Virgo Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The other part of the Luminaries couple (besides the Sun, as the one that is more important, or more pronounced), the Moon, should never be neglected since it has many important traits that affect person life, and this impact can be seen in the natal chart. Just like the Sun, the Moon has its specific energy and its impact that cannot be compared to anything else.

So, the Moon, as the object that impacts Earth and people (like their mood, etc.), it also can be seen as the carrier for most of the things that cannot be expressed by the known energy of the Sun (it always shows things that are hidden or are not on the surface).

We spoke so many times about the impact that comes from the Sun, and it shows known energy that is manifested in the activities in a person life.

The Sun’s energy provides significance and value to its powerful radiance that is seen in the concrete activity and on the other side, the Moon is the model of the womb of life, sensitive passivity, inwardness and flowing changeability.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun located in the Virgo sign and the Moon positioned in the Libra sign.

Read all about this Astrological combination and its meaning, and make your own conclusion is this connection a good or bad one, but we ensure you that like in every other combination, here also has space for growth and change.

Good Traits

This is the person who has a mild nature, the one that has full of understanding, so it remains human at all circumstances in life and is open to the extent necessary to exhibit the best in itself.

Happiness is hiding in him in simple things – this is not the person who has big things in life and who wants to have many things in life; he is happy with small and simple things. This may be the key to success and happiness that often accompanies this person; he knows how to enjoy in small things in life, and how to get the most out of things that he has.

This person who has Sun and Moon in the Virgo and Libra combination is a very peaceful, positive person, intellectually oriented towards the details and small things that make the world for him. He respects all people, and wants the same treatment for himself, at all times.

He is the one that is very oriented towards love, the perfection of this form. For others, he is a very attractive person who well conceals his skepticism and uncertainty in his abilities, but he has the need to leave the impression on others.

In the end, this person who conveys beauty in all forms, and a person who has to keep constant control between his body, personal perfectionism and inner balance. The task that seems unachievable for many people, but not for this person, he knows how to get there.

Bad Traits

When it comes to negativity, in the depths of the soul of this person, he lacks confidence in himself – and it is utterly irrelevant that he is tactical and peaceful, charming and smiling. He may fall at certain times of his life, he may lose control and balance, and this may be the worst thing that can happen to him.

In everything this human being see both what is positive and what is negative, so it is difficult for him to take a position and stand for that view.

Therefore he acts indecisively, and makes some wrong choices in life, or miss out, and the worst part is that he will tournament himself with these choices.

Also, many Astrologers claim that this connection is in fact, difficult, and this is particularly true because it takes time for this human to prefigure his complexes even though he knows how to like it.

We must also mention that this human being is very sensitive, somewhat distrustful, and it takes time before you get into a relationship (and here we are not talking just about the love relationships, but we are talking about any personal relations). This person needs time to relax and to gain or give confidence to people; many conditions must be met before he opens.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon in Love

As you can imagine, a person who has Luminaries located in the Virgo and Libra signs carries a great sensitivity and often tries to get to know his own love emotions with reason(this is not possible at all times).

In everything he does, this person has the need to be liked and to win in his agendas, but one thing must remain private, just like a little secret.

One more aspect is relevant here -in love, his loyalty is as reliable as his sincerity – this is a love that you can count on at all times, and, as expected, you can expect the same in return. Without this, mutual respect, there cannot be love with this person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Libra signs.

He is emotional, shows in many cases that his tender emotions and moods are intense, but there are more troubles in him than it can be seen from the outside.

In the eyes of others, this person may seem as disinterested for love, but he acts when sentimental or aesthetic motives are triggered.

Seduction, patience, measure, sympathy, self-control, balance, harmony, desire to open and willing to close – all of these are the characteristics that can be seen in the life (and love) of this person. Some of these traits are good and are used for building a good love romance; while others, at a certain time, are not so good.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

One thing needs to be clear right away, the person who has Sun and Moon in Virgo and Libra sign in an emotional relationship is used to hide his inner life in a protective envelope so that he controls impulses and is convinced of the soundness of each action before accepting it.

Also, when it comes to the relationships this person cannot notice the division between optimism and pessimism, idealism and realism, between feeling and excessive criticism – he is struggling. If he chooses all good things, then his life will be the same, and vice versa.

Because of this, he can be quite complicated in every day dealing with others, which will, of course, often encounter a misunderstanding of the environment and his future lovers.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Libra Moon

This can be a very interesting person as a lover, but a person who is predestined for service activities in the field of love and beauty, but a person who is very interested in complete love relationships from which he receives a personal motive.

Who can be the perfect match for this exciting and diverse human being? Who can be the one that will meet all conditions that this person puts in front of his potential lovers?

Our guess is the person who is born in the sign Libra – he is the one that is attracted to the “exterior” and the most important is a mental connection with his lover, and also good communication and care.

They are not only looking for a lover, but also for their best friend and they can find it in the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Virgo and Libra sign. This could be a combination that can work for a long time and usually ends with marriage.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

This is the person who can be hurt easily since he is emotional – and he always takes care of what others will say (although he may not show it), and this fear can inhibit his natural creativity.

Sincerely ambitious, his nature often fails to satisfy his own wishes, prevented by blockages that it creates for itself – and his environment recognises this.

Very sensitive, both aggression and non-harmonious environment often lead this person to withdrawal – if people who surround this person do not suit him, he will escape. He needs to be connected with people who completely suit him.

Otherwise, this person works very bright, has wide ideas, easily accepts new trends; peace is important to have, and he will never be a friend of a person who likes conflicts.

But is also the one human that is prone to isolation, while he never forgets the collegiality in life.


The goal of the people who live under the luminary impact that is located in the Virgo and Libra connection is to have perfection in harmony. In him, two things are combined, and they are intellectuality and aesthetic (love) tendencies.

Still, because of this search, this is the person who has so many troubles in life; sometimes he is not in his element: everything that makes the Sun in the Virgo finds true and sharp opposition, the cruel dismissal of the Moon in Libra in it and vice versa.

If this person wants to achieve success, must try not to succumb to the temptation of egocentricity, which occasionally interferes in his mind. What he wants, what seems to be right, pleasant and convenient, is as the only measure of value and you expect others to follow this scale. That’s why you should re-examine himself and be as objective as possible.

This review should result in something of what you so endeavor and what you do not always achieve: an atmosphere without crisis (or at least a rare crisis) in private life.


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