Midheaven in Leo

Leo in the MC indicates a person who consciously exercises his will. The road to the top and the successive steps are presented very clearly for this position of the MC.

The tendency is to have very clear and very high goals. Leo is a fixed sign, therefore he gives the person persistence and perseverance to reach his goal, however high or difficult it may seem in the eyes of others.

The feeling of having been chosen for something, together with the generosity and nobility of the sign, make them stand out immediately in their surroundings.

At the other extreme, they can become despotic and arrogant if their wishes are not granted. On a positive level, the MC in Leo has done an interior job of being able to temper his spirit and prepare to hold command posts. The ability to lead is clear and natural.

Also, a positive factor in this location is being able to encourage others, to be positive leaders who channel and know how to lead the group. The intuition necessary to get the best of what surrounds them is also a quality of this MC.

They are reliable, and are not afraid to accept great challenges. Just as the MC in Aries said to himself “I am” the MC in Leo states “I will be able to do it”. Aquarius in the IC may have indicated an unexpected and chaotic family root, which then imposes a great need on the native to maintain control and power.

On a vocational level all professions related to art will attract him strongly. Executive positions, the relationship with jewelry and precious metals. Professions related to the game and entertainment. Politics, in high positions.

Midheaven in Leo Man

These are somewhat childish people who enjoy the compliments they receive. The woman of his life, must be beautiful, elegant and well-groomed. She always expects her partners to be up to the task, be it in the kitchen, the bed or the company.

Most often they fall in love easily, but it usually doesn’t take long because his emotional ideals are a magnificent bond. It’s hard to conquer them, but even harder to keep.

Sex is a very important factor in their relationship satisfaction. It is a real sexual dynamite that you are never bored with in bed. After Scorpio, Leo is the sexiest sign of the horoscope.

In a relationship or marriage he is very protective. A true head of a family that does not run away from responsibilities and obligations. She absolutely does not tolerate fraud, though she is prone to it.

Midheaven in Leo Woman

In order to win over the Lion woman, prepare to give praise and adoration, if this will never be fully satisfied. Women Lions are sources of energy and optimism, always beautiful and refined, ready to flirt and prove themselves. Be prepared to compete with other men as she wins with her personality. In sex she is theatrical and tireless.

The chaotic love life makes her quite capricious and neurotic. She is very possessive and does not like anyone else interfering with her “booty”.

Women born in the sign of Leo are very loyal, loving and make good life partners. She needs a man who has a strong character, who is passionate about his life and strives to be the best version of himself.

Good Traits

Their optimistic nature simply does not allow them. That is why all their moves are broad and generous. Independence is one of the basic features of their character. They are able to distinguish and independently remove all obstacles to the path to happiness and success.

For some members of the Lion sign, independence can gain extreme proportions. Such Lions are unable to recognize or admit any mistake, nor do they want to correct their mistake according to someone else’s advice.

Many of them are unable to admit their mistake to themselves. Positive independence makes them interesting and attractive individuals, true and strong leaders. Rarely do we find weak people among the Lions.

They have strong bonds and friendships, but they also have strong hostilities. It is almost impossible to have a neutral relationship with someone born in the sign. Their biggest problem is the conflict between their fire (element of Fire) and their persistence and static (fixed sign).

Holding their minds firmly can hinder them from expanding their vision and actions, which drives them to fire. Their constant need for self-affirmation may become unacceptable to people in their area.

Bad Traits

The lion wants to be first in everything, so it is in love. He demands a lot from other people, himself and his beloved woman or man. If the Lion really likes it, and it often happens, he loves deeply and with complete being. The lion holds less to erotica and more often to worship.

Pride does not allow the humiliation of one Lion, even by a person who is very special to him. Don’t expect decency from him if he neglects or insults him.

Love is a fun drama for Lava if given enough tenderness, love and attention, it will take down the stars for a loved one.

He is not happy to be with a pessimistic person who confuses his vitality and enthusiasm pays off. So it is better to find a person to laugh at his jokes, applaud his desire for life and appreciate the great Lionheart.

The lion is not a petty and cruel person, he is generous. You cannot be close to him if you underestimate his welfare or if you give him gifts with a price identical to the one he spent on you. Most people love money, but the Lion especially enjoys great and generous acts. If the Lion is penniless then it feels a bit poor.

His sincere friends are not with him because of what he bought them love? Because they love him! The lion needs to find people with whom the hearts can be open. When the Lion really feels confident, then he radiates a warmth that inspires everyone around him.

The lion has the ability to organize and has an innate sense of leadership and is ideally suited to the position of director. The more authority he has, the more satisfied he is, especially while others solve problematic situations, he creates his own vision.

