Virgo Libra Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

Many astrologers claim that the problem of cuspers in Astrology is very problematic and that they have many problems in analyzing such people, those who are born on the cusp between two signs.

The concept of cusps in Astrology is constantly getting examined and some people who deal with Astrology appropriate cusps in their systems, most do not, it is much simpler to give one person one sign, with all other aspects that they take in consideration.

But some so many people are born on the cusp between the two signs, and they themselves must be wondering what sign do they belong to.

So, it is said that the Sun’s position is the main component of the natal chart, it carries the representation of a personal life along with the characteristics that a person is reading to improve and express adequately in this lifetime.

And in this sense, your Suns position can indicate how and where in your life you’re meant to be great.

But there are also people who are born on the border between two signs, and in this sense, these human beings get the best and perhaps the worst from both sings.

Today’s case is dedicated to the people who are born in the cusp between Virgo and Libra sign – is this person a Libra or a Virgo? Read in the text below.

Virgo Libra Cusp Man

This man who is born in the cusp of the Virgo and Libra signs is very interesting, cause appearance and overall look do matter to him, he can be even called superficial in some sense. He is pedantic, and he truly leaves the impression of someone who is always fresh and collected, he believes in beauty and in this sense he wants to look and feel the best that he can. This man is a true hedonist, loves to live and enjoy life. Everything that motivates pleasure motivates him.

He tries to always create creativity in his work, and he is the one that is motivated the co-operative affairs, he loves dynamics, creativity, art. Money is a great motive for him to work, and when money comes in a way to bring pleasure, the male representative of this combination will work more and better.

In many ways, a man who is born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra is a perfectionist who is eager to fix everything and bring it in its place, things in his life must have some order, and that order must be correlated with his values, anything that is not in this group is not suitable for him.

In love and interpersonal relations, this is the person who will search until he finds a perfection that he is trying to achieve.

He is serious because he has serious details to devote himself to, and if he does not find a way to use his brain constructively in his work, he can lead you to insanity by analyzing each of his and others words.

This type of man must feel useful, cause only then he can see how much he is worth in life. He hates when he feels that is useless and the main task that this man has in life is finding his purpose and meaning in life and if he can help some people along the way, the better.

Some experts go as far as saying that this human being is destined to repair everything that is broken (and sometimes he likes to fix things that are not broken, but he has the need to make them better, perfect even).

Virgo Libra Cusp Woman

Now, we must talk about the woman representative of this astrological situation where a person is born on the cusp of two signs, in this case, Virgo and Libra.

This lady is definitely someone who knows very well where it is and what it is trying to do, but it is also prone to depression, if, with great effort, it fails to realize what it wants. Women born on this period can be very gentle and sensitive, but also very charming.

She is very imaginative and never remains without inspiration, but one more thing must be remembered is that her biggest problem is that despite the great disappointments that can happen, she simply believes in everything that is good in people and they risk being disappointed again.

She is, however, a brilliant woman who, if truly loves, can suppress her nature. It is best for a man who is serious and whose demands do not go beyond his ability.

This type of person, in her life, must learn experientially, for the very reason that she believes in ideals and that is something that no one can take away from her, and if others see her as rigid, so be it.

When everything is realistically perceived, this lady is very persistent and determined, and can truly boast her specific, mild energy, which distinguishes her as one special female. Many want to be in her society and simply to be in that effect of the positive energy she emits.

She is the type of woman who can be very resourceful if she wants to make something happen, she can be discreetly witty, and diligent, but above all this lady is practical, reasonable, modest, and at times shy.

She does have a certain amount of imagination, but she is more practical than imaginative – through a life she is walking with her feet firmly on the ground, walking graciously and gently in his mystifying reality that she sometimes feels her life is, but she has the strength to deal with it.

Good Traits

We must start this section by saying that these people who are born on the cusp between signs Virgo and Libra has a strongly developed sense of humanity that makes them so interesting to look at.

Their sense of humanity is combined with the methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to the case – these people like to do things their own way and even more than live to be prepared.

These people also are perceived as gentle but cautious; the first step is to analyze things well and only then move forward. Their great virtue is always to come in time, and they may seem as cold and absent, but can be adorably shy and undecided.

But they are also people who are very independent and are capable of using their intelligence, and of finishing their jobs themselves, these people do not need assistance from anyone, and when they look at things in a real way,  no one could do that job good as they would.

Their narrow-mindedness can reduce their creativity and therefore lead a routine life, but these human beings are entirely comfortable with is. Those human beings who are born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo love to have routines and to make great results by following that routine.

