Dream of Parents – Meaning and Symbolism

The dream symbolism could be divided into the two observational parts – one is when you look at the dream from the perspective of an object, and other is when you look at the dream motive from the perspective of a subject.

At the level of the subject, each character is a parable of our own self, which means that we appear as someone else ourselves. If the character is scared, we are subconsciously afraid too.

What is happening to that person is actually happening to ourselves, so we can interpret that character by looking at ourselves.

At the object level, it is not important to observe the character but his relationship with others. Especially when familiar faces appear in the dream, looking through the prism of the object will explain how we subconsciously experience them.

Now, the dream of the parents is very significant to observe since it can reveal so much of you personally, your fears since they are connected to the past, and the events that shape you into the person who you are today (and who is having his dream).

But it is also very important to know that the dream of the parents does not always represent our relationship to them, but our relationship to life itself, and some of its aspects.

Meaning of a Dream of Parents

First of all, we must say that if you had the dream where your parents appear, and in real life, they are still alive and well, in that case, this is the dream that is good, and it means that you can expect happiness and satisfaction in work and in your private life. Everything you know and everything you have done in your life now comes to the right place; it is all good.

But, if you had a dream where the main motive is your parents, and they are long gone, in your real life, in that case, the success and happiness that you have been experiencing will be “limited” to the business you are doing. In addition, you have a solution to the problem you have experienced so far, and you could not expect to happen.

If in a dream you see your parents, like they are speaking to you, in that case, you need to pay extra attention to your life and actions that may lead you into the wrong place, where you will not be able to find happiness, know something was wrong so be careful.

In some cases, you should not listen to yourself, but you should listen to someone who is close to you and wants you to do well.

If in a dream you have seen your parents die, and we will tell you that this is the dream that is very common, still this dream has a positive meaning, so you can expect major and life-changing success, it is guaranteed, but with maximum effort and responsibility. You will not be able to reach that place very easily, but when you do, it is going to last.

Escaping your parents in a dream implies that you are immature. It is possible that despite your age, you can still act like a kid who didn’t get a favorite toy. It’s easier for you to ignore the problems and let them pile up, after which you resort to solutions that only do you harm.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Parents

If we want to tackle into the symbolical values of the parents like the movie in a dream world, in that case, you should be happy if you had this dream – it symbolizes happiness. And this symbolism applies if the parents in your dream are healthy and they are happy in it.

But, if in your dream, the parents are depicted as very sick and you have a fear that they are going to die soon and that something bad is going to happen to them, in such a symbolism system, this dream warns of problems.

If the parents from your dream are dead, even if they are alive in your real life, in that case, such a dream has, and do not be surprised, have positive symbolism. It means that you are going to improve material circumstances, and this is going to be just one step that will take you further in life, to the place you want to be.

One interesting case is the one dream in which you see yourself in the place in life, where you do not have any contact with your parents, and such a dream signifies ungratefulness and your inability to be grateful.

It may not be enough to appreciate everything that others have done for you, but you will feel that they could have done so much more.

You will think about their mistakes and omissions so you will not notice the ones you are making right now, but from this; you could truly learn how to improve your life in so many ways, among them, the business life.

When your parents give you up, and they do not want you anymore, and this is the entire scenario in your dream, it does not have to be the case in your real life, such a dream symbolizes your insecurity in real life, and now it has come as a reflection of that fear.

If you are arguing with your parents in a dream, this indicates a misunderstanding. Your loved ones probably wish you all the best, but they can’t show it.

Often, they make the wrong comments about your choices, why you oppose them and don’t say many things they should know.

Do I have to be worried?

In some versions of this dream, its meaning just shows that in a real-life, you are the person to whom family is most important in life, and you would rather decide for her than for the most successful career in the world.

You get along perfectly with all the members and, unlike your peers, are happy to do whatever you want to do with them.

But in some other versions of this dream that has the main motive the parents, you may be in this present life in many stressful situations that will lead you in the future that will scare you and remind you that no one is forever.

Forget disagreements and devote a little more time to dear people. Otherwise, you will repent.

In the case where you are succeeding in the business area of life, in that case, be aware, it may be that you will profit from someone else’s misfortune, which is why you will not rejoice as you would otherwise.

You will have regard for the injured party and will try to stay in good relations.

Sometimes such a dream means that you are insecure. You probably didn’t have enough love and attention in childhood to convince you that this world is not such a bad place.

Everywhere you feel rejected and superfluous so you don’t trust your partner or friends when they say they care about you and that they won’t hurt you.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you could see, the dream that is related to your parents does not show your relation in reality to them, but it shows your relation to some aspects in life, your relation to success, your ability to find a perfect place in life, it speaks of your insecurity and the ability to deal with it.

The best way is to look deeply into your life, but dig deep into the past – and find a reason for your choices in life; why did you do the things you did and that lead you to this moment in life.

Then you will find the answers for many things that happen in your life, in whatever part of it.

It is also important to look into your business life, into your life purpose, and things that you want to do – sometimes these dreams can help you find the right answer.

Do not be scared if you had such a dream because seeing your parents is always a piece of good news, in a sense, that when you are looking into your parents, you are looking into yourself, but not the one who you are now, but the one who you became, along with all the aspects that lead you to that moment.


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