Dreams About Shaving Head – Meaning and Symbolism

Shaving was once a true ritual that is mostly connected to males, but nowadays when the shaved body became the norm, many girls use this activity to maintain their bodies “clean”.

It became almost like a beauty regiment, rather than the hygiene ritual.

But we could all agree that there is something purifying in it. Shaving with a classic razor is the most thorough shave you can try.

Of course, there may be a fear of cuts in the beginning, but this is also the best part of this ritual because once you master the handling of a cold stainless steel blade, you will feel much better in your skin after every shave.

Also, nowadays, the advent of electric razors and various blades with multiple blades turned into a completely safe daily routine, which we perform in minutes, and it is not something that once lasted for hours.

The shave we are talking about today was used by our great-grandfathers, and we can call it the ultimate shave, but the symbolical value of this activity remained in the dream symbolism.

Now, this is not the story that is connected to the shaving and ways how to shave the best, but with one dream motive – shaving head in a dream?

What does it mean, since the hair as the motive in a dream has a very significant place, just like teeth? Read all about this.

The Meaning of Dreams about Shaving Head

Since in this piece, we will mainly focus on the head – or the motive of the shaving head, in some way this is the dream that is connected to hair as also one important aspect in dreams.

So, if you are shaving your head in a dream, such a dream means that you will have some losses in life; they could be financial or other.

You will not be careful about what you spend your money on, or set aside for the black days. We are not saying that you should be scared of what is about to come in your future, but it would be a good idea to take more care about your life, finances and obligations that you may find irrelevant.

One more version of this dream is the one where you are finishing in shaving your head, and there is not one hair on your head, such a dream means that you are ready to learn more about yourself and that you must not be afraid of such a process.

This is the process that is called self-discovery, and it is really important for every person if he or she wants to take a step into the new stage of his or her life.

If in a dream, you shaver your head and you leave a few hairs on it, such a dream comes as an indication that you are not fully prepared to let others recognize who you actually are.

You’re still fearful of what people might believe. A few hairs on the head serve as a sort of protection web that will provide you with the illusion that nothing is changed even if it is not, not just changed, but it is drastically different. Alternatively, cutting the hair of your head symbolizes shyness and submission.

But, if you dream that someone else is shaving your head, such a dream does not have a good meaning – this is the dream that speaks of the treachery of a loved one, or the person you find very dear in your heart.

But if you are the one that shaves someone else’s head, such a dream means that you are trying to take away someone’s independence. You rely on others to get you through difficult times.

You need to build your confidence and self-esteem because, without it, you will not be able to move on in the desired direction. And we are aware that this is not something that comes easy, just like the shaving of the head, it is a radical move, for sure.

If you in a dream look at someone who is shaving his or her head, and the hair is falling on the floor, such a dream is in fact connected to you, and the inner conflict that you are trying to resolve in your life.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Shaving Head

In a symbolical sense, the dream that depicts you shaving your head, is usually a symbol of decisions that you are attempting to make in your life, and this is the decision that is for some a life-altering, and for others, it is the decision that will slightly change your life.

Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse, you never know what you are going to get, but the main aspect is to make a decision and to come at peace with it, then you will be able to move even further.

Alternatively, it may signify your tough position or some kind of self-punishment. It can also have intimate meanings – maybe a sexual frustration, pain in love affairs, or an inability to resolve those issues with the person you love.

Everything is possible since the loss of hair could be interpreted as a loss of sexual energy, potency or fertility.

But, if the version of this dream, you are shaving someone else had, such a dream is the symbol of distrust – you truly lack confidence in people.

It is possible that some people have hurt you a lot in the past, and now you are afraid that this pain could happen to you again.

Right now we will give you one alternate symbolical value in this dream about shaving head – some say that this dream is the symbol is the representation of the desire to be at the center of attention in all times, and you are prepared to do anything that will set you to appear for others.

You are a joy to see in every society, and you do not have a problem making new acquaintances and friendships.

However, it often suffers from your emotional life. To the opposite sex, you give the impression of an unwanted personality to whom society is more important than love.

Do I have to be worried?

A dream where you shave your head symbolizes your requirement to be the center of attention. You are forever the loudest and often make others giggle with your thoughtful remarks.

To continue this idea that the dream about shaving your head means that you are the person who wants to be in the center of attention – but you have to be aware that in those attempts there will be difficulties in the coming period that will reduce your income.

You will not be able to afford many of the things you have enjoyed before. In the beginning, it will be difficult for you to get used to the new standard, which will carry with it many disclaimers.

In some cases, this is the dream that speaks of your fear that you will lose something that is important to you, like your sexuality, and the dream is the representation of that fear, that, we must say is somewhat realistic.

Additionally, this is the dream that could come as an indication that you have a deep and rooted need to find out more of your persona.

Also, this is the dream that comes as you need to make some changes in life, more in the sense that you are changing your life so that it can go in some other direction than ever before.

Some say that those changes that will come are minor adjustments in your life. Some aspect of your daily routine is changing.

What to do if I had this dream?

You need to be aware that not all people are the same, nor do they all have bad intentions. If you give them a chance, they may also show it to you.

To dream that you shave your head means that you will have to be more open and honest, not only to others but also to yourself. You have been hiding for a long time behind the “masks” that you have made as a safety mechanism.

However, if you want people to accept you and love you as they are, you will need to take off that mask and show your “real” face.

In any case, shaving off the head in real life, and also in a dream world, may come as a shock, and it surely is, but you can look at this activity, as an old ritual, that has a purpose of changing something that is not small, but that is visible very much. Only that change could take you somewhere where you have not been before.

Fear must not be the part of the story, it must be reduced to the minimum, or it should disappear, since if you deny yourself to change, then you deny yourself to grow and live life.


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