Pallas in Scorpio

The emblem with Medusa’s head, which Palas Athena wears on her chest, is a reference to this phenomenon.

Basically, Medusa is an ugly archetype of the Palas of Athens.

When I look at the asteroid in this way, I see its heroism and courage in a very different light from the one I was taught at school.

I see that her courage does not come from identification with the masculine principle, but from her Amazonian roots: the female form of the warrior spirit.

Nowadays, it is increasingly heard that world governance should pass into women’s hands.

If more women prime ministers and presidents emerge in the twenty-first century, the Palace of Athens could serve as a model for unraveling the description of a new form of government.

Pallas in Scorpio Man

The intensity of Scorpio can cause Pallas to lose enough of his sense of proportion and distance here. While it gives Scorpio some emotional stability.

Very good therapist since in this role he knows how to be very objective and helps the other to see himself with extreme clarity.

You can use sex or knowledge of the internal world of others as elements to obtain personal results if it is proposed.

It can be a more than fearsome enemy since the intensity of Scorpio adds the strategic and wise vision of Pallas.

Pallas in Scorpio Woman

Blades in Scorpio have the willpower to get to the bottom of any matter. They have a lot of charisma and are great strategists. There is no detail that escapes them or anyone who can fool them.

Scorpio favors in Pallas, qualities for a penetrating perception, for research and to elucidate puzzles, as well as for a global vision of reality through its hidden mechanisms.

Scorpio facilities can provide for work in psychiatry and psychology, in sexology, and in occultism, and, in general, for those that imply secrets, investigations, reveal mysteries or articulate strategies (there is usually a special disposition to understand and manage symbols).

The work can attract a total and obsessive dedication (which could even be the cause of separations, or, more usually, of a shortage of family or emotional life), just as normal Scorpio interests can take on that form.

Good Traits

Palas in the 8th house and the sign of Scorpio bestows strong psychic abilities and expressive intelligence that penetrates the depth of things.

These individuals are very talented at watching things below their surface, because intuitive feelings are extremely pronounced.

People with this setting Palas in their natal, have great insight in business and working with money.

They are very sexually active, so they can apply their sexual energy through awareness and raising of kundalini, thus achieving spiritual transformation and great creative potential.

These individuals can be exceptional healers and as such they can be exceptional diagnosticians of the disease but also excellent otters because they have a refined sense of energy and its disorders in the human body.

The most appropriate healing techniques for the Palas set up in this way are psychoanalysis, reiki, regression to previous incarnations, tantric yoga as well as hypnosis.

In an artistic sense, these persons will be primarily expressed through symbolic art such as making mandalas and magic amulets, but also through symbols of sex that they can incorporate into their art form in a provocative and magical way.

In politics, these individuals will be fearless, combative and even cruel, and will be very interested in working in the secret services as well as espionage.

Bad Traits

They overlook their own weaknesses, while they are usually very hard on those they observe in others.

Tense, petty, calculating, they usually set their goals at excessive levels and to achieve them they will need all kinds of stratagems, subterfuges and traps.

They have great ease to manipulate others. They are always alert, reserved and mysterious; they distrust others.

They act very tactfully, but if someone confronts them, they will engage in a fight without quarter. They are petty and do not spend their money if they do not expect it to produce substantial benefits. For them to spend is an ordeal.

They live regretting and exaggerating the slights, scorn and evils that others have given them, although without ever mentioning that they deserved most of them, they always try to take advantage of other people.

They are very sensitive and easily affected by the circumstances around them. They can totally lose their composure by perceiving, even erroneously, that someone has insulted them.

They don’t know how to bite their tongues and they can be hypercritical.

They do not accept easy compliments and do not bear to be teased. They are very protective and vindictive people.

Pallas in Scorpio – General Info

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is governed by Pluto, which will endow it with an energy that will make it invincible.

It is considered one of the most emblematic signs due to the great variety of forms through which it can be expressed.

Whether Scorpio gets carried away by his instincts, as if he becomes a Phoenix to rise from his ashes, the native will always be able to regenerate and start something completely new.

They are people who live passionately and intensely, which requires a great degree of maturity if they do not want to harm the things they most covet or love.

People with a great influence of Scorpio in their natal chart usually have extreme behaviors. His motto is often “or all or nothing.”

Others do not usually realize the intensity of Scorpio’s emotions, since, regardless of how they feel inside, they can show absolute calm.

Their intensity can make them give themselves completely too any social because they are attracted to, showing a dramatic image when they do so.

Interested in anything that seems deep or mysterious and taboo topics, their interest is aroused where others are horrified or disgusted.

They care about power in all its forms. They believe that manipulating others will gain power over them, but this only leads them to a state of dependence that terrifies them.

They have healing skills with which they can help themselves and others.

Both Scorpio and its opposite sign Taurus are passionate, the difference is that Taurus has a passion for experiencing the sensual aspects of life, and Scorpio for getting to the bottom of existence.

As a sign of water, like Pisces and Cancer, he has great intuition and empathy. Cancer is empathic with those he loves. Scorpio perceives where others are vulnerable and can use it to harm or heal. Pisces feels united to all mankind.

From the signs in square with Scorpio, he can learn from Leo to express his innate energy and, from Aquarius, to use it constructively for the good of society.


They are very generous and love helping others, often being part of different humanitarian organizations.

They don’t like the role of leaders. They love to investigate and deduce; they have a great capacity for studying.

They are apparently very calm, relaxed and quite contemplative.

They love risk sports in full contact with nature; especially if there is water nearby, such as the sea, a lake or lagoon.

Among his hobbies are also esoteric themes, which they are passionate about.


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