People want them to be their friends because they can think and solve problems by logic, and the truth is that they can. The people are fair, loyal and determined in any interpersonal relations.

Some people think they can be old and reserved because they live in harmony with reason, not with feelings. It may be difficult to understand how they feel because they mostly deny their feelings.

Worst Traits

They tend to Live in the past in some ways and to complicate some things in their lives, which is why they are often confused and unable to move on with life. All in all, they can generally be independent people, but there are those who are not capable of it, and they can have difficulty if someone is not helping them to get better.

Before these people enter into anything, from solving the problem to the idea of ​​a vacation, they must first analyze all the facts and be acquainted with the details – even worse they can be extraordinarily indecisive and can prolong many obligations that they have, or to be unable to make simple decisions.

But they need to work really hard to make decisions, and it happens only when they have enough time to think that problem deeply. Because of this, they can act indecisive and slow, and this could stop them at their jobs from being more successful.

Those human beings who are born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo signs have a sense of reality more than anyone else, and what they believe in is what will happen to them. If they look at life negatively, they will also be detrimental and very reserved. And if they have a positive view of the world, the same event will look in a positive light and will be satisfied and successful persons.

The mind of these people is undoubtedly very powerful and must have the right attitude to be happy and successful in life, and sometimes they do not have it.

They must learn to be in contact with feelings. Otherwise, they will act cold and reserved, and this is not the truth, they can be warm and loving.

They are very prone to denial – for instance, they will say that they are good and that everything is fine even when this is not the case. This is easier for them because they do not like to analyze their feelings. Converting everything is OK is a suitable defense mechanism because they do not have to deal with details with their emotions.

In the end, these human beings can act unpredictably and sometimes show unstable temperament.

Virgo Libra Cusp in Love

People who are born in a period when Virgo sign ends, and the Libra sign begins, are people who can wander in love, and in some early ages, they can be unstable in some way. But deep inside, they know what they want – stability and loving home, where they can be themselves and hide from the pain.

In their appearance, they are giving one selfish cold that simply requires someone to dissolve. However, one must also say that no one can fully have it.

Contrary to all the analyses, when married or in a relationship with someone serious, they become perfect lovers.

What is important for them is the great amount of the respect they want to receive from their lovers.

Their concept of love is the idea of ​​friendship, though, which has the implications of some kind of business.

They, generally speaking, are able to lead household without error, and in this sense, they are desirable lovers. They need to have a home and a lover where everything will work perfectly.

Their main disadvantage is that these people can be great materialists -on top of this, they jealously protect the peace of her family and private life.

It is their treasure, and her family must have everything it needs to work perfectly.

Emotionally, however, these people are not always too strong. It depends on many external influences, and almost everything they do is done routinely, so all its traditional obligations are extremely well accepted. But spiritual friendship and emotional ecstasy are often missed, which can be a shame.

Best Match for Virgo Libra Cusp

So, here we encounter people who try and succeed in standing firmly on the ground and can function cold and reserved, but under the shy and reserved exterior hides an energetic, passionate and true lover capable of entirely devoting themselves to a love affair.

It may be a very difficult task to win their hearts because they will not reveal their vulnerability for fear of being hurt. It takes patience for them, and you will have to take for a long time and make an effort to impress them. When they fall in love, it’s in the long run. They will be dedicated, loyal, will make you happy and bring a little order into life. Many love that these humans are very traditional and conservative, perfect for someone who likes challenges and who prefer when the relationship develops slowly.

The perfect match for the people who are born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra signs is a person who is born in the Zodiac sign Taurus.

The combination in love implies that this loving couple can have similar views on the spheres of interest related to investments, work and priorities and in general for the practical side of life. However, any eventual disagreement in this sphere (both of these lovers are very oriented toward details and will not gladly stand down when they believe in something).

But, all in all, in the long run, this is a relationship that works really well and can last for a long time, they can even learn to have greater efficiency and a more vigorous action than they are used to have.


Some say that people who are born at the end of summer and in an early fall, are human beings who are magical, intelligent and beautiful creatures.

As perfectionists, these humans like to be surrounded by beauty and adore dreams, but in combination with Libra sign, it’s often difficult for them to find an emotional balance. But they try, there is no doubt, and their logical perfectionism will never stop them from doing so.

Of course, these people who are born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra will never condemn people, cause they have a mission to always be fair in life.

So, to sum up, things, these people have both analytic and practical intellect with balance and beauty. And this situation results in an accentuated, sophisticated and balanced person with an emphasized style in everything they do. These people are oriented to help others, and love area of life is very important to them, even if they do not have much luck.


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