Chiron in Sagittarius

People with this constellation sometimes feel like strangers in their own country or have a special resonance to foreign countries or foreigners.

They are looking for their way to theirs Meaning and are often accompanied by inner doubts. It falls to them therefore hard to decide on a philosophy of life.

Even if she sometimes after they long for a role as a spiritual teacher (philosopher, guru), they are inwardly very afraid that this wish could become reality.

You have the ability to teaching others the ethically correct way. Then they can get their inner knowledge about the Expressing the content of truth and justice on a mature level.

Chiron in Sagittarius Man

With Chiron here the driving force of life is of a religious nature, although it may not seem so at first sight.

Frequently, the frame of reference inherited from religion does not suit the intimate needs of the native, who has to travel a long, and sometimes lonely, path in search of his own individual meaning and his purpose in life.

It is common for the religious instinct to wake up in childhood. From childhood the native Sagittarius’s on the deep questions concerning the meaning of life, and may never receive satisfactory answers.

The native will generally have a deep religious feeling, a passionate zeal and eager to devote himself to something; literally anything can become a god to him if the religious instinct is misplaced.

However, the divine discontent that has hurt them cannot be satisfied in that way.

It might be useful for them to wonder where the god who gives meaning to their life is (or who is), since their religious impulse could drag them into dangerous waters if they embrace causes or go on spiritual paths where personal issues and beliefs can be swept by a wave of collective fervor.

It is possible that you have the feeling of having found the Truth, and the desire to communicate it to everyone can disrupt personal life. It is even possible to limit friendships to those who share their beliefs.

Like Chiron, we can be hurt by others; the balloon of our enthusiasm and our self-aggrandizement can receive many punctures before we accept the gap between what we can and what we cannot get to happen.

It can take a lot of pain to give up a vision or a hope, and even – if our feeling of individuality and identity is closely linked to it – we could feel this renunciation as a death.

However, this may be precisely the crisis we need to face. People with Chiron in this location cannot deceive themselves with the vision of a meaning that excludes suffering, painful and restrictive aspects of existence and mortality.

They need a personal philosophy of life that can encompass contradictions and different points of view, without splitting each other or opposing each other.

Chiron in Sagittarius Woman

Depending on how Chiron and Sagittarius are positioned, people with this combination may not want to hear advice in areas such as finance or relationships.

They need to channel the maximum of Sagittarian potential by freely and tolerantly dealing with subjects such as philosophy, wisdom, cultures, and knowledge.

Your standards can sometimes be very high and this can be a negative point. You have to be humble and listen to what others have to say.

When people with this position are modest about their knowledge, they become more reliable in giving advice.

Chiron in Sagittarius can feel confined in a mundane existence. Realizing that there is wisdom in your own heart, those who have this positioning will begin their healing process.

Good Traits

CHIRON in Sagittarius and / or – in aspect to Jupiter – and / or – in the 9th house the search for a meaningful life path, for the true moral or a right one ethical behavior, here is guided by doubts. The pursuit of prestige in the social environment is subliminally opposed to fear, even one’s own moral finally, ethical requirements cannot comply.

This inner attitude leads to an idealized world view, that of role models, idols or leaders expected more than these can hold. Become mistakes or weaknesses of Known as a role model, the Chiron hurts in connection with the Protect especially. Chiron gives the gift of recognizing what is “true” and what is “wrong.”

The man with this Chiron position thus knows in his inner right way, the Truth and meaning, but doubts at the same time whether his knowledge is also human can withstand everyday life.

He can therefore sometimes shy away from his inner to open knowledge to the outside. People with this Chiron position can help others on their way to the right to help life you have an excellent sense of justice. You can to convey their inner knowledge.

The inner claim for a comprehensive ethical-moral behavior needs the addition, that is erroneous human and humans just are not infallible can. It is this antithesis that makes people painful again and again comes to consciousness and with which he should learn to live.

Bad Traits

As a child, the Sagittarius Chiron has the thirst to question all its religious and spiritual foundations, as well as to create and develop philosophies and thought lines already conceived.

The search for healing of his incurable wound is when he begins from a young age to find the real meaning of life and in what religion there are all the answers to his questions. Thus, he ends up being disappointed several times.