Money is very important to him, because he does not tolerate the situation that he cannot afford to spend some money. But the lion must secure himself a high income. Interests in Lava are: organizer, chief, politician, artist, actor, banker, and jeweler.

The lion likes to wear somewhat dramatic clothing and footwear, aware of what it looks like, with some special accessories. All the colors are well suited to it, but the shades of yellow and gold are best suited to it.

Midheaven in Leo – General Info

We continue in the series of the Midheaven (MC) in the signs, and today we will talk about the MC in Leo: people with great aspirations in life, who like to attract attention and lead groups.

The middle sky in Leo is one of the most powerful, people with this configuration were born to be stars in their field of interest, like to be the center of attention and have a special ability to put the spotlight on themselves when they want.

Their interest in being recognized and doing great things gives them an air of courage and courage that can only be compared with that of other signs of fire. Their leadership capacity makes them good for dealing with crises in any field and they know how to find solutions without problem.

Their confidence in their own abilities can sometimes seem superb, but a well-regarded MC in Leo also knows his limits and does not compromise beyond what he can fulfill, after all, the recognition and personal image are first and have to take care of him above anything else.

An MC in Leo will always think fast and big, his goals are his obsession with what can be somewhat workaholic. The careers and environments that most favor this half heaven have to do with administration, politics or entertainment.

The lion is not only generous, broad-minded and generous but also endowed with great ideas. He likes to live in great style and on a great foot. Lions are born rulers. Most are self-centered. They love freedom and independence.

A negative aspect of these individuals is that they can be somewhat authoritarian and bossy, so learning to say things, asking for them and directing others without looking like dictators is their biggest challenge.

Likewise, these people may suffer from problems of self-esteem by wanting to receive constant recognition from their peers, if nobody tells them anything they will feel that they are not doing things well or not enough. Their competitiveness may be somewhat toxic and they may want to go over the rules to achieve their mission, so corruption is one of their greatest temptations.

This MC is creative and knows how to make a show, for better or worse, always puts positive energy into what he does and inspires others to follow him, making them a born leader.

No matter what its origin, education or material status, the Lion will build his kingdom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a state or a piece of soil! It is only important that he rules sovereignly and powerfully on that part of his soil.

Lion cannot satisfy something that is not the best, the most beautiful … But there is nothing worse than the pompous, self-satisfied Lion, and such can be found among subjects of this sign.

Aware of their strength, they often fall into this trap, not taking into account how other people perceive it. At the same time, they are dogmatic and tend to “salt the mind” of the people around them. They often act as dictators.

On the other hand, the Lion is much more sensitive than it looks and people think. His main attributes are his inexhaustible life force and joy, tireless activity and a tendency to be all that big. It always radiates grandeur and grandeur, however low it may be.

The lion is not only generous, broad-minded and generous but also endowed with great ideas. He likes to live in great style and on a great foot. Lions are born rulers. Most are self-centered. They love freedom and independence.

No other sign of the Zodiac lays so much on the outside. They get offended quickly and are not easy to live with because they react fiercely to every little thing they don’t like. One of their great qualities is their enthusiasm and enthusiasm. They bravely engage in action and show great optimism, but they happen to be blind and deaf to the remarks of others along the way.

They are quite prone to dramatization. With this “quality” it’s no wonder the Lions love theater. In different situations and in different ways, they always want to get the limelight, in front of as many people as possible. Lions want to assert themselves in every situation.

They are convinced that they must exist and create. They have a strong need for recognition, they want to express themselves. They are energetic, intense, unwavering and spontaneous. We can certainly class them as extraverted persons

Needless to say, the Lion must rule its environment, which includes the people around it, especially partners. If he fails, he will be unhappy. Lions are often recognized for their loud speech, just as lv denotes his territory with a roar.

The African lion ruler by whom the sign was called is known for his strength and independence, but not for his cruelty. The Lions people are not cruel either. Being affirmed at all costs, not caring for the consequences, is the result of their ambition and stubbornness.

The expressive stubbornness of the sign hardly agrees to the concessions, however sensible and necessary, deeply believing that the nights are right and that the partner or interlocutor is wrong. Usually the Lions are not concerned about the things and events around them.


Leo Midheaven pursues success without rest, and sometimes it is not allowed to enjoy it. Avoid being a tyrant with yourself or others. It has clear objectives and the perseverance and tenacity necessary to achieve them.

Noble, generous, motivating, reliable, with leader skills; you must learn to control arrogance. He has favorable professional careers of great autonomy, such as political positions, business management and dramaturgy.

They are reliable, and are not afraid to accept great challenges. Just as the MC in Aries said to himself “I am” the MC in Leo states “I will be able to do it”.

Aquarius in the IC may have indicated an unexpected and chaotic family root, which then imposes a great need on the native to maintain control and power.


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