorn

The lack of awareness with the infinite makes us feel fallible, fragile and limited. The infinite amount of possibilities we can experience in human life escapes us and vanishes. Being aware of what happens to us allows us to create a great choice.

The Midheaven is a critical point in pointing out what kind of evolution the ego must make in order to develop, and also where our deepest searches will be directed. The concept of “self-realization” created and developed by Abraham Maslow would be perfectly applied to the concept of the search imposed on us by the cusp of the Midheaven.

The sign in which the Midheaven is, the planets that look at it, in which sign it is progressing can show us an important key of where our deepest searches are oriented and what degree of consciousness we have reached.

Midheaven in Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is an extremely ambitious and persistent person who does not shy away from anything. He generally does not have any fears and is really trying to be progressive.

Men in Capricorn are the creators of many innovations, they will try everything first, they will do everything first, and even at the cost of making some misjudgment.

However, they rarely make that misjudgment, and it can still be said that intuition and business logic often lead them the right way.

They never give up. They can change a lot, they do not regret the effort to acquire some new knowledge and in the end they can bring everything to balance.

When in a state of crisis, it does not take them any second, as they change something very quickly and find a way to get out of the crisis.

That is why they never, or extremely rarely, lose their spirits, fall into depression or despair. They may realize that they are in a hopeless situation, but at another point they are already starting to find a solution and a way out of the situation.

When it comes to love, they are dominant, seductive, passionate but also stable. They like to stay in long relationships that inspire them and love to have stability, so marriage, or family, is one point that always brings stability to which they strive.

They just don’t like uncertain situations in any single area of ​​life. If you want to win a man born in the Capricorn loop, you will first need persistence and imagination.

You can draw it with some interesting story. Prove to him that you are different and that you will always be there for him, prove your worth and loyalty from the very beginning.

Male Capricorns are talented for sports and the arts alike. They have been demonstrating this from a young age through a variety of examples, and once they notice their talent, they never give up on developing it and furthering it.

Never underestimate a man born in Capricorn. A Capricorn man can act tame, meek and content, while pursuing some of his favorite hobbies. But behind this tame attitude, keep in mind that his brain works overtime

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who makes Capricorn man patriarchal and authoritative. The Capricorn man will jump from rock to rock on his way to the top and rest will only follow when he reaches his goal.

The Capricorn man does not like to take unnecessary risks, he will rather play it safe than lose everything he has achieved. This man born in the sign of Capricorn shows maturity and seriousness in his younger days, these are traits that accompany him on the path to imagined success.

Midheaven in Capricorn Woman

A woman born in the sign of Capricorn represents a person of a strong spirit, someone who is very steadfast and who is truly sufficient for beautiful achievements. In this respect, they can be very successful in many areas, especially when it comes to management capabilities.

Anything that is beautiful can happen and really be very successful, especially if they are motivated to make a selfless contribution to it.

In every sense, they are innovative, they carry a certain power of transformation that enables them to cope in almost every situation.

They are not inclined to be concerned at long intervals, because somehow they always manage to find a path that will get them out of bad situations.

After all, they can be very flexible, especially if they are in some kind of interest.

They enjoy a wide variety of professions, but most can be successful in areas where they can verbally display their skills. They can even be flexible in love, especially when they are truly in love.

A Capricorn woman in an emotional relationship through which she experiences instability can really turn into a real goof on her man.

Then it becomes very demanding. When she is disappointed, she can even become vindictive. If you are planning to win a lady born in Capricorn, try to do so by giving her tiny attention spans at longer intervals.

Generally speaking, they are not too demanding, but you have to reach out to them so that they are really pleased to be with you. The wit and charm that you could possibly demonstrate can be a significant advantage.

When it comes to talent, it can be said that they are equally talented for sports and for the arts, though they will also experience art as a sport or as a kind of competition.

Capricorn woman is a person who will climb every mountain and cross every river, she is the most magical sign of the zodiac. Her sublime ambition and inner urge often leave everyone else in the dust.

However, beware of the Capricorn woman if you find yourself on the road between her and the goal she has set, she will go all the way to success.

A Capricorn woman can be stubborn and difficult to turn off the path she has set for herself. Her independence and natural skill to lead often knows how to envy others.

She is an alpha female who will stand on the lines of anyone who challenges her, but will lose her composure, looking to resolve things in her favor in a more subtle way.

Good Traits

Capricorn rules the tenth house in natural horoscope, which refers to social status, reputation, profession, fame, the pinnacle of life.

This earth sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet of serious, hardy, distant people. For this reason, no one can endure the most widespread injustices of life as long as Capricorn.

Life is too serious a phenomenon for him to expect carelessness and fun. Even when he is happiest, his appearance gives off something cold and gloomy, as if he were preparing for a sudden blow, or perhaps it is better to say that no blow is unexpected enough for this man – he seems to summon him.

There are few bright and relaxing moments in his life. “Life is suffering,” would be the most comprehensive formulation of life when it comes to Capricorn. That is why in the capacity of suffering, innate stoicism, transcends everything.

It prey with its coldness, invulnerable and strong, as if it were not of the same material that the rest of the world was made of. They choose him as a leader because he acts as a petrified force that is impossible to beat. Invulnerable, like a monad, keeps every pain in itself.

Bad Traits

Capricorn is generally serious and will not appreciate you if you are joking with something significant to him.

He is very ambitious and strives to succeed on the social ladder, so don’t be offended if your Capricorn friend neglects you because he has to hang out with someone who can help him with it. He just wants to move forward. Capricorn is a workaholic and does not like to be spontaneous.

He does not like risk unless everything is well calculated. No matter what, Capricorn is emotional, but he doesn’t like to express emotions publicly and will die of shame if you take him out to dinner on his birthday and tell the waiters to bring the cake and sing. They hate being involved in scenes of any kind.

These are people who always think ahead and want to be in charge. Your relationship with Capricorn will go smoothly if you realize that he is very ambitious and that he always thinks beyond everyone else.

Midheaven in Capricorn – General Info

The series on the Midheaven (MC) in the signs continues and today’s turn is from the MC in Capricorn: a half-heaven of leaders, individuals dedicated entirely to their career and people who previously have levels of responsibility and tolerance.

The individuals of this sign were born to be authorities in the area of ​​their preference, they are always taken as a role model or at least that is their aspiration in life.

Those who have this position are highly committed to their work and like to organize and keep things up to date, their sense of responsibility is very high so careers related to Management, and management and social movements are theirs.

The MC in Capricorn also delivers individuals with a great social concern, it does not work for themselves but for others. Social connections are important for these people. Capricorns are not afraid to climb to the top and will work for it evenly.

These people know how to recognize the needs and failures in the processes, their capacity for analysis and observation is profound, so they will always be reliable to keep quality controls or keep situations under control.

Mid-heaven in Capricorn likes to feel useful and be recognized for doing their job flawlessly, they must feel motivated to achieve the results they expect.

On the negative side, that ambition of recognition and power can lead them to be somewhat arrogant or to pass over others. The Midheaven in Capricorn can deliver individuals who see in success the only end of their lives and may neglect various aspects of their lives: the staff, indoors or their own family.

These natives have a great fear of failure, changes in their work environment or in general do not like them and will always seek consistency, which can make them somewhat inflexible and even boring in the eyes of their colleagues.

Making mistakes does not enter the mind of this half heaven, so developing tolerance and resistance to it is your main lesson.

Reputation status is also important for these people, so most of their interpersonal relationships will be developed to scale and improve their position, this can play both in their favor and against. Materialism can be a sin if this MC is badly positioned.

Significantly, our greatest fears will also be reflected in the Midheaven, the empty space that goes from what we have created to what we have not yet seen born. Resistance, immobility, paralysis are born in the human being with the idea that “there is nothing new for us.”

Deep understanding will lead us to reduce resistance and fears, but let’s not forget that there will always be an obstacle style that the Midheaven will tend to present us. Negative thoughts, beliefs, limitations will be reflected in this very fundamental point.

Likewise, the relationship between house nine of the natal chart and the MC is fundamental. It is a prelude to the Ten House. The zodiac works with a logical order and consequence. The ninth house that includes our beliefs and convictions.

If we use the system of “derivative houses” it becomes House twelve of House ten, that is why it is like the “engine” that drives us to act. It also expresses our vision of the future that we will necessarily express later in the MC.

We usually don’t know what, or how, but the intuition of House nine drives us to project ourselves in a certain way towards ten.


Medium Coeli in the Capricorn in a natal chart often indicates that a person approaches his / her business responsibilities very seriously, responsibly and disciplined, while other people most often find him / her very trustworthy and trustworthy.

Sometimes, however, there may be a lack of motivation and stagnation in the business plan due to the sudden occurrence of various adverse and aggravating circumstances. The planet that rules this Middle of the Sky is Saturn. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Cancer indicating strong attachment to the family, most often to his mother.

How to approach him remains a mystery. It reacts forcefully with stiff resistance. The first blow must withstand, therefore Aries cannot with him. Soft and hypersensitive Cancer “comes to his head” because his water insensitively removes it layer by layer, not hitting him, but crowning


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