Dreams about Airport – Interpretation and meaning

Dream interpretation is an explanation of meaning, and a search for a logical sense in dreams. Every dream has it’s own meaning, and it is different from culture to culture. For example, old Egiptians considered that dreams are messages from the gods.

This text is all about dreams about airport. If you see an airport in your dream, it can be related to birth (arrivals) and death (departures).

Some interpreters say that the airport is considered as a symbol of fulfilled hopes and aspirations.

Other interpreters think that the airport symbolizes force and creativity. These dreams can have a lot of meanings, and it all depends of what is happening in them. Basically, dreams about airport have one message: You should not stop being enthusiastic and positive and you should continue enjoying happiness with your friends and family.

If you had this dream, it can represent the beginning or the end of your ideas and plans. Dreams about airport are often connected with our professional life, and may represent great success in that field that will come very soon.

Common meaning for them is that they are seen as a change in your life, related to the opportunities that you may have, and related to people who are crossing your way and may either come or go from your life.

Sometimes, it means that you are going on a long distance trip. It may be connected with your plan to visit destinations which you always wanted to see.  If you had a lot of problems lately, that trip may represent your way of getting away from them.

Also, it can mean that you are going abroad to live and work there, or you will find a person who would like to have a serious relationship with you. That may lead you to the point where your memories from the past wouldn’t leave you in peace, and you will not be sure if you are ready to leave everything behind you, especially your family and friends.

People often dream about their inabillity to reach the airport. It is connected with some issues that they have in real life.

For example, if you dream about this, it means that you have difficulties to reach some goals in your life, even if you are trying so hard and you are giving your best to achive them. Maybe you should find other ways which will lead you to success.

Dreams about Airport – Interpretation and meaning

Dreaming about waiting for someone at the airport. If you are dreaming that you are waiting for someone at the airport, it can mean that you will solve problems that were bothering you for a long time and were stoping you to prosper. You may expect some exciting news and new relationships.

Also, it means that you are going through important phases of your life, and that you must always stay positive if some troubles and difficulties appear. If you meet some stranger on airport in your dream, that means that you will meet someone new in your life.

Dreaming about planning airport journey. If you have dreamed about this, it can mean that you are going to have a bussines plan soon.

Dreaming about you lost at the airport. Usually, it is connected with your job. When you dream about this, it means that you need to be confident, and capable to do everything. You should not be frightened by anything, or anyone.

Dreaming about boarding a plane. This dream has a very positive meaning, and it usually means that you will find peace and happines that you were seeking for.

Dreaming about crowded airport. Crowded airport often means that you are close to some departure or some changes in reality, literally or figuratively, and it is usually a good sign that something new will begin. It can be related with your intentions of being free.

Dreaming about an empty airport. Empty airport means that your goals or plans will be delayed, either for a long or short time.

Also, it can mean that you will need to change your plans, because you can’t accomplish them.

Dreaming about airport landing. This dream has a negative meaning, and it is related to the constant feeling of loneliness, despite the fact that you are always surrounded by people.

But also, it can be related to your current plans or ideas that are going to be finished soon. Maybe some adventure, relationship or career is coming to an end.

Dreaming about you sitting at the airport. Something big is going to occur in your life, you will experience some changes. This has something to do with your desire for adventure.

Dreaming about departures at the airport. This could represent some of the options that you have, and all of the directions that you can take your life in.

Dreaming about missing a flight. It means that you have a lot of job and that you can’t cope with dead – lines, or that you are neglecting a responsibility in your life.

Dreaming about air hostess. If you had this dream, it usually means that you need a break from your job and all the obligations that you have.

In your dreams, you can feel all sort of feelings. In this case, you may be emotionally disturbed, especially if you are dreaming about airplane crash.

Also, you may have a fear of missing the flight, not reaching the airport etc. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will always have those feelings. It can be opposite.

For example, if you experience a very comfortable flight in your dream, you will have an optimistic way of seeing life and you will have your friends support.

Positive thing about these dreams is that they represent high ambitions and high expectations in case that you are starting something new, whether new project, situation, idea or new plan.

Some interpreters believed that your life will benefit from all of these new things.

Negative side of the dreams about airport is that they can represent your inability to be prepared for new situations. It can be connected to your naive mindset about life.


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