The purpose of life is often too undefined for these beings, which creates in their heads various traumas of indecision and wrong attitudes through their past. Questions such as “Did what I did go right?” Or “Why did I do it?” Express great regret, but it usually goes away.

You can spend your life on the saying, “jumping from branch to branch” without knowing exactly where to go. In the beginning, you may really get a taste for the unknown and the curiosities and discoveries of the new world, but you will never be able to find out what is new, but what it has left behind.

The gift of communication is also very latent in the midst of its qualities, but you must be careful not to scare people with your various conceptions of truth and spirituality. This can make you crazy in the middle of society. This gift should be used with great care and care.

To really have a continual healing experience of your wound, the Sagittarius Chiron must always return to the root cause of your wound and try to understand it. For, not always that we do not understand some fact of life we ​​should go on adventure and discovery.

We must learn step by step that sometimes, the answer to our greatest question is where we never imagined, that question we always ask ourselves before bed and we think is a curse from our parents. We must then look for it, not ahead, but within ourselves, at the origin of everything.

Chiron in Sagittarius – General Info

These natives can find meaning in everything that happens to them, although they have to understand that not always what is valid for them has to be also for others.

With Chiron in this location, the natural feelings of joy, expansiveness and optimism are blocked to facilitate the expansion of consciousness and inner understanding. Here Chiron can introvert the Jupiterian character. If the native accepts this process, he can develop an earthly wisdom, humor and an open attitude towards life.

Ultimately, the gift of this location is the ability to devote ourselves to life as an expression of the divine, here and now: once we trust his presence, we no longer need to go after it.

Chiron suffers from a sore and incurable wound. Although he tries all the remedies of nature, he cannot heal the wound. After all, he humbly takes the wound as part of his life and from then on he uses his healing arts in the service of men and gods. Mythologies are not accidental, but reflect the wealth of human experience.

This sensitive and painful spot, which is usually carefully hidden, is expressed by Chiron. This means a confrontation, but also the chance to grow beyond the dark side of your own self. Thus, Chiron is a mediator between light and shadow.

People with whom Chiron is strong in the chart know the pain and therefore want to help others and heal them.

Mythology symbolizes the ways in which people can outgrow their personal pain and weakness by accepting and accepting and understanding how it can develop and benefit other people.

Questions that arise through Chiron are: What is my sore point? How can I handle this? How can I accept this pain and integrate it into my life? How can I help others and heal them with the skills they have gained?

Chiron in Sagittarius may indicate a certain lack of encouragement in one’s life, or eventual disruptions of one’s beliefs and values.

Sagittarius is an energy that deals with consciousness and higher knowledge. You need a well-founded value system to create your own original thinking.

Anyone who has this placement on their birth chart may have trouble seeking knowledge or maintaining their beliefs stabilized.

In your quest for knowledge, you need to learn to listen. They can be very tolerant in their beliefs, or very intolerant! This subject is always a point of attention.

Chiron in the sign of Sagittarius may show wounds in the person’s faith structure or natural enthusiasm, which may have been discredited or not encouraged. Therefore, you can heal yourself by encouraging others in such areas.

However, they tend to know how much enthusiasm and a good philosophy of life can help a person, so they should get them back and such a feeling for others. This will help them solve their own internal problems.


Chiron was the son of Cronos (Saturn) and a nymph named Filira. When she is persecuted by Cronos, in the attempt to escape the passionate harassment, she asks Zeus to be transformed into a mare in order to circumvent the insistence of God.

But realizing this circumstance, Cronos turns into a horse and finally manages to reach Filira. From this union, crowned by the instinctive impetus, a figure with head, torso and arms of man and body and legs of horse is born. His name: Chiron.

Filira’s impact is such to see the monstrous figure of the fruit of her belly, after a difficult, painful and prolonged birth, which begs Zeus to turn it into a linden, so as not to breastfeed such a creature.

Perhaps the linden sap with its medicinal qualities, was the first source of knowledge of the healing herbs that later came from the domain of Chiron.

And it is that Chiron became the most recognized centaur of mythological stories. Far from resembling his centaur, violent, impetuous, indomitable and destructive peers, Chiron grows in his cave on Mount Pelion in the hands of Apollo and Athena, the gods representing reason, the cult of justice, intelligence and the arts.


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