Mars Sextile Pluto

The astrological aspects of trigons and sextiles are positive or good – events flow smoothly or easily under this influence.

Beneficiaries are very good because the planets that otherwise symbolize emotion, beautiful things, nobility, etc. – are also connected by a good aspect to one another – therefore their effect is emphasized.

Sometimes positive aspects can assist a person in the realization or resolution of situations related to the fields ruled by these planets – shows where he can easily and easily expect success.

This is the case when Mars meets Pluto, or if we talk about the sextile between these two planets; and right away we will tell you that this is the as – this transit helps to strengthen the closeness in the love relationship and personal relation, but there can be a way that this energy will go through the “eruption” of fiery passions seen in all aspects of life.

General Characteristics

How can we find any word that describes correctly these people who have a sextile position between the planet Mars and Pluto – they are strong people with extraordinary energy, and more and more as you get into this story, you will see that these people are endowed with the strong physical.

As you will be able to see, they can have tragic life stories, even if they find fame and success in life, oftentimes they cannot have it all, even if everyone thinks they do.

But, the fact is that they have a strength to move after problems and that their strength is rooted deep inside, along with all weaknesses.

You should look at them through this perspective since everything they do could be seen in the context of the psychical and also emotional energy.

In the next few examples, you can see who the people who have such a position of planets, Mars and Pluto, in their natal chart are, and look into their biographies and find out how this aspect affects their lives.

Keith Richards, Dietrich Eckart,  Immanuel Kant, Debra Winger, Alan Page, Joe Frazier, Jennifer Aniston, Amelia Barr, John D. Rockefeller, Camilla Parker-Bowles,  John Lennon,  John Wayne Gacy, Peter Seller,

Good Traits

Energy and physical and but also strong emotional states that these people have, and everything they do must be connected to the passion and a lot of romance.

They do everything with passion and care, but this is the energy that has one different perspective, that is connected to the practicality and security.

These people just have to find it, and use it in the best way possible – their lives can vary; sometimes they can enjoy change while at other time they can stand firmly on the earth.

They get the best out of worlds, emotions or reason, and it is only the question of balance, so they keep both “worlds” in the right place.

These people have the need to live their lives the best way they could want to know what it is like to survive every moment of the full intensity of this aspect.

Here we meet hunters, those who refuse to take part in a fight if they are not sure in advance that he will win the battle, and will receive it, sooner or later.

Even when he misjudges the situation, these people will persevere at the cost of everything.

They will not withdraw (even if it looks like that moment), they will not give up, or surrender – never, while they are alive.  This is the ones who responded to the attack.

This is an aspect of both willpower and a high tolerance for pain.

Bad Traits

Where Mars and Pluto are together, there is a passionate and energetic relation, and we can say that there can be a bit of jealousy, in any case, strong physical energy that can be used in good but also in a negative direction.

We have already said that this is the aspect that brings a lot of energy into the perspective, and for that matter, depending on the activation of the certain part of their personality they can receive “full throttle”. Because of their urge to survive, these people can lean toward brutality, and they can show tendencies toward aggression.

The most important aspect here is that they have to learn perfect control and self-control will come to the fore.

One more negative aspect of their personalities is the one that is pushing them to be fanatical – it is up to them to use this energy in the right way.

They need to find a lot of courage and confidence because they need to be aware of where there is Pluto is, and there are changes, and some of them can be very brutal.

However, there is no reason not to feel it and use it in the direction that is most beneficial – the Pluto has the power to regenerate, to improve health and vitality, so these people should use it.

Sometimes these people find excuses for their behavior and even in times where there cannot be any excuses.

Demonstration of superhuman strength, energy, sexuality, the struggle for the price of everything, spite, defiance, as well as developed almost animal instincts of predators, are only fragments of the description of this aspect, including one’s life.

This sextile is also an aspect that is depicted the best in the manipulation, violence and control of violence by the powerful – all of these aspects must be overcome if this person wants to have a good life.

Love Matters

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, but the people who have this sextile between Mars and Pluto must work on their skills, not because they are not passionate, but because they have too much energy and passion that needs to be directed in a right way.

There is no excuse: all for the purpose of waking up what could be the thing that revives the “volcano” of love. And these people truly have it in their blood there is no doubt, but as we know plenty of love could come into a lot of pain and jealousy, and all negative aspects in a relationship of two people.

Pluto’s position indicates two simultaneous occurrences – so these people have the spiritual radiation, and they look for the person who can interact with them in this level, as well as the specific individual personality that has been imbued with his evolutionary past: his desires, beliefs, thoughts, observations, value system, and attitude to reality that they need to keep in love connection.

On the other hand, Pluto indicates a desire, aspiration for transformation or a goal in this life, and when you get the planet Mars into the perspective, in that case, we can see the crisis that could be overcome, there is no doubt about it.

But we must speak of one more thing here – sometimes people with this position when in love, could have a crisis of identity, and for them, it is a danger.

The best way, these people can do is to forget about these issues, and will come to the cost of everything and how long it has been hunting for them.

And one word of advice for people who want to date those who have this sextile position – they are not the people who can withdraw from anything in life, and if you cheat them, they will find you and finish you off.

They will not withdraw; the fact is that they never forget and tolerate nothing. Of course, all the virtues of these planets come to light, most often at critical moments, so it may seem timely that persons with this aspect, by their appearance, are attracted to such dramatic situations and extreme people and moments.

Work Matters

These people could become famous athletes, they have strength and endurance, and it is not just the question of sports results they are the people who can achieve greatness and recognition that is beyond compare to anyone else.

Their approach to work, and life for that matter is more than ordinary, they have a somewhat analytical and philosophical almost, their approach is such that they want to be smarter and millions of steps further than their opponents.

But the fact is that they may be the victims of their own ambitions and therefore they can fail in aspects that they love, they can ruin their jobs, etc.

Some say that the Mars Sextile Pluto is the aspect that brings success through bleeding, fractures and even regeneration, in the end, adds they do not have any problem in suffering for the results they want to achieve not just in their work but in their lives.

This is a competitive aspect in which all available and unavailable power is used to achieve the goal. This is an aspect of the almost “demonic” will and danger that man himself falls into.

This is both the hidden and beautifully packed power of fierceness.

This is an aspect of successful people who do not give up. This is an aspect of both controls and controllers. This is an aspect of domination.

This is an aspect of sexuality and taboo death.

A large number of millionaires, tycoons, also have this aspect of Mars and Pluto. Pluto is, of course, a far more intelligent and perfect structure of pure energy, and in many moments it will help crude Mars, and often stop for a moment the “killer” urge, whatever the subject of life. I said for a moment!

Pluto united with Mars in this way, accepts the most dangerous and difficult jobs, with a firm determination to succeed in its intentions.

Moreover, most often, it shows the true nature at precisely the most critical moments. Force and death are halfway here.


These are forced winners, dominant personalities, and extremely ambitious individuals, full of charisma, libido powers and over-emphasized eroticism.

The most common situations that may occur are attempted dark attacks, survivor violence, extreme pain survivors, fearless confrontation with the powerful or even physically stronger, and numbness to brutality and pain of any kind – this is the best explanation of the Mars sextile Pluto – in the lives of the people who have this position, there is always a survival story, as well as an incredible opportunity for regeneration and change that will leave everyone breathless.

They are fighters who can fight with bare hands (everything they have), but the advice for them is to try to control of violence and maintain the self-control and even buried anger that is also present in their lives.

In the end, they are the people who sometimes have to wait for a better life, when it does, there cannot be any compromise with these persons, and they are on the top of their game.


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