Venus Sextile Pluto

Before we come to details of this natal story, we must remind you that the planet Pluto is a transcendental planet, so from this combination, Venus sextile Pluto, these people who have such a position, should make the most of energy and develop creativity, talent and intuition when it comes to everything he loves.

Of course, you must know that the planet Venus is connected to sensuality, a sense of beauty, harmony and balance as well as the ability to enter into relationships and relationships.

Pluto symbolizes the transformation and change of form and property.

Combined, the sextile is mostly connected to the need to create a balanced relationship is supported by Pluto’s principle of transformation, allowing your senses to adapt to circumstances and giving us the ability to adapt to each other better and easier in your relationships.

General Characteristics

We want to examine this story a bit further, and to find out what does it mean these two planets find themselves in a sextile position in the natal chart.

This is the position that is present so that a person who has such a position to understand the nature of creating a harmonious and mature relationship in life.

Primarily, since the planet Venus is present, this is the planet that is connected to Love, so the sextile position is connected mostly to these types of affairs.

This is an aspect of the Love, but also an aspect of possible greater material gain, especially inheritance, after one’s death. Sextile is an aspect that allows the planets that find themselves in it to convey their symbolism to one another for the purpose of supporting each other and helping them reach the necessary accomplishments.

This sextile position, when properly built and understand, will last in time and make us more complete personalities, which is the purpose of every relationship.

In the case of these two symbolisms, their effect is best seen through an emotional connection.

This is the strongest point in this position, and the person who has such a position must know how to maintain an emotional relationship with someone, of course, if it is attracted deeply to that other person.

Celebrities with this aspect are Jessica Simpson, Leo Tolstoy, Michael J. Fox, Dick Clark, Donna Summer, Alice Faye, John Steinbeck, Prince Charles and Mia Farrow.

Good Traits

This is the position that brings powerful magnetism, which is very corporeal, no matter how much someone tries to prove the opposite.

We are carnal beings, and sexuality determines us, whether we want to accept it or not. In the case of Venus and Pluto, when they are found in the sextile position, there is a lot of body chemistry or in other words, sexuality.

If there were no sexuality, this is not the real deal, and this is the connection that speaks of their true nature, these people have that thing that draws them to magical things in life.

What is the strongest trait is their ability to love deeply and to be in a sexual relationship but is never ordinary.

They are able to open the door to anything they want, and in describing the aspect of the sextile between these two planetary symbolisms is that one energy (of the Pluto) overwhelms the energy of the Venus and they both disappeared. No one knew where they were or what they were doing. It’s actually a matter of intimacy.

When we enter into an emotional relationship, we feel a natural need to be intimate with our partner and to enjoy each other’s sexual games outside the eyes and presence of others. Only in this way can we fully surrender to one another.

People who have this aspect in their natal horoscope are endowed with the ability to easily “read” other people — assessing their character and qualities as personalities without even knowing how they do it.

It is clear to them that they have always been able to do this spontaneously.

They are also capable of clearly communicating to others what they want and how, without many words, and sometimes only by a particular pose they take or some other non-verbal gesture.

They are fully committed, dedicated, relaxed and passionate in the sexual game, so they have no problem in this field, except when both planetary symbolisms are laden with other challenging aspects.

Bad Traits

This is the aspect that gives us opportunities to understand sexuality, physicality and sexual needs better and learn to address more needs precisely to the signals our body constantly sends us -but at times this is the path that could not be fulfilled, or a person with this aspect could completely miss out.

These people must learn to pay a bit more attention – they have the ability to understand, but it does not mean that they will be able to do it.

Sometimes this energy of the sextile Venus with Pluto is overwhelming, and they could not bear all that they want to do in life, so the energy goes to waste.

But this is not the hardest part, regardless of their attempt to better understand physicality and sexuality, they are still under the impact of many prejudices about it and the blockages that these prejudices create to make their lives miserable.

Even if they have qualities into our own lives, relationships with emotional partner and other people, will not improve their lives but make them worse than ever, because they will not be able to deal with such energy.

One of the most important aspects of their lives, the love area of life says that it cannot work if they are not sufficiently compatible at the physical level with that person.

The fact is that the vast majority of people do not have a clear awareness of whether or not their bodies already know it best, and then emotional and intellectual matching is not enough to keep the emotional connection functional.

Therefore, the purpose of this aspect (sextile between Venus and Pluto), and here we are talking about the general meaning of this aspect, even if can understand and apply it on a personal level, is to teach us to communicate non-verbally, through body language, and this can be done if we indulge in the impulses we feel inside ourselves, our body, in the muscles, body juices when we are with our emotional

Love Matters

In most of the cases, this is the most important aspect in the lives of the people who have a sextile between the Venus and Pluto- it usually gives some great extraordinarily deep love that can be born even when it is not needed or when people bond in the most difficult circumstances such as wars, distress or death.

They can feel their partner and their physical needs, and they can feel the changes in their environment as they go and adapt to those changes.

When this aspect takes place through transits, progressions and directions, it connects people to their own sexuality, and it can help them more easily adapt and function in interpersonal relationships, especially with regard to emotional connection and relationship with an emotional partner through the use of impulses we feel within ourselves.

Everything they do must be emotional, strong, and often times, it is the aspect that is directed toward secrecy, affairs, and relations that are hidden. There are numerous occasions where people who have such an aspect of having extramarital affairs that could last for years, and they can make their secretive lives even more mysterious than ever before.

But the fact is that these people are able to have solid relations, just thanks to their ability to deeply understand people, and this includes their lovers.

Work Matters

In the case of the sextile of Venus with Pluto, these are the people who can achieve everything they want in the way they want, but they have to be realistic regarding what they can or cannot do in life.

The best way they achieve when they are able to work communicating without words or what is being studied as a newer scientific discipline, which is body language.

You cannot fool these people with this aspect – they know how the body language works; they understand it on a deepest, primordial level.

If they work in the area of psychology, they could tell you everything we need to know about the world, which in most cases, we are not even aware of.

This aspect also helps them to manage their material and financial resources, as they are skilled and adaptable in these fields as well.

Some of them are able to become a world-famous psychologist or sexologist since influenced by this aspect; they communicate with on a physical level.

Maybe they could find the perfect job in the area of HR, where they can communicate and coordinate the team to become as functional and practical as possible.


In general, and also in this case, the sextile position can teach us a lot, and also in the case, when you have this position in your natal chart – it shows that with a reasonable collaboration you can achieve anything you want.

It allows us to help, support and, most importantly, share experiences and basic meanings that we carry. We do this most often through communication, but communication has multiple levels.

If these people succeed in taking the best out of both worlds, they can communicate without saying a word.

Of course, sex is a very important aspect of this story, and these people must accept that every one of us has our own habits, behaviors, and especially each of us has our own inherited traits, genetic determinants that operate at a very deep, unconscious level, which we cannot consciously control.

In the end, the best thing that you could do with the given Venus-Pluto energies is that you could be shaped in a way that shapes us on the basis of our essence as bodily beings accept and understand how they act because we will thus be in harmony with ourselves and avoid a number of problems that these very strong and deep energies cause us in our daily lives.

But, this is transcended in the world that is above Love and sex; it can be connected to the field of our mutual relations.

Venus is here able to connect its senses and the need to be emotionally satisfied with the senses of its partner and therefore to satisfy him, while Pluto in all this brings in its enormous energy as well as necessary changes in the way of sensory expression and thus the two culminate.

It is a completely natural thing and is the primary basis of any true emotional relationship, connection, marriage. Only after that comes the other, which is emotional compatibility and communication with words, sharing of interests, goals, etc.


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