Saturn Sextile Neptune

Astrology does its planetary calculations on the basis, besides other things, of aspects that are formed between planets at the certain time (we have said numerous times that planets have one position at the time of your birth, but they are always moving, and this is their main feature because in contact with other planets they impact our lives).

There are those aspects that are positive more or less, and ones that are more influential and “negative.”

Always bear in mind that nothing that the natal chart gives to you is given and unchangeable, and precisely in this lays the beauty of astrology.

In sextiles, the planets use their symbolism appropriately and are not under strain, so they transfer their meanings to each other and combine them into a useful and effective method that helps achieve the desired results.

This is the reason why we say that the sextile position is a positive one, and this is why astrologers say that it is not enough to have a “good” sextile position, others must be “good” also. Such transit is much more subtle than conjunction, for example.

Today we are discovering all the secrets that are behind the sextile position that is between planets Saturn and Neptune. One is the planet associated with evil at every opportunity.

But we will say to you that this is not the case; if it is placed well in the natal chart, like in this case, it can give positive influence and it can bring some benefits and even dynamism, energy and great influence.

General Characteristics

This is one sextile that cannot be unnoticed if you are practical and know how to use its traits – people who have it could be seen as somewhat unusual people, but with many talents.

We have said that the planet Saturn could be associated with some negative traits, and there is some taught in it, but it also signifies all those who are quiet and reserved, tenacious and determined, and serious. This planet is associated with the knowledge, oftentimes that one that is not available for many others, but this planet is the symbol of long life and longevity.

So you can look at these people as those who are very intellectual, smart, caring and loving, at times rigid, but also those who reach their goals with a lot of imagination and hard work.

It is very interesting to look at this aspect since here we can see all of these energies that are speaking – you are strong, and you should never give up.

All these energies offer people who are under this impact the will, the strength, the seriousness, the creativity and the ability to fulfill inner desires, dreams, and goals. They offer success, and will that mission be completed it is up to other factors, including other planetary aspects in the natal chart.

Some of the famous examples who have this aspect in their natal charts are Henry Kissinger, Ian Thorpe, Aaron Spelling, Mata Hari, Susan Sarandon, O. J. Simpson, Ted Bundy, Paul Cézanne, Richard Nixon, Steven Spielberg and Uri Geller.

The very interesting crowd and their life stories speak for themselves when it comes to all that we have mentioned in the previous few rows. Everything is there, but also some negative impulses are present.

Good Traits

Now, we come to the idea of the ideal marriage of the planets Saturn and Neptune – this is the aspect can bring you us a great burst of creativity, a creative urge and a need to fulfill complete potential.

These are the people who have a sense of accomplishment in all fields in all dimensions of life, an expansion of vision that transcends the reality they live – it is not the question of what they do, it is more the question of what they do with the things that were given to them, regardless of how small or big they can be.

The most important part that we need to know about this sextile is this – only way they could progress is that they are able to recognize their talents, along with the need to move with them into life’s accomplishments, but also the belief that everything can be beautiful and easy. Because it is, or it can be in a perspective if they see that it is possible.

Bad Traits

Things are not perfect, and when we speak of good traits, we speak of opportunities of good traits, just as there are chances that you can personally get all the worst from this sextile (usually if other aspects are negative in the natal chart).

Now, the challenges that come from this sextile position between

Saturn and Neptune are seen in all missed real opportunities so that their lives are leading to illusion and disappointment.

These people often are seen reckless, as they are giving trust without checking, without proof with too much enthusiasm, the aspect that everything is possible. And sometimes things are not going in the direction they want, and this is the truth.

What is even worse, they tend to offer things that cannot be achieved, because this sextile brings a partnership with a strong challenge that lies in the unfounded optimism that arises from assumptions and overlooking circumstances that indicate the opposite.

Not a good basis for healthy growth and they become more and more accustomed to this life that they fall deeper and deeper into the madness and negativity that feeds itself with unhealthy imaginations.

Love Matters

This connection that is formed between planets Saturn and Neptune, in an emotional sense is essentially sensual security, an escape through something that doesn’t look like an escape at first glance.

When they fall in love, they behave like there is nothing else in this world, and they neglect other things that are important for personal growth.

But, this is not the worse part – the main problem occurs when there is a confrontation with their lovers, it is usually postponed, and it never comes because the right moment for action is missed out.

If we look at this aspect from a much more positive spot, we can say that it can bring the possible realization of love dreams and ideas, but with a plan, strategy and action steps. Only in a combination of these two, things in love can work for them.

People who have this aspect often cultivate a feeling of greater self-doubt and even a cynical perception of love which executes harder for them to manage accomplishment in this area of life.

This sextile shows one more thing when emotions are in question – it affects people in a way that it gives them more prominent satisfaction in fastening in some imaginative activity, and on the emotional plane such a connection comes as an indication an extraordinary passion that is very charming to others.

In this sense, people who have this aspect are able to realize their comprehensive potential much more comfortable both in the field of emotion and in the area of performance.

Work Matters

The keyword for the success in the world of business and purpose in life is patience (comes from the planet Saturn), it must be known when it is done first, when it is second, when it is third, without any haste, disciplined.

With their talent that is clear in this aspect, people who have it are able to practice the technique and realize their ideas, and they do it when they have firm faith that what they are doing is right.

Here, you should look at the Saturn primarily, cause unlike the planet Neptune, and he is the one that is necessary for business, he is the realist, a builder, he is a prism, he helps us create structure, materialize thoughtfully.

Neptune is a magician, a visionary, with him we plunge into the world of imagination, dreams and ideas.

Combining these two in the right way, people of this aspect could succeed, but if they try to rationalize their creativity overly, they can fail miserably.

This is true because sometimes talent and the creative energy just must flow, and for that matter, it cannot be bounded in any way, because if it is, then talent is not developed properly.

In this case, they may often be inclined to self-pity, may produce critical activities, and may continually induct multiple balances and tight circumstances in love due to enhanced individual dissatisfaction.


This is one very special transit that occurs on the night sky because here we can see how the two energies have merged into a dance of harmony and understanding, a long-desired goal or dream comes to fruition.

Yes, this is ideal, but why not tries to use it in the best way you can. Always have in mind that nothing goes by itself.

It is necessary to have an intention to make something magical out of your life and what has been given to you.

When it comes to this sextile, you should know that it is also necessary to act in the pursuit of that intention and to allow the circumstances to guide us, to observe them and to see what they tell us.

Ideas are given the structure and foundations to come to fruition.

By helping others, you are helping yourself.

We overcome our own insecurities, doubts and fears, grow spiritually, and come to new knowledge when this sextile is active in the night sky, and what is even more amazing is that with it, if it is properly understood, we finally have the deepest fantasies realized.

And the best of all, when we understand that the limitations we face are more easily overcome when we are much more optimistic and have faith in our strengths.

How this aspect will affect you personally depends mostly on where your natal chart is located on these two planets, but it is certain that you can somehow intuitively find out what that area might be for you and what dream you want to achieve in the near future.

So move forward with a belief in realization and do not look back on the past, this is the only drawback that people with this aspect could have in life.